We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Election time

Eight years ago, then council Chairman, Leighton told Mayor McGroarty that 'the city should NOT be in the real estate business' & 'and not be involved as a landlord,'. But now the Emperor has bought ANOTHER building. Last month, the city purchased 71 S. Main St., a brick three-story near the theater complex. It also owns two other 'businesses' near by at 69 South Main, While the Wilkes-Barre Redevelopment Authority owns 61 S. Main. And the city has owned Norton's for 15 years and NOTHING has been done except letting it sit there, Why is our tax money (Remember the city doesn't have the money for your safety) being wasted on another property? Also, the city is now on the hook for future taxes.
“We need to protect our assets. We’re confident once the economy improves that we will attract a developer,” Leighton said. He'll protect 'our assets' but not our safety. What a Hypocrite.

Then there is the sudden innovation of 'Town meetings'. Naturally he scheduled yesterdays for Hollenback fire station.... AFTER the street was paved. He must think we are stupid. Didn't McGroarty also do the whole 'Town meeting' crap to save his doomed empire?
Now he's taking ideas from Charlotte Raup to make a website for reporting crime. He is something.... just not a leader.

(Thanks to 'KingGhidorah' for the idea)

Don't forget to call him, "he's listed." Eight years as dictator and NOW you can call him. Of course he will lie and tell everyone how he only gets "good" calls.
The bottom line will always be - facts and reasonable thinking aren't a part of Leightons thought process.

Add on Edit: the street in front of Hollenback station was milled not yet paved.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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