We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gunman in Bellmore Out to Cause “Mayhem”

By Rashed Mian on March 3rd, 2011

'The gunman who Nassau County police officers killed after he shot an EMT responding to the suspect’s car crash in Bellmore on Tuesday night was armed with six assault weapons and was prepared to cause “mayhem,” Police Commissioner Lawrence Mulvey said.

Justin Angell, 20, responded with the Bellmore Volunteer Fire Department colleagues to a 911 call for a pickup truck that crashed into a utility pole on Bellmore Avenue shortly before 10 p.m. when the driver,whose name police have not released, shot the victim.

Angell, who collapsed on a nearby lawn, was taken to Nassau University Medical Center where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect then opened fire on police officers before being gunned down, police said.

“It was clear to us that this man was out to commit mayhem somewhere in this county,” Mulvey said.

Police only described the suspect as a 31-year-old Suffolk County resident who just recently moved to Long Island from Florida and may be married with a young child.

“To everyone … thank u so much for the calls concerns and visits … just got up and walked a bit,” said part of a message on Angell’s Facebook page.

A K-9 officer who responded after the EMTs to the crash retreated behind his car after he “noticed the laser sights of a firearm with a long rifle honing in on him,” Mulvey said. The gunman shot at Seventh Precinct officers as well. The officers were not hit by the gunfire.

As officers returned fire, the K-9 officer shot and killed the suspect through the passenger side window of the suspect’s vehicle, Mulvey said.

The suspect fired at least eight shots and had ammunition strapped to his forearm, Mulvey said. He also had a long rifle with a scope strapped across his chest. In his pocket was a small semi-automatic pistol, a long-barreled revolver on his lap and a Tec-9 within easy reach on the floor behind the passenger seat of the car.

Mulvey said the gunman “may have some turmoil in his personal life.”

Detective Lt. John Azzata of the Homicide Squad said the suspect had a minor arrest record but had nothing on his record that is “as violent as what occurred.”

It hasn’t yet been determined where the weapons came from, police said.

Police declined to speculate on the suspect’s motives. The commissioner said “He might have had the intention of leaving that vehicle at some point because of the number of weapons, and the way they were arranged on his body.”


Cops Kill Gunman Who Shot Firefighter in Bellmore
By Timothy Bolger on March 2nd, 2011

'Nassau County police officers killed a gunman who shot a fire department volunteer responding to the suspect’s car crash in Bellmore on Tuesday night, police said.

The volunteer was taken Nassau University Medical Center where he was listed in stable condition while being treated for non-life threatening injuries. The gunman was fatally shot when he threatened officers at the crash scene on Bellmore Avenue at about 10 p.m., police said.

Police said the driver hit a utility pole at the corner of Claxton Avenue. When the local fire department arrived, the man fired shots, striking the volunteer.

Investigators later uncovered numerous weapons in the suspect’s vehicle.

Police did not immediately release the names of either the volunteer or the driver.

Homicide Squad detectives are investigating.

I'd like to bring your attention to this phrase,
"was armed with six assault weapons and was prepared to cause “mayhem,”"

This is not an assault weapon. It is a .32 caliber pistol. It is not a 'Combat' caliber but it is 'considered' to be the lowest effective caliber.

This is not an assault weapon. It is a .22 caliber pistol that looks 'Bada$$'. 'Lethal'? possibly, but not an assault weapon.

This is a Tec 9 mm. Not an assault weapon. 'Lethal' yes, but not an assault weapon. Every real 'shooter' I know hates this weapon, they call them "Jam O' Matics".

This is a hunting rifle. Not an assault weapon. 'Lethal' yes, but not an assault weapon.

This is a revolver, looks to be a .357. Not an assault weapon. 'Lethal' yes, but not an assault weapon.

This is an SKS. It fits the definition of an assault weapon.

Why did I post this? Because the main stream media knows nothing about firearms and they just play for ratings. What we hear is often not accurate, but is sensationalized.

To all my 'brothers and sisters' in Fire/EMS and police, keep your situational awareness cranked 'up to eleven', because this is becoming more and more commonplace.
Thank God the EMT survived, and it sounds like they will make a full recovery.

Dan Emplit WBFD


  1. The gun you labeled as a tec-9 is a kimmel AP-9 not an Intratec 9mm or "tec-9" and yes they are known as Jam-o-matics, however that is mostly because most the people that have them are "gangstas" and have no real knowledge or concern to properly fire and/or care for a firearm. Turning them sidways and NEVER cleaning them is a great way to make them jam... I own one (tec-9) myself and have had no real issuse with it. BTW thanks for holding the mainstream media acountable for just throwing around terms like ASSAULT WEAPONS... I was watching a local news broadcast once a few years back and they were reporting on a shooting and in the upper left corner of the screen in showed an ak-47 with annimated bouts of flames shooting from barrel....which would have been fine except the gun used in the shooting was "9mm handgun"....

  2. You are right. That is a Kimmel AP-9. I have never seen one before.

    Thanks for the correction.

  3. Don't know about the Kimmel, but Intratec/Interdynamics was infamous for their terrible quality control. This is a company that got so desperate that they actually tried to market their weapons specifically to criminals.

    The .22 looks like a very poor clone of the H&K Mp5K.

    The Lever-Action rifle actually looks quite nice.

    The poor chopped up SKS seems to be fit with those aftermarket detachable magazines (something the SKS was not designed for, except for a few Norinco models that took Khalashnikov magazines), they provide terrible performance, the only detachable magazine for the SKS that I heard was any good was the TAPCO ones, and those look absolutely terrible.

    1. The .22 is a GSG-5 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GSG-5)