We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Award

No grounds for appeal, city will pay firefighters

"The city has determined it has no further grounds to appeal a more than $1 million arbitration award to firefighters and expects to issue checks to them in January."
After spending HOW MUCH on multiple arbitration's they COULD NOT WIN?

"Mayor Tom Leighton’s frustration level with the situation boiled over on Wednesday as he conceded defeat in the court case.
“We are struggling as a city. To have to write a check for one point some million dollars for something we feel is not justified, it’s a sad day for taxpayers,” Leighton said."
But when he 'LOST' $325,000 by not checking if the Sterling Hotel had outstanding debts before selling it (Some Realtor he is) that's OK.

Notice that NOWHERE does Leighton deny actively hiding the money from us.

Leighton to press cops on stipend

"Mayor Tom Leighton said he plans to ask city police to give up a $1,500-a-year stipend they receive for allowing civilians to collect parking meters or to resume the duties themselves in order to avoid having to pay firefighters the same stipend."

What he only found out about this NOW? It's not like it's been going on for 8 years... Oh wait it has. Either he knew and continued to hide it from us (corrupt and a 'bad faith' move) or he didn't know about it and is incompetent.

"The money, which will be paid in January, is for back pay the city was ordered to pay firefighters based on a parity clause in their contract that required they be given any salary increase given to police."
He's already in 'contempt of court' because that money was to be paid by the 14th.

"“The bottom line is they are getting money I feel is not deserved,” Leighton said, referring to firefighters. “I cannot in good conscience pay a stipend to someone who is not doing anything.”"
AKA we aren't campaign supporters, like say the individual who tried to but the Old River Road Bakery.

"Even if the city is successful, Tom Makar, president of the firefighters union, said Wednesday he’s not convinced that it would free it from having to pay the firefighters the $1,500."
Why would we? When mayor was elected he asked all the city unions to help the city financially in their contracts. the fire union did (concessions = approx 3.5 million dollars over 7 years). Mayor Leighton said "By making (these) substantial concessions, the firefighters' union has agreed to become partners with the city in its revitalization plan" The Fire Fighters Union did their part and who gets cut back? What did the other unions do? NOTHING. And dictator Leighton treats the one union that did help, like a baby treats a diaper.

For more info check my older posts:
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And here is a partial list of his idea of fiscal responsibility
1 Screwed up selling the Sterling hotel (costing us $325,000)
2 Bad faith moves
3 Back room deals
4 Tried to sell city property for 8 cents on the dollar to a campaign contributor
5 Lied to county officials to get tax forgiveness to a campaign contributor
6 Cut our safety to fund HIS pet projects
7 The whole Ice Rink, which was supposed to revitalize W-B HOW?
8 The largely worthless camera system
9 Raised taxes and fees to an all time high.
10 Racked up MASSIVE lawsuit debts
11 Violated a contract (Citywide Towing's contract) so he could give it to a campaign contributor (that cost us $225,000)
12 Trying to sell W-B property (Tax Free) to a campaign contributor (Known for not paying his own taxes)
13 Outright lies to us (The citizens of Wilkes-Barre)
14 Blaming anyone and everyone for his failures (remember the 'I believe' campaign, "I wouldn't say I oversold it. I think maybe the media did," Mayor Leighton said. (WNEP June 10, 2005) AKA It's not my fault, it's the medias)
15 Ignoring the Lloyds Study (which states the minimum FD manning per shift is 17) and cutting manning to 12 per shift
16 VIOLATED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, TWICE !!! (Denise Carey & the Hammonds). That's cost us over $275,000.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

PS I'm starting to get a lot of messages from anonymous people. I do not answer anonymous messages, mainly because a few people use that feature to just start fights. If you use a name I will look at it and if it isn't a childish attempt at a fight I will post it.

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