We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Monday, July 2, 2012

More Threats

All the quotes are from todays Times Leader.
Winning ticket: Mayor believes parking holds potential for pretty penny

“We’re looking at our options,” Leighton said. “Our plan is to meet with the authority board and talk about forming a municipal authority that would oversee all of the city’s parking assets.”
Translation: "You won't do what I want so I'll go around you"

“I really don’t know what it would entail,” (Paul) Maher said. “And what would become of the parking authority? You can’t abolish it under state law.”
Reality, The Constitution didn't stop the dictator from going after Denise Carey.

“The city needs to seek ways to increase revenue without adversely affecting taxpayers,” Leighton said.
Translation: Without taking the golden goose from me and my cronies.

Motorists pay 25 cents per hour at the city’s meters – a bargain, says the mayor.
Reality, It's 25 cents per 20 minutes you moron! You haven't got a clue.

“Ultimately, City Council will have to decide whether to raise taxes, reduce services or lay off employees,” Leighton said.
Reality, He's already planning to reduce services. This is the opening shot. He always blames someone else. Council hasn't got the power to reduce services or they would have the power to increase them, and they don't.

“During this process over the last several months of speaking to many people involved in the parking industry, I’ve learned there is definitely room for improvement in the city’s parking program,” Leighton said.
Reality, YOU could start by not paying $29 million for a $12 million parking lot.

“We could have ended up with $20 million to put in a lock box to be used only when needed,” Leighton said. “We would never spend that money frivolously. Now we will explore other options.”
Reality, The maximum 'in the lock box' would have been $13 million, because we still owe $7 million on the cost overruns for the dictators parking lot.
Here's some 'other options'
Missing Fuel (stop stealing it and stop giving it away)
$300 / hour to JJ Murphy (just stop)
$14,000 security systems for himself and JJ Murphy (Pay it back Thieves!!)

“I don’t expect to be kept on the board,” (Ed) Katarsky said. “The mayor will replace us to get what he wants.”

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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  1. Raising taxes or reducing services? What about reducing waste fraud and abuse in the system?