We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, February 9, 2012

And mayor Tom skirts another one

No charges for alarms in homes

I'm a little busy right now, so I'm just doing the quote thing.

First off, remember this quote from our dictator. I'll be refering to it.
“I’ve said all along anybody can file whatever they want – valid or not”

From JJ Murphy,"In the end, justice prevailed. And I hope she (Urban) has a good attorney."

Wow. That looks like a threat. Remember how well the prosecution of Denise Carey went. Also, someone saw something that they thought was criminal (BTW I still do) and reported it to the proper authorities. But from this quote JJ seems to be saying if you do, then he will sue you.
But remember, “I’ve said all along anybody can file whatever they want – valid or not”

As I understand it, both Leighton & JJ were threatened (by the way has anyone seen the PSP reports?) and wanted their families protected. Understandable.
But how do they rate $14000 systems? On OUR dime? Cops get REAL threats and don't get free security systems. REAL THREATS! From really scarey people!
And what is this system made of? Platinum?!!!

But remember, they paid all the monthly fees........ Oh wait no WE payed some of those bills.....

BTW there was an attack on a high school student today. Somewhere near Grant and Lehigh. This was an attack with a MACHETE!!! Anyone want to argue about why I carry a weapon?

Also a structure fire at 135 Regent Street. Gotta go, I might be called.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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  1. Irrespective of their rational for acquiring the systems on the tax payers dime, they were bought and paid for with public funds. The bills were not made to them as individuals, which technically makes the systems City property? So in J.J.'s case as he is no longer employed by the City, he should do the honorable thing and reimburse the taxpayers if he intends to keep it? As I understand it, the systems were not gifted to them by the City, if so where in the Council minutes is it so stated, and who voted??