We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Monday, July 12, 2010

What it is all about

I'm once again answering the Question. You know why am I doing this? and what do I hope to gain? Well, I'll start with why I'm not doing this:
I don't like attention so that isn't a reason
I don't want a position in the unions E-board
I rarely take overtime, so thats not it
I hate politics so thats not it
I have nothing to prove about myself, so thats out
I'm not even doing this to get Engine 3 back (altough that would be a result)

I'm doing this because if the city orders a survey to determine the number of firefighters per shift but then ignores that number for their 'budget' they are telling everyone that dollars mean more than lives. And while we pay the HIGHEST taxes and fees in W-B history, Our money goes to a politicians pet projects.

Millions for a camera system that rarely works and most do not move.
A 'free' zamboni for the ice ring(free to them, the tax payers bought it)
an intermodel center that is going to be a home for the homeless and graffitti magnet.
Coal street that is in worse shape than downtown Bagdad
Has anyone seen a street sweeper (except in the downtown) on street sweeping day this year?
Abandoned homes that look like a scene from a bad 'B' horror flick (get on the owners to clean up the properties!)
A mayor who violated Denise Carey's Constitutional rights in attempting to stifle her opposition to the closing of the firehouse in the city's Heights section.(The Citizens' Voice Feb 5, 2009)
A mayor who spent how much of the tax payers money to fight an arbitration award for the fire fighters when his aid admitted in court that "the money was hidden from them"
The old river road bakery sold for 8 cents on the dollar (thats like the city selling gasoline for less than 23 cents a gallon!!)
Taking Engines out of service instead of hiring more fire fighters (anyone think this is punishment for him lossing that arbitration?)

"I was the one who went to them (union officials) and proposed the wage freeze and the 30 percent copays," said Leighton. "And I told them it would start at the top -- it would start with me, the other elected officials and my managers," he added. (The Times Leader Feb 3, 2004)
No kidding this isn't him being generous, He gets the lowest raise of the cities unions!! and if we have to pay for health care so does he!!!

"I have people saying, 'How could you give yourself a raise?' But I haven't given myself anything," said Leighton. "And I haven't given council anything.
"The increases are based on the lowest negotiated union contract." (The Times Leader Feb 3, 2004)
He's the third highest paid mayor in the state (he makes as much as the mayor of our states capital!), but he keeps cutting public services.

"I have delivered Jobs and Public safety to the citizens of the city" His own political add.
How by cutting the FD to unsafe levels? This is a fact, The cities own study says 17/shift is the minimum. He says 12!!!
His senate campaign was claimed he made this city prosperous again, but in council meeting he claimed we almost had payless paydays(March 24, 2010)!!! Obviously one was a lie. Can we afford to belive anything he says?

I have spoken at several council meetings but at this last one he wouldn't even address my very real concerns about public safety! Leighton said he couldn’t say much because of the ongoing contract negotiations with the department. (Times Leader July 7, 2010). Then why was he blaming everything on the fire dept at the other council meetings?

When too much power is concentrated in one person, the government loses touch with the citizens they are there to serve.

Make sure this person is NOT reelected!

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