We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama's new low

Our narcissist-in-chief hit a new low today as he commemorated the life of Neil Armstrong with...... Wait for it......
This is not a fake!!

My God, couldn't this a$$hat, at least, shelve his pimped out ego and say something nice about an American Hero without some self masturbatory bullshit!

He's made as many screw ups, in 4 years, as 'W' did in 8.
Look at the 'gift' Obama gave Queen Elizabeth, an I Pod with videos of all HIS speeches. If 'W' had done that it would've been on the news (and in jokes) for YEARS. But with the Main Stream Media kissing the great Narcissist's A$$, most people don't hear about all his gaffs.

Hell, the guy lied about where he was born. Either he was born in Kenya and he is lying now or he wasn't and he was lying in his author bio, that Obama himself provided to his literary agent in 1991.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992


  1. If you look closely at the picture posted, you will note that Pres. Obama has his feet firmly planted on Earth, and is gazing into the sky, as many of us have done of late, in memory of Ensign
    Neil Armstrong's contribution to America's exploration of space.

  2. Man I was right. Anyone who hates Barack Obama do so because the are racists and hate having black people in the White House!

    Wow, I don't think Obama's that great of a President, but...

    1.) it's a photo on Obama's campaign Twitter feed

    2.) Calling a lie a lie, is not equal to cheerleading or worship. It's just calling out B.S.

    3.) You're all idiots. Honestly, my voting record is about 50-50, but after the nastiness of the last five years, I won't vote Republican for a long ol' while. When y'all make even the most radical Democrats look like sane, responsible people, that should be your sign.

    5.) Isn't it odd you blame the cuts on President Obama yet the Space Exploration site shows how President Obama threatened to VETO a bill which cut funding to NASA's Commercial Crew Program. The funding for the shuttle missions were cut because the shuttles were no longer necessary that does not mean that NASA is no longer being funded for Space exploration, just funded for a new program. Perhaps you should actually check your allegations against the President before you repeat them!

    6.) Ah ha......the regular attacks don't work, so let's try this one....

    I know a REAL narcissist. I can assure you Anyone who doesn't have a hateful bone in their body KNOWS that Big O is not one. Not even close.

    Perhaps you are referring to Healthy Narcissism? In that case, O thanks you for the compliment.

    Those with Narcissistic Personality DISORDER cannot maintain a family or any healthy relationship(s). Never. No matter what. You should learn something other than trajectories of objects through space sometime.....

    You are all pathetic sociopaths with no grip on reality. Literally nothing you have said is true or even sane. Like it or not, this is the ELECTED president. Your disrespect is incredible. Keep believing Pam's sick, twisted and misguided rantings. Have fun holing yourselves up in your houses with guns waiting for a holy war. You're all sick and I hope none of you have children you can spread your illness to. If you do have children I hope social services rips them out of your pathetic, xenophobic, racist, ignorant, hateful arms. You all have blood on your hands.

  3. I am neither nor, yet I see wherein the GOP had 4 YEARS to groom a viable candidate, yet were so dead set in making Obama look bad, and acting like obstructionists to everything that was proposed, even by their own party members, that they lost sight of their goal! I have read in Time magazine, Wall Street Journal, American Legion magazine, Consumers Report, and many other publications that are unbiased, and can back their statements with facts,Obama for better or worse at least is trying the best he can in spite of the hurdles that the GOP keep throwing on the path to recovery. The so called Obamacare may not be the perfect vehicle, but it is a start and can be "tweeked" as needed or as the occasion arises. There are even members of the Grand Old Party that have distanced themselves from the mainstream because it no longer is the party that they joined! And now with the addition of Ryan to the Romney ticket, and statements by senile members of the party, you can see why? I commented at the local barbershop about the timing of the RNC convention in Tampa, with hurricane Isaac in the wings, and we were told by some old duffer waiting, G O P , God is Obviously Pissed. I have no answers, only to weigh what information I can gather, and see as we approach the time of reckoning, which way the wind blows.