We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meth labs

This is NOT like making 'bath tub gin' or moonshine from the Prohibition era. This has more in common with the manufacture of clandestine EXPLOSIVES!! Involving HUGE risks with flammable and corrosive chemicals.

Labs are often discovered by FIRES AND EXPLOSIONS caused by the improper handling of volatile and/or flammable solvents.

The most common method for small-scale methamphetamine labs primarily involves phosphorus (compounds of phosphorus form a wide class of materials, some of which are extremely toxic and some are an explosive/fire danger.), ephedrine (which can cause SEVERE heart problems), and iodine (When mixed with ammonia and water, elemental iodine forms nitrogen triiodide, which is extremely shock-sensitive and can explode unexpectedly) from which hydroiodic acid is formed.

Other chemicals found in Meth labs include:
Acetone: Poisonous, Flammable, toxic, Can be absorbed Through the skin; Causes Reproductive disorders

Methonol: Poisonous, Flammable, toxic, Can be absorbed Through the skin; Causes Blindness/ eye damage

Ammonia: Poisonous, toxic, Corrosive, Can be absorbed Through the skin: Causes blistering, lung damage

Benzene: Poisonous, Flammable, Explosive, Corrosive, Can be absorbed Through the skin: Causes Carcinogen, Leukemia

Ether: Poisonous, Flammable, Explosive: Causes Respiratory Failure

Freon: Poisonous, toxic, Corrosive: Causes Frostbite, Lung damage

Hydriodic Acid: Poisonous, toxic, Explosive, Can be absorbed Through the skin: Causes Burns, Thyroid Damage

Hydrochloric Acid (HCL Gas): Poisonous, toxic, Explosive, Can be absorbed Through the skin: Causes Respiratory, Liver Damage

Oh hell, This list is WAY to long to put here, Just go to KCI the Anti-Meth site

Here are some things to look for in identifying a meth lab:

Unusual, strong odors (like cat urine, ether, ammonia, acetone or other chemicals).

Residences with windows blacked out.

Renters who pay their landlords in cash. (Most drug dealers trade exclusively in cash.)

Lots of traffic - people coming and going at unusual times. There may be little traffic during the day, but at night the activity increases dramatically.

Excessive trash including large amounts of items such as: antifreeze containers, lantern fuel cans, red chemically stained coffee filters, drain cleaner and duct tape.

Unusual amounts of clear glass containers being brought into the home.

Secretive / protective area surrounding the residence (like video cameras, alarm systems, guard dogs, reinforced doors, electrified fencing).

Persons exiting the structure to smoke

Little or no mail, furniture, visible trash and no newspaper delivery.

I'd also like to point out that ALL THREE of the structures (Blackman St, Spruce St, and Regent St.) are in Engine 3's territory (The Engine Leighton has turned 'part-time')! And one of the buildings is DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM SPRUCE STREET PARK!!!!

Some quotes from Captain U. Cupcake (Leighton) that are relevant.
"I would never, never gamble with the safety of residents visitors or guests," Oct 5 2004 (WNEP) That is EXACTLY what he is doing.

"With the location of three city fire houses - Hollenback at the city's north end, headquarters near center city and the Parrish and High Street station on the city's southern border - the department can respond promptly to all calls" Oct 27, 2008 (The Times Leader) Not with 2 Engines we can't and this proves he knows it.

"The new station will cover the north end of the city. Headquarters will cover center City and the other station will take care of the south. In turn, the residents of the city and firefighters who protect us will be safer and better equipped" June 8, 2005 (WNEP) And then he cuts our numbers. Right around the time his Intermodel center was going up in cost by 225%. Yeah, he's not sacrificing your safety for his pet projects.

Now to quote myself, "Labs are often discovered by FIRES AND EXPLOSIONS"!!!!

Remember the dictators cut backs when one of these Meth labs (AKA BOMBS WAITING TO HAPPEN) goes up. Remember the Fire Department will still do EVERYTHING possible to save lives and property while working in one of the most hazardous environments known to man. Because it's not just the fire from a meth lab that will kill you. It's also the booby traps, the maze, the chemicals, and God only knows what else.
It's Leighton who is ignoring your safety and ours.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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