We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shooter who aided officer gives his account of Peach House RV Park incident

Here is what appears to have happened.
After an arguement over a neighbor's dogs, the criminal killed the owner of the dogs, the dogs and the owner's wife and then grabbed a lever action .30-30 rifle to set up an ambush for police. A 66 year old citizen saw the Bad Guy (BG) attempting to ambush the police officer and made a 165 yard shot with a .357 Magnum 5" revolver which connected to the leg. The murderer turned to fire at the citizen  and the officer was able to grab his rifle and take cover behind his vehicle. The BG then fired at the good samaritan, but missed. The citizen then returned fire with 4 more hits allowing the officer to close and end the firefight.

Now some points (Yep another list)
1. HOLY SHARPSHOOTING BATMAN!! 165 yards (later lasered to be 167 yards) with a 5" .357!!!! And hit 5 out of 5 times!!!!! While under fire!!!! As my firend Jack Leuba said, "To do that in real life, when it really matters, is awesome. Somebody name a range after that guy." And when a Bronze star recipient (who also helped train some of our nations plus some of our closest allies best) is impressed, You listen.
For those of you who aren't gun people, this is Sergeant York good. You know the guy they made that old film about. Olympians should learn from this guy. It is THAT IMPRESSIVE.

2. Kudos to the police,
Sheriff Grubbs commended the assisting resident for his actions. Law enforcement has determined that the resident acted valiantly and perhaps saved the lives of Sgt. Means and responding deputies, Grubbs said. “His actions may have also saved the lives of other citizens who could have innocently walked into the situation. Under fire, the resident shooter returned fire at precisely the right moment. One of the rounds struck Conner in the thigh and staggered Conner as he turned fire on Sgt. Means,” said Grubbs. “This staggered Conner from having an effective aim as Conner fired upon Sgt. Means. This also enabled Sgt. Means to accurately return fire on Conner.”
“Had this citizen not had a gun, this could have been a whole lot worse,” said Grubbs.

3. I want to thank this 66 year old man, who risked his life for a stranger, when most people would just say,"It's what the police get paid for". Even had he missed (and boy he did NOT) His shots would have warned the officer of the immediate danger.

4. Most ballistics vest will NOT stop a rifle round.

This is what gun control should mean.

Dan Emplit WBFD

USN 1986 - 1992

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  1. I saw the vid this morning but I didn't know it was a handgun he had ....if true Christ almighty that is some serious shooting and 5 out of 5 ain't luck