We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Friday, May 13, 2011


I've posted about the dictators court (AKA city council) before. But this one REALLY Takes the cake (Pun intended).
W-B City Council Towing service operator Bob Kadluboski seeks lower salaries, elimination of pensions

Posted: May 13
Critic’s challenge lands with thud
BILL O ’ BOYLE boboyle@timesleader.com

WILKES-BARRE – Bob Kadluboski on Thursday presented his case to City Council, asking the five-member panel to support lowering salaries for elected officials and to eliminate their pensions.

When he was finished, nobody offered support.

Kadluboski wants council to enact a salary ordinance that would significantly reduce the salaries of the mayor, council and controller and do away with their pensions. He targeted Councilman Bill Barrett, a retired city police chief who now works at Luzerne County Community College. Barrett told Kadluboski he had bad information, stating that he (Barrett) does not take any of the benefits offered council, other than salary.

Kadluboski also claimed Council Chairwoman Kathy Kane receives a pension as a retired teacher and she should not take the benefits available as a member of council

“By the time you get all your pensions, you will need me to haul you home with all your money,” said Kadluboski, a towing service operator.

He asked for extended time past the allotted five minutes to address council, but was denied. He became upset when Kane was talking to City Attorney Tim Henry while Kadluboski was addressing council.

“You’re interrupting me and that’s rude,” Kadluboski told Kane. “You don’t understand, Kathy, you work for me.”

When Kadluboski’s time was up, he walked to the back of Council Chambers and Kane said, “See you cupcake.”

Kadluboski said taxpayers can no longer afford what he termed “these pricey sums” for elected officials. Earlier this year he decided not to run for mayor despite securing the more than 200 signatures necessary on nomination petitions. He said Tuesday that if no candidate supports him on the issue, he will get in the race for mayor.

The owner of City Wide Towing, Kadluboski said he sent each city candidate a certified letter asking for support on the salary and benefits issue. None of the candidates for mayor or council spoke on his behalf last night.

“We’ll have to wait and see what happens on Tuesday,” Kadluboski said, referring to the primaries. “If none of the winning candidates supports me, I will run as a write-in candidate in November for mayor.”

The mayor’s salary is $79,911 per years, council chairperson makes $14,699, council members are paid $13,199 and the city controller earns $41,553. If elected since 2001, the mayor, council and controller become vested in the city’s pension plan after 12 years of service; prior to 2001, it was 10 years of service. All become fully vested in the pension plan after 20 years of service.

In other business Thursday, council:

• Heard from Chris Stephens, who talked about noise, litter and other activity at Scouten Lee Park during late hours. He said he has called police and he suggested removing the basketball courts to deter the adults from using the park late at night. Kane said she will ask the administration to look into increasing patrols.

• Was asked by Tyler Hammond about the city’s purchase of a 2005 Chevrolet van that was subsequently sold four and a half months later. Hammond said he requested information on the vehicle, such as the vehicle identification number, to find out what happened to the van, but received nothing. He said a check was issued for $18,000 to United Sanitation for the vehicle.

Council will look into the matter, he was told. “How does the city lose these records?” Hammond asked.

• Received a request from Scott Spinucci for support for two projects: having the River Common declared America’s First Park and to establish a Diamond City Walk of Fame and Museum.

• Listened to another request from home repair contractors Mike Haduck and Fred Heller for the city to make it easier for contractor to obtain licenses to work in the city. Both said the city’s policies are unfair and they asked the city to accept the state licensing system.

I think I'll start with Tyler Hammond. He's a W-B paramedic, FRIGHTENINGLY smart, and an 'all round good guy'. He's been telling me about trying to find out about the city's shady purchase of several vehicles and his attempts to get some facts from the city. Our evil regime has been dodging and weaving all his attempts, FOR MONTHS. By the way isn't United Sanitation owned by the Denaples? and aren't they business partners with LAG towings owner? Who is a campaign contributor to ..... Emperor Leighton? And that brings us back to ..... the Old River Road Bakery debacle. Politics as usual in this area.

Now on to Bob Kadluboski and his points.
The first thing I've got to say is, If City Wide Towing can loses its contract with the city for Bob being rude then Kathy Kane should be FIRED (Or impeached, forced to resign, or what ever you do to a council person) immediately for her conduct to the tax paying public at these meetings. This isn't 'Judge Judy', It isn't a ratings driven TV show, and she needs to be reminded SHE IS A PUBLIC SERVANT NOT ROYALTY. Whether she likes Bob or not, whether she can't stand him or not, she needs to go for this behavior.
Also for what she gets paid, the LEAST she can do is LISTEN to the speaker and not talk to the City Attorney. If she doesn't want to do her job, SHE'S GOT TO GO.
Remember her rudeness when you vote. She's running for the City Controller's Office.

Next up:
"Barrett told Kadluboski he had bad information, stating that he (Barrett) does not take any of the benefits offered council, other than salary." No, but he and Kathy Kane do take the buy out for health care. (How many PART TIME jobs give you health care?) Thats a couple GRAND a year.

I totally agree and have posted before of my belief that working a part time job for 12 years and a full time one for 8 years, DOES NOT qualify you for a sweet $40,000 a year pension. Hell you shouldn't get health care after working only 8 years full time.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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