We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3

Ok, I've done this for Season 1 and for Season 2. Now it's time for Season 3.

1. Why not stay on the 'safe' side of the fence and stab as many as possible BEFORE going in?

2. Beheading IS NOT that easy.

3. If smearing blood on a fence makes walkers lick the fence (even with the person in front of them) then WHY AREN'T THE WALKERS TRYING TO BITE THE PERSONS FINGERS

4. Why the HELL is Hershel (the ONLY one in the group with advanced medical training) going in harms way?

5. Hey Hershel, the optic on your M-4 rifle, it's on backwards.

6. 75 to 80 yard headshots with a handgun. Right.

7. Evidently, the national guard and the Governor don't need rear sights.

8. The prison crew can make 80 yard headshots on walkers with a handgun but can't hit a man who is NOT moving and standing in the open at 75 feet!

9. Since when did flimsy file cabinets become bullet proof? Even an M-4's 5.56 (.223) rounds will go through a cinder block but evidently be stopped by thin sheet metal.

10. And why did Axel's body suddenly be able to stop rifle rounds? (for those that don't know it, bullets tend to over-penetrate) At that distance a 7.62x51mm round (.308 for civilians) would STILL BE SUPERSONIC when exiting Axel's body!!!

11. Hey Rick, bet you wished you had listened to me complain about carrying a 6 shooter when you have 17 round Glocks.

12. Also how about actually carrying a few spare magazines while you ARE OUTSIDE THE FENCE.

13. Hey gang, a truck just rammed through your fence... You might want TO SHOOT THE DRIVER instead of just standing there, staring.

14. During Woodbury's assault on the prison, Rick fires 3 rounds from his revolver. Then runs dry. Is he really stupid enough to go outside the fence and only have 3 rounds in his revolver?!

15. Beating a walker with the barrel of your revolver is a good way to ruin the front sight. And WHERE would you get that fixed?

16. Maggie the walkers inside the fence (after Woodbury's assault), don't waste your limited ammo by going full auto on them.

17. Rick Dropping that M-4 isn't a good idea, you're going to need it to fight the next assault.

18. Andrea shot herself with a revolver, Why was there the sound of brass hitting the floor? (BTW if you don't know, revolvers don't eject brass)

19. Maggie & Glenn, the Woodbury crew tried to kill you, Why are you wasting your finite ammunition trying to scare them off? The '80's called, the A-Team want their shtick back.

20. The Governor killing his own people. 24 of them. Without reloading his rifle which has a 30 round magazine. Or aiming. I call bull$hit.

21. Hey Andrea, talk less, get pliers more.

22. Hey Allen, the Gov just killed almost everyone you were with. You might want to shoot him before.... Nevermind too late. Good riddance.

23. A .50 cal against zombies? Really, Overkill much? Also just because it's a .50 doesn't mean it's going to magically make headshot after headshot while firing in full auto.

24. Also the .50 cal, good thing it conveniently jammed.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

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