We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5

Once again I'm here listing the absolute stupidity that the writers of the Walking Dead push on us.

1. E02 When are these people going to do things the SMART way.
They could have killed most of the wet basement walkers from safety by strapping a knife to a stick and stabbing them from the main floor. Primitive people figured out stabbing people with a spear, so the danger is kept far away from you, is a good idea.
These people aren't as smart as primitive people.

2. E03 Having basically a loud party with no windows boarded up or covered and hundreds of candles burning.... Did Daryl learn NOTHING from the Funeral home last season?

3. E04 Lets tie a bunch of bed sheets together and we'll go down the elevator shaft that leads into the pit of walkers. I'm sure we'll be okay because for some reason they won't be anywhere near the pile of bodies at the bottom even though that's their constant source of food.
I'm Sure THAT carefully laid out plan can't go wrong.

BTW Rick who the !@#$ shoulders a weapon like that?

4. E04 Beth getting every head shot in dead accurate fashion even though its pitch black and while she is wearing a cast on her dominant hand (preventing her from getting a proper grip) and firing one handed.

5. E04 You don't even know if the doors to outside are unlocked down there!

6. E04 I'm sure you won't be seen working our way through all the walkers that hang around outside so no need to leave at a time that those snipers on the roof would have a harder time seeing you.

7. E05 When the Fire Engine isn't running, The pump isn't running.
If the pump isn't running, there is NO water pressure.
If there is NO water pressure, then the deck gun, DOES NOT WORK.

8. E05 How does glass damaging a fuel line cause the short bus go out of control? The fuel lines have nothing to do with steering.

9. E06 The whole van drop....

10. E07 Why go to the hospital? All the cops have radios. They wouldn't be carrying them if they didn't have someone listening.
If Rick used the radio to call that Dawn chick, he could negotiate with less risk, plus he could easily prove he actually has their people by having one of them talk to her.

11. E08 How did someone manage to draw/shoot a holstered gun within a millisecond of being stabbed? I know people that practice this and no way do you clear leather that fast. Add to that, the head shot? Really? In that situation you would put several in the chest. It's faster and an easier target, plus it may stop the attacker from stabbing you A SECOND TIME.

12 E08 Why the hell would Beth stab the (Right handed) cop in the left shoulder? With a pair of surgical scissors no less. The scissors were too lame a weapon to truly hurt Dawn, but it was too extreme an action not to draw a reaction.
It's not like that would be debilitating. What did she think was going to happen? The cop would HAVE to think that it was the opening for a life threatening attack and act accordingly.

13. E09 Tyreese, don't stare at a picture while in an UNSECURED/UNCLEARED building.

14. E09 Obviously, Hershel never taught Rick, Glenn or Michonne how to make a tourniquet. I mean, grade school children know how, so it's probably WAY to complicated for these morons.

15. E13 Why the HELL would you steal guns from the incompetently run armory, sneak them outside then sneak them back inside? Just leave the ones you want to keep inside, wait for it, INSIDE!

16. E14 Glenn, when you find a large number of walkers, or even just one, like behind a secure fenced in area, kill them before moving on.

17. E14 Grenades do NOT go off just because they've been shot.

18. E14 When did they start making grenades that throw people about 6 to 10 feet (the only way dumbass could have been impaled that badly) but otherwise leave them unharmed? Grenades work by throwing shrapnel, NOT explosive force.

19. E16 Daryl, you've been surviving in the ZPAW for, what, 4 years (?). By DAY 4 I know I would knock on doors (and such) before opening them, but YOU just go to open the truck up without even listening to the door.

20.   E16 Morgan just waded into 50+ walkers and saves the day, instead of
1. leading some off
2. killing them
3. going back
4. lather, rinse, repeat
until the numbers were actually manageable. (I won't say he should have shot them, we don't know if he has ammo)

21. E16 Great wall at Alexandria, no one was at the gate to unlock it when Aaron, Daryl and Morgan showed up and it kept them out, NOT.

22. E15 What also doesn't make sense is Aaron and Daryl see the light from the camp at night, but don't hear someone get dismembered and another tied to a tree and tortured.

On a side note, I think that the ONLY one with an IQ point is Carol 

 Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Sunday, April 5, 2015


I've been hearing similar complaints. I would NOT obey that order. It is not legal.
What a soldier or sailor has in their PRIVATE home, as long as it is legal, is none or the governments business. But telling a lie about what you have there IS a punishable offence.

Our military should not be about political correctness, it should remain an arm of the government dedicated to keeping us safe from threats and attacks from other countries.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992