We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Friday, January 14, 2011

Russian Roulette

Last night Dictator Leighton almost burned a family out of their home. Not that he did it personally but that his non-leadership would have. Let me tell the story...

Last night was one of the times that we DID have Engine 3 in service.
Around 8:40 a lady (I don't know if I can use her name or any other specifics that didn't go over the air, so lets call her.... Tam) came to South Station and asked us to take a look at her familys wood burner (They live VERY close to the station). We Quickly determined that there was fire extension into the wall and called for a full alarm. The wall was opened up and the fire quickly put out with pressurized water (called a PW).
The moral of this story? If Engine 3 had not been in service, a family with 3 children would NOT have slept in there own beds last night and may have lost EVERYTHING. Remember fire DOUBLES in size every minute. Don't walk across the street to your neighborhood fire house, call 911 first, 'cause Leighton may have close yours next. And this can happen.

"Any fire can be extinguished with a 2 1/2 gallon PW............................... Either at the very beginning or the very end.

This fire is a perfect example of the need for every Fire Station having a staffed Fire Engine in service 24/7.

If Engine 3 was not in service and the time it will take for Engine 1 to be dispatched from County 911 and respond from Fire Headquarters, this fire surely would have been at least a room and contents fire if not a first and second floor fire.

This fire incident as well as the earlier EMS response from South Station are real life examples of the need to have our manpower level restored and apparatus in service as before the latest reduction." ~ Asst. Chief Thomas Makar

Oh, "The Earlier EMS response" was someone moments away for a MAJOR cardiac incident. And seconds counted. Last I heard, he was doing well.

We are paying for services that Leighton is not providing. He is responsible for taking our tax money and leaving us with LESS than the MINIMUM protection. The city's own study says 17 men per shift. Dictator Leighton says 12. When asked about it he says the city doesn't have the money. But it has the money to give tax breaks to his campaign contributors, or to sell them property at 8 cents on the dollar.
Remember his Senate ad said he "brought safety and prosperity" to Wilkes-Barre.....
Maybe if you define Wilkes-Barre as his campaign contributors because he sure doesn't give a damn about our safety.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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