We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Last weekend I was in Beaver Valley, Pa. taking a class.
F2SConsulting Practical Carbine/Pistol Course held at the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club and run by Jack Leuba.

That's Jack^

Here's his 'bio': Involved in combat marksmanship and combat marksmanship training programs since 1999. Heavily involved in the creation and implementation of the USMC's Combat Marksmanship Program, as well as the Foreign Weapon Instructor Course. Worked for the UK MoD training specialized units in effective marksmanship techniques and close quarters battle. Deployed to several combat zones including HOA, Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan. One of the USMC's representatives for the SCAR program.

He is also a Bronze Star Recipient. By the way, If you have any interest in practical gun issues you should look at that Blog. It's run by a friend of mine (He has exceptional taste in firearms, dogs and twinks..... don't ask.)

Back on topic. The class ran from Saturday to Sunday, Quitting well after dark on Saturday. It was about 22 degrees Saturday morning and warmed up to about 30, meaning it was COLD, and did I mention SNOWING. Sunday was a 'balmy' 28 to about 36. Conditions that can be best described as miserable. Not the best for an outdoor class. I had only met one other person in the class (Call him DBM) and had traded Emails with another (Jay, a Navy Vet, who also acted as an 'assistant' instructor).

Lots learned. Some things didn't get covered, Mainly because Jack was spending ALOT of time individually helping people.
I will DEFINITELY be taking another class..... when it's NOT 22 degrees or snowing.
That's something I should point out. Despite MISERABLE conditions I still really enjoyed myself. That in itself should show how Jack and Jay made learning in the class fun and challenging.

That's Me^

We had 1 M-1A and an AK fail on the first day.

I found out that about 700 rounds of Wolf (Cheap, low power Russian ammo) is all my Colt will take before it refuses to feed Wolf (It was OK with normal ammo) and needs cleaning.

The biggest problem I had was..... Me. I had gotten dinged up at work and was sore as hell for the weekend. Moving was painfull and the cold didn't help.

I will be looking for more classes and if you are serious about learning firearms, so should you. Jack's courses would be an excellent place to start or even to polish your existing skills.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

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