We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I'd like to quote a conservative political paper called RedState:

Why didn’t restrictive gun control laws save the victims of Newtown?

This is what the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has to say about Connectictut’s gun control regime:

Connecticut has strong gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of most guns without background checks and reduce risks to children, according to the Brady Campaign. In the organization’s 2009 state scorecards released for all 50 states, Connecticut earned 53 points out of a total of 100 and has the nation’s fourth strongest gun laws.

“Connecticut has done more than most states to combat illegal guns and has worked to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. In fact, Connecticut has a one-of-a-kind law that allows a judge to remove guns from people who have been determined to be a threat to themselves or others,” said Ron Pinciaro, President of CT Against Gun Violence.

As noted above, according to the Brady Campaign, Connecticut has the nation’s fourth-strongest gun laws. The sale and possession of so-called assault weapons are banned under state law. As noted above, the state empowers judges to remove guns from those who constitute a threat. The state earns high marks for gun dealer regulation, reporting of lost or stolen guns, background checks, permit to purchase, child safety, and earns the maximum score on guns in public places.

So here’s the challenge for gun control advocates: explain why you failed the people of Newtown. You cited Connecticut as a national example. You said its laws “reduce risks to children.” You gave no state a higher rating for keeping guns out of public places — like schools.

And a criminally insane man stole legally-owned guns (owned under Connecticut’s regime) after being denied their legal purchase, broke in through a window, and killed children and adults — adults who were not armed to shoot back, and so died unable to save the children who also died.

You want this one event to be a national test? Fine. Why are there 20 children dead when the state of Connecticut did what you said they should to keep their people safe?

Once you answer that question, we can get this conversation underway.

Evil people will find a way. You can't protect the innocent by taking away their ability to fight back.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

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  1. I, as a spokesperson for the NVA, would like to announce that we whole-heartedly support the NRA. Who does the United States Government think they are, imposing limits upon adults, exercising their rights and using legal products! They are so wrong, trying to impose limits upon gun users, who have done NOTHING wrong. You’ve never killed, or ever injured anyone, right? So who are they, to tell you, what you can, and cannot do, while using a legal product! They have no right to “regulate” you….WTH is that about! So, we support you in your fight against gun control….and respectfully ask that you return the favor, by supporting those of us at the NVA (National Vodka Association)! These penalties against “drunk” drivers are ridiculous! I know LOTS of people who drive under the legal interpretation of “drunk” and they’ve never killed anyone…..They are adults, using a legal product! Who is the government to tell them what they can and cannot do, while using a legal product! Leave the responsible people alone….and just penalize those lightweights, who can’t handle their liquor AFTER they have an accident so you can identify them! We at the NVA support the NRA and those against imposing gun controls…..and we thank you for your support! ;-)