We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Russian Roulette pt 2

Saturday was one for the books. It was one of the busiest nights I have had in 18 years. But that is unimportant, what is important is that peoples lives were in danger and the blame for that is Dictator Leightons. Here is the what happened.

At 22:36:59 (about 10:37 PM) A dispatch for "a residential structure fire" on N. Meade St. With 3 engines this would be Engine 1, Engine 3, Truck 6 and Medic 5 responding. But with Leightons irresponsible cuts Engine 2 goes because there is 'NO Engine 3'.
So the response on Saturday was Engines 1&2, Truck 6 and Medic 5.
At 22:43:57 (10:44 PM) Engine 2 was onscene.
At 22:42:50 a call came in for "shortness of breath" on George Ave and Medic 3 was dispatched. Now Medic 3 is stationed at South Station (High & Parrish), and because of the distance (all the way across town) the medic unit requested an engine be cut free to help.
At 22:47:03 (10:47 PM) Engine 2 was cut loose (There are only TWO engines most nights) to help (If three engines had been available Engine 2 would have been only around the block).
At 22:52:38 (10:52 PM) Engine 2 and Medic 3 were onscene. The 'Shortness of breath' quickly turned into a cardiac arrest that needed BOTH medic units.
ALL THIS WENT OUT OVER THE SCANNER. I'm not giving out any information that wasn't broadcast (except what is in parenthesis and that is info you could find out easily).

Now if we had 3 engines, Engine 2 would have been there to give oxygen to the Patient and would 'PROBABLY' have forestalled the cardiac arrest. I say probably only because nothing is certain, but in my 18 year experience (7+ on Medic 3) it would have forestalled it and we would have gotten the patient to the hospital before the incident and possibly avoided it.

Leighton is playing Russian Roulette with our lives and yours. This proves it. He can NOT be allowed to continue.

I would have posted this earlier, but I've been under the weather and I had to wait for my legal advise.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote


  1. Nice gun, and very nice place mats!

  2. Ahh tha a nice,"Nice gun, and very nice place mats!" to you as well!

    I have to admit I picked it because it has a 'presence' to it. Sounds like new age crap but it worked well with the story.