We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10% or less

In Captain U. Cupcakes continuing adventures (To make his campaign contributors richer), we have a new chapter.

86-88 Carlisle Street. Now I'm just a dinged up firefighter/ GAR Graduate but I can do some basic math. So lets take a look.
The city (Didn't Leighton scold 'then mayor' McGroarty that the city shouldn't be in the real estate business?) bought the double block for $8500 and $1,500 to close out federal mortgages, So $10 grand. Since it was appraised for $74,500 I guess that would be a good buy.

Then sells the property to Leo A. Glodzik III for $7500. Wait.... What!?
The city paid $10,000 but then turned around and sold it for $7500!! What kind of 'FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY' is that? How is that good for the city? When I went to school (Back when dinosaurs roamed Pangea) $7500 was LESS than $10,000. Did math change and no one tell me?

When we pick up these properties, the goal is never that this is going to be a money-making thing for the city. The goal is to address blight in specific neighborhoods … ,” City Attorney Timothy J. Henry said.
Shouldn't the citys 'goal' also be to AT LEAST break even Tim?

It needed work. It couldn't have been that bad, it was inhabited when it was appraised. And a friend of mine, who has looking at Captain Cupcakes deals said the house was worth WAY more than $7500.

I wonder if Glodzik got the needed permits to 'gut' the property? I'm sure he did.

How do I get in on these kind of deals??!!! Oh I can't. Leighton hates me and I'm not a $10,400 campaign contributor. Oh well.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote


  1. The media doesnt know about me but he did the same thing to my family. He came to my house in 1994 and asked if we would like to buy the abandoned house next to ours so we told him we would pay $5000.We tried calling him and calling him, he ignored our calls.In 1995 a man showed up at the land and told us his good friend Tom Leighton sold it to him. He sold it to his buddy for $4500.That was 16 yrs ago and the buddy hasnt been here in 3 yrs.We asked good old Tom why he did that to us and he said we did not bid enough.By the way, this buddy gives lots to his campaign.Shocker.

  2. How much swill do the citizens of W-B have to swallow before they realize it's shit! As long as we have stupid people pulling straight party tickets you are going to get the same results.
    How do we get rid of the "establishment"???

  3. Since it's now revealed that the goal is not money making for the city off these properties, then I can't wait to see how much money the city dumps into the bank building on public square and how much it get's sold for.(and too who).
    Also who were the 25 or so "potential" developers that leighton had personally showed the stering hotel too???

  4. If these crooked idiots can just do whatever they want, then why can't we form a mob and hang all these idiots on the square? No? How about the hotel Sterling? Let's hang them in there since they are dealing crookedly there.