We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, June 22, 2011


LAG towing is getting away with crap AGAIN.
The towing contract states that the tower MUST clean debris from the roadway of ANY motor vehicle incident (MVI) in the city, even if there is no tow involved.

LAG is refusing to even show up if there isn't a tow. And unless someone watches them like a hawk, they do a terrible job when they do break out the broom.

Also when LAG refuses to clean up, the fire dept is called. Remember, we are down to 2 full time engines and 1 part time one, thanks to Leighton. This takes an Engine out of service for a clean up that LAG is contracted to do. And where are we supposed to put it? We don't have a place on the Engines for debris. And are we supposed to throw it out in the city trash?

I don't expect Captain U. Cupcake (the Dictator Leighton) to do anything about it. He's the one who broke the contract with City Wide Towing (Costing the taxpayers about $225,000+ the hidden cost of the cities defense lawyers) to give it to LAG. And he is a campaign contributor. And the one Leighton tried to sell the Old River Road Bakery to (for 8 cents on the dollar). And the one Leighton lied to the County Commissioners for (To get tax forgiveness, and Gloznik is known for NOT paying his taxes). And Leighton tried to lie about the reason.

Back on topic, because Lag will not pick up the debris they get swept to the gutter by an Engine crew. Ultimately this means it will end up back in the road (where they become a tire hazard) or on a storm drain where they block the drain (becoming a street flooding hazard). Because LAG will not do the job that they are contracted to do, and we all know Captain Cupcake will not force a campaign contributor to do what he signed a contract to do.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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