We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Council Chairman

What is it about the 'Chairman' seat?

I know that some people can be hard to take sometimes, but when you cut through the theatrics, they have good points. And they are tired of being ignored. Maybe when the mayor and council earn our respect, through their actions, then the theatrics will stop or at least be minimized.

About the latest meeting (I was working so I missed it), I've been able to piece together a decent version of what happened from the news reports and several Emails.
Former city human resources director Christine Jensen was up for a job with the city’s planning commission. Tony George and Councilwoman Maureen Lavelle wanted that vote to be separate from the general 'pass everything' vote. But somehow that was lost to Merritt and a vote was passed. George complained that he didn't want his vote to include that.
Enter Linda Urban, "I don't think this is right at all,"
"I'm sorry, no speaking from beyond the rail," Merritt said.
Urban, "I know, but somebody needs to stop you, because I think you just pulled something out of thin air."
Merritt smacked the gavel and ordered the officer to "have her removed."
And since she refused to get out of her chair, The officer dragged her chair ,with her in it out of the council chamber.
This seems to come from some fascist rule that states," Any input from the gallery is not allowed, even in an attempt to clarify a vote or help council members understand what they are voting on." AKA We know better than the public, so 'DON'T ASK QUESTIONS'. I don't see how a question, asked with decorum, can unrail a council meeting. But because of this draconian rule, We are looking at action from the ACLU. Great.

"I don't believe I acted like a dictator," Merritt said before being ushered away from reporters by city solicitor Tim Henry. "I have a meeting to run here. It is what it is." And yet, Mr. Merritt, It seems to me, that you are acting like a dictator. You can't say you weren't 'acting like a dictator' while violating a citizens rights.

Council have some sweat part time jobs and benefits, but they don't seem to do anything of substance.

Let's see. Pay, Health benifits (or a buy out) and paid vacations even with only only 1 month left in office. So how's all that help from Tony Thomas coming?

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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  1. question doesn't Tony George already receive a pension as a former police officer? If So Wouldn,t His Participation in another city pension be double dipping