We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Harvey's Lake home invasion

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A shooting leaves one man in critical condition and the alleged gunmen on the loose in Luzerne County. Police say it happened just after 1 a.m. at a home at 367 Second Street in Harveys Lake.
Officers say unknown assailants broke into that home, where two men in their 20s live. One of those men was shot. He was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. The other man is being questioned by police.

The alleged assailants are still at large. Police are waiting to obtain a search warrant.




Troopers in Luzerne County are investigating a home break-in which landed one man in the hospital with a gunshot wound.
State police said they were called to a home invasion around 1 a.m. Wednesday on Second Street in Harveys Lake.
According to authorities, there were two men inside the home at the time. A scuffle ensued with the invaders and one man was shot multiple times. He is in the hospital in critical condition.
Police said the other man was beat up, but not seriously hurt.
Troopers said they are unsure at this time how many thieves were involved. No arrests have been made.
Anyone with information is asked to call state police in Wyoming at 570-670-2000.


Times Leader
A man was shot in his head and torso by four intruders who forced their way inside a house on Second Street just after 1 a.m. Wednesday, according to a search warrant affidavit.
The affidavit identifies the shooting victim as Paul Brace, no age listed.
Brace was shot multiple times as he laid in bed on a second floor of 367 Second St., the affidavit says.
State police said Brace was transported to a hospital where he remains in critical condition.
According to the search warrant affidavit:
Police in Harveys Lake and Dallas Township responded to the house at 1:13 a.m. for a report a person had been shot in the head.
When police arrived, they encountered Mitch Artsma who was screaming. Artsma was removed from the house as he told police to check the second floor where Brace was found lying on a bed with gunshot wounds to his forehead and chest area.
A bong was observed in the house that had an odor of burnt marijuana, the affidavit says.
State police interviewed Adam Weaver who lives at the residence with Brace.
Weaver told state police that four armed black men forced their way inside the house asking him “where the money was,” according to the affidavit.
Weaver claimed he was assaulted by the four men who were led to the second floor in Brace’s bedroom. Weaver related one of the intruders shot Brace multiple times and multiple shots were fired from several guns, the affidavit alleges.
Weaver told state police he gave the intruders $500, noting Brace deals drugs and always has money, according to the affidavit.
Weaver fled the house and ran to Artsma’s residence where he called 911.


Citizens Voice
Authorities have launched a manhunt following a home invasion early this morning that left a man severely injured with a gunshot wound to the head.
The victim, identified in court records as Paul Brace, 19, was taken to an area hospital, where he was listed in critical condition, Harveys Lake police Chief Charles Musial said. A second resident of the home sustained minor injuries but was not transported for treatment, he said.
The second roommate, identified as Adam Weaver, 19, told investigators the intruders were after money and fled after shooting Brace with “multiple shots from multiple guns,” according to a search warrant application filed in court. Weaver told state police that Brace is a drug dealer and always has cash on him and in a safe at the home, the affidavit says.
The invasion at 367 Second St. began about 1 a.m., with a knock on the door. Weaver answered to find four men outside wearing bandanas over their faces and black hoodies on their heads, police said. The intruders entered, striking Weaver in the head with a pistol, and began to ransack the home, police said.
Weaver told police the men asked where the money was and assaulted him before rummaging through the house. Their search took them to the bedroom, where they shot Brace with “multiple shots from multiple guns,” the affidavit says.
Weaver reported he then gave the men $500 of his money and they fled the scene, police said. Weaver then ran to neighbor Mitch Artsma's home and called 911, the affidavit says.
Police entered the home on the first floor when Artsma came in from a side door screaming that they needed to go upstairs to find Brace, according to the search warrant application. Police went to a second floor bedroom, where they found Brace lying on a bed on his side. Brace was curled up and breathing, but had gunshot wounds to his chest, stomach and forehead, police said.
During a subsequent investigation, police observed a bong in the bedroom, which smelled of marijuana smoke, according to the affidavit.
Musial said police have not identified any suspects, but the shooting does not appear random.
“We believe that it’s an isolated incident and that there is no danger to the residents in the area,” Musial said.
State police and county detectives are investigating.


Now MY thoughts.
I mentioned this to Casey, It REALLY reminds me of the Jeffrey MacDonald case in Fort Bragg (February 1970). I really think that we are going to find out 'the roomy did it'.
Maybe I'm wrong. Lets assume I am and lets look at this from a pro gun standpoint.

Four armed men break into your home with evil intent.
Our Government wants to limit the law abiding public (the only ones that are affected by laws) to 10 (or less) rounds per magazine.
Anti-Gun Moron, "Well there are only four of them, that leaves you 6 more bullets!"
That (you Moron) assumes that the Good Guy doesn't miss and that the bullets we fire are magic and will stop the attack with one hit each.
The NYPD only hit, at best, 25% of the time and they are 'trained'. (I can't find the link, but the FBI and Secret Service only do slightly better).

AND handguns suck at stopping people, which is why our troops carry rifles.
So, assuming the BEST results, 4 attackers, a 25% hit rate, and a mythical 'one hit, one stop' rate. I come up with a 16 round MINIMUM for this instance.
My EDC (Every Day Carry) is a Glock 17. Which holds 17 rounds in its STANDARD capacity magazine (+1 in the chamber). I wouldn't want to depend on it in this instance. I would want an AR-15 with its 30 round STANDARD capacity magazines. Which, by design, allows for a fast reload if needed.
I don't think this story will change an Anti-gunners mind, but I hope they will think about this and MAYBE allow the reality that the stupid limitations they want to place on us (because if a middle aged white dude with a bad spray on tan can walk into a studio in Washington DC with an illegal, for DC, 30 round magazine, do you honestly think a Magazine ban will stop 'bad guys' from getting them?) can effect our lives in the most negative of ways.
BTW that middle aged white dude with a bad spray on tan was David Gregory

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

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  1. On Carverton Road today, not far from the Dallas Highway, I saw a house with a flag. The flag had a white background, a graphic of an AR-15 and the words "Come and get it". It looked good. Maybe that's one of your readers.