We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Tuesday, April 10, 2012


By now most of you have heard that our dictator wants to lease the 'parking assets'. Well that brings up a few questions for me.
1. Why 30 to 50 YEARS? Why not a 4 or 5 year lease, to see if this will work?

2. As I understand things, "City spokesman Drew McLaughlin emphasized the parking authority made the decision to deal with Fox Rothschild, and not Leighton. Leighton said the firm was a natural choice because the city worked with them before, and Fox Rothschild worked with the city of Pittsburgh when it looked into a similar deal." Pittsburgh did NOT take the deal.

3. "The city has hired the Fox Rothschild law firm to help generate bids. One partner of the firm is Patrick Murphy, the brother of J.J. Murphy, the former city administrator under Leighton.". Wait wasn't JJ hip deep with Hawkeye security, the company that sold W-B the security cameras that rarely work and, from what I've been told, seem to be clustered around such high crime areas as Barney Farms and council members homes? Really we should find out where the cameras are and the general coverage areas. I think we would be surprised..... Or not.

4. If this happens we need to put this money in a "HANDS OFF" bank account that generates 5% interest or more, then use the interest to pay off the MASSIVE $75 million to $100 million that the city owes.

5. Let's be honest with ourselves, the money will not be used for "public safety, infrastructure improvements, economic development, abandoned property removal and restoration, as well as general government expenses". Leighton has already shown that he couldn't care less about public safety or he wouldn't be ignoring the Lloyds study that is in his office. He couldn't care less about infrastructure improvements or our streets would still have lane lines. And 'economic development' well hows the "successful innovation center/small business incubator" working out, Tom?

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