We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When the mayor was elected in 2004

When the mayor was elected in 2004, he asked all the city unions to help the city financially in their contracts or the city would face Act 47. The fire union stepped up first and did (concessions = approx 3.5 million dollars over 7 years and approx $1 million in the last 2 years).
Mayor Leighton said "By making (these) substantial concessions, the firefighters' union has agreed to become partners with the city in its revitalization plan"

The Fire Fighters Union did their part and who gets cut back? Who has the mayor demonized in the press? Remember the Lloyds study (that THE CITY commissioned, the CITY PAID for, and is available to the mayor) says 17 firefighter per shift is the MINIMUM for safety, not the mayors 11 per shift.

And what did the other unions give?

Leighton would rather pay his buddies huge amounts of money than admit he is risking our safety and yours.

Also notice that the dictator isn't cutting his own bloated salary. He is the third highest paid mayor in Pa, he makes more than the Mayor of our state capitol! And don't forget those fringe benefits like free gas! Or paying his buddy $300 per hour.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote


  1. I realize I have so much to educate myself about regarding how this works; the city budget, etc. I will do so. I will also be one of the first to say I would never attempt to do the job of any Firefighter, Police Officer or EMS Responder. They are, in my opinion very scary and dangerous jobs as a general rule held by very committed individuals. These are the people we unquestionably turn to in crisis.They are the foundation of our community. I have just moved into this city (@one year ago)I am a property owner and I do not plan to "cut and run" so I find it is now my responsibility to become educated about our city and county governments. I thank you for posting informtion.

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