We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What are these 'Revolvers' of which you speak?

Revolvers, wheel guns, six shooters. For those too young to remember those names, They are the guns cops in old TV shows carried. After SHTF Ammo, I've gotten a few E mails asking me what I have against a good revolver. The answer is, "Nothing". I just think they are technically obsolete as a SHTF weapon. Why? Well lets look at what Technical obsolescence means.

Technical obsolescence happens when a newer BETTER technology is introduced. Think VHS versus DVRs. Does VHS still work? Yes. Are DVRs Better? MUCH. In this instance, having 6 rounds with a, comparatively, long reload time versus, say, 17 rounds and a very short reload time. And remember even trained officers have only about a 25% hit ratio.

So with a wheel gun you are looking at 1 hit, 2 if you are lucky.
IMHO 18 rounds is better than 6.

Also a revolvers barrel sits very high above your hand. This means recoil will take your sights farther off target, making reacquiring the target slower and, under stress, less accurate. In their defence, many semi automatic handguns also have this fault, like the Colt 45 (M1911) also has a high sitting barrel and the same problem.

I cant help it. I still love 'the .45'

Do I have any? Yes. Would I use one? Yes. Are there better choices? Yes.

Look how close his hand is to the line of the barrel

There are reasons why our military, U.S. law enforcement, and professional instructors don't use them.

Dan Emplit WBFD

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