We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Saturday, May 29, 2010

Repost of some facts

I have added up the calls for Engine 3 in 2009. A total call number of 1002 for the year, 430 of them were medical calls.
This means that the vast majority of the call volume will be on Engine 1 (with the increase in wear and tear that has already been the subject of dept memos), and the rest having to be answered by Engine 2 from Hollenback.

March, 43 Monroe St. Fire

Engine 2 was on a call on Connyngham St and had to break off to go to the Monroe St fire, it took 10 minutes (even though the engine was closer to Monroe St than Hollenback station is).
1. One man had to carry and set a 24 ft ladder BY HIMSELF!
2. The Chief and Paramedic had to connect the 5 inch water supply line to the hydrant (Instead of doing the jobs they should have)
3. Engine 1 ran out of water

The present numbers are unsafe for citizens and firefighters!

Thank God no one was in the structure.

When, not if, the mayor closes and sells South Fire Station (He won't keep it open with just an ambulance there). Just remember Medic 3 went on 3396 EMS calls last year (doesn't include fire calls). There were 313 EMS calls Medic 3 went on in January alone.

The Mayor is depending on you not looking to closely at this!

17 per shift is not a number pulled out of someone imagination! It is the NATIONAL STANDARD for MINIMUM Staffing!

12 is NOT enough!

Thank you,
Dan Emplit


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