We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Friday, November 12, 2010

Closed minded people piss me off

A friend of mine posted this on facebook:

"I have a strong desire to put some wild turkey in my freezer. Heading upstate after work, 12 gauge in hand. Gobble, gobble mofos!"
a short while later a 'FB friend' replied with this:

"matthew, this comment sickens me. Only cowards and those who are weak-minded feel the need to hunt animals that do not have the ability to hunt them back. I no longer consider you a friend but an enemy of life and of Me. you are also an enemy to yourself. Evaluate your life and the people you are surrounding yourself with."

Now I've met Matt and he's a stand up guy. A little example is, I have a World War 2 axis (Bad Guy) rifle that I was trying to research and was getting NOWHERE. Matt quickly filled in details that I couldn't dig up even after 2 years of looking.

(Matt's in the front row on the right, this is from the camp out back in Sept)

Now I hate closed minded people and her comments kept bugging me so my answer on facebook:
" I eat meat & used to hunt (just don't like freezing my ass off). Does that make me "a coward" & "weak minded"? Even though I give OVER $1000 a year to the ASPCA? Or that I've risked my life to save pets from house fires? Your comments are self loathing that you directed at another and he does not deserve that."

My Grandfather was a Vet and he loved hunting. He was one of the best people EVER.

Obviously people don't realize that being closed minded just 'closes' you off from someone who may be the best person you will ever know.

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