We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Have Gas?

This should surprise no one. Dictator Tom has Gas. Free gas. Well, not free, we are paying for it.
In the FD, when we get fuel, we need to fill out the 'fuel log' (date, amount, diesel or gas, who, and what city vehicle or station), Then put it in the vehicles 'run book', and then put it TWICE in the log book for that fire house.
Of course dictator Tom and company don't have to do this. They are MUCH more important than we are. That is why they have uber expensive security systems. You know, I bet the cameras on those security systems work, unlike the ones at DPW.

Thanks to 'Wake up Wilkes Barre' for this ^

This isn't a perk of the job. This is stealing. AGAIN. If you don't want to pay for 'wear & tear' on your own vehicle, QUIT. RESIGN.
"Leighton said he feels he’s entitled to use city gasoline because he’s on the job virtually 24-7, traveling to meetings and checking out various problems and issues throughout the city at all hours of the day"
“Typically I’m never off duty. If I drive to the grocery store, I come out with five complaints. When I go to church or a restaurant, people come up to me with a complaint or something to do with the city,” he said.

Well that's a lot of complaints. Maybe he should do something like, I dunno, NOT STEAL.

The system has been in place to monitor fuel dispensing, but it has never been used. We HAD one when McGroarty was mayor, but as soon as dictator Tom came on scene, it was removed. Then a few years ago the present system was installed. Now rumor has it that it was installed to ensure certain people (cough, council people, cough) were 'influenced' to agree with the dictator. I mean you burn a lot of gas coming from Dorrance.

Oh and by the way, 300 miles per month times 12 months is 3600 miles. 15 miles per gallon comes out to 240 gallons of gasoline. Which means even with the dictators math 17,640 gallons are missing. In seven months.

McLaughlin said he’s confident there’s no theft going on because the majority of city employees use the pumps during the day, when DPW is fully staffed. If an unauthorized person were to fill up, employees there would see it."

Hey Drew, 17,880 GALLONS! That is a 'little' more than a minor clerical error. That is 2554 gallons per MONTH!!!!

“It’s very hard for the theft or abuse of the fueling system to go undetected given all the eyes and ears that monitor the facility,” he said.

Oh Drew, Even if people are at DPW (often there isn't because they are stretched thin as well) They aren't going to stop the 'Citys Elite' from taking fuel. They want to keep their jobs.

And as for the 'after hours fueling', the gates are locked after 3:30 pm and the pumps powered down. To get fuel afterward then, you've got to turn the power on. You know, You've got to pass the log book to turn on the breaker. Then get fuel, and go pass the log book (again) to turn the breaker off.

These 'people' just can't stop telling lies.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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