We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Sunday, January 9, 2011

I don't care about party or politics; no one shoots a United States Congressman

Yesterday, a mentally disturbed 22 year old (Identified as Jared Loughner) attacked a 'Meeting with the voters' outside a supermarket in Tucson, Arizona. Six are dead, including Arizona’s chief federal judge (John McCarthy Roll), a 9-year-old girl (Christina Taylor Green, Born on 9/11) and Gabriel "Gabe" Zimmerman (a congressional aide responsible for community outreach who was engaged to be married). Thirteen are wounded including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona who was shot in the head. Initial reports seem favorable for her recovery. Giffords, 40, is a three-term moderate Democrat who won re-election against a tea party candidate.

The suspect’s exact motivation was not clear, but a former classmate described Loughner as a pot-smoking loner who had rambling beliefs about the world. The Army said he tried to enlist in December 2008 but was rejected for reasons the military did not provide.
Loughner, according to CNN Justice, used a Glock 19 with 30 round magazines. This is a SEMI automatic weapon, not a fully automatic weapon. Not a submachine gun. Not an assault weapon.

Reports are still a little confusing, but it seems that while Loughner was reloading a woman slapped the magazine from his hand and a local man, with a concealed firearm and permit to carry, was there on scene and helped pin Loughner down but never drew his weapon.

House Speaker John Boehner, speaking briefly on Sunday morning said the shooting of the Arizona Democrat was an "inhuman act" that "should not and will not deter us from our calling to represent our constituents and fulfill our oaths of office.",
"An attack on one who serves, is an attack on all who serve," and "Such attacks have no place in our society."

We are praying for the recovery of Rep. Giffords and I offer my sincere condolences to the family of Christina Taylor Green and the other victims.

I hope that politicians do not use this tragedy to try to take our freedoms away and I hope that Christina Taylor Green's parents get to beat this Piece of $hit to death any way they want.

Dan Emplit WBFD

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