We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Fredrick St. is still flooding

I went to New Fredrick St. during the rain and after 8+ years as the dictator, Leighton still hasn't done squat about the flooding there. Here's a slideshow from September 2010.

And some new pictures from today.
Lake Leighton is going strong.

Even though there are several businesses on that street, Leighton doesn't care. If it's not 'HIS' downtown or Barney Farms then it doesn't matter to him.

^ This is a parking lot several feet from the road. What can I say, This is unacceptable.

I wonder if Leighton is ignoring the problem because Citywide towing is on this street?

This should runoff into a creek about 30 yards away. But that creek is so overgrown that it backs up. This was supposed to be taken care of back in 2007.
"On Saturday, those elected officials made another pledge to control flooding by replacing every bridge and rebuilding walls and the natural bed channel along the entire length of the creek -- a span of about 5 miles." (Oct 21, 2007) The Times Leader.

We were supposed to get $50 million. $11.2 million went into the rebuilding of the 4 bridges. I STILL haven't found out what happened to the rest of the money. It didn't go into the creeks. Where is the other $38.8 Million?

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote


  1. That 50 mil. was for Soloman creek walls. From what i remember it was allotted but we never seen it. We have been asking for years with no answers. Also Penn. Ave was closed yesterday for flooding they dont care about what happens in our neighborhoods

  2. Somewhere along the way,Mountain Productions was allowed to build a dam behind its building, and install PVC piping to divert water from behind the building, and spill onto the intersection at Blackman and New Fredrick St.
    In the Summer it creates more water than can effectively flow into Soloman Creek, and in the winter if there is standing water at that intersection, it becomes an ice pond.
    The fact that Soloman Creek is not maintained, and is used as a place to deposit refuse all the way as far as Northampton, does not help the situation.

  3. The sad part is nothing will get done. the only way the city will respond to anything with the creeks is, it has to over flow it's banks people have to loose everything. ( the more homes wiped out the more the city gets )