We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Walking Dead (TV series)

I was just texting a friend who is a big fan of this show. And the release of a trailer for season two got us 'talking' about the show. Now I enjoy it as well, but there are just some things that, with a little thought or research or experience, are annoyingly wrong.
So here is a list (I make a lot of lists...)

1. If I awake from a coma to find the hospital wrecked and shot up, before venturing outside, remember to acquire pants.

2. Oh yeah, get shoes too. Before anyone asks, Raid the locker rooms.

3. The gun bag seems to weigh less than my laptop. That amount of weapons would weigh more than 80 pounds, add to that the 700 rounds of ammo (assorted) and you're talking more than half his body weight! In a sea bag!

4. Check those HMMWV's (Humvee's) or choppers for weapons and ammo.

5. Who holds an empty gas can in their gun hand when expecting trouble?

6. M1 Abrams (The Tank) do not have belly hatches (or a CB radio), that is a British Chieftain dolled up to look like an M1. Oh and the inside of a tank is CRAMPED. In the show it looked bigger than my living room.

7. You wouldn't be able to hear the pounding from inside either. Tanks are designed to take hits from OTHER TANKS. No way you could here pounding of fists, The armor is too thick.

8. The "Glock safety" mistake. The Glock safety is a small inner lever contained in the trigger. Put your finger on the trigger and the safety is OFF. What he flicked 'off' was the slide release. And what cop, on patrol, doesn't have a round in the chamber?

9. Spike strips are designed to NOT cause you to crash like that. They are hollow little spikes which cause the air to come out over a bit a time, making the car stop safely.

10. The whole department store thing, I mean, "Lets just stand here in plain sight and rile them up even more."

11. If you have to be where the zombies can see you. Why not do something productive, like IDK, put things in front of the doors to reinforce them or slow the zombies down?

12. Plus the camp in the woods, what is with that? Let's set up tents in the woods, that will keep them out. It's the woods, cut down some trees and make some barricades, some kind of defenses. And a strings of tin cans filled with rocks doesn't count as a defense.

13. Build a freaking fire pit that goes deep into the ground and has some sort of chimney type cover. That way it can generate heat and keep you warm without the light leaking out.

14. And why the hell go into Atlanta, anyway? it's only 1 month into zombie apocalypse, there are lots of smaller towns around to get supplies from first and they wouldn't have the massive number of undead.

15. As for the camp, have these people ever heard of having a 24/7 watch or the words 'defensive perimeter'?

16. The one handed shooting grips that these actors are using - have the guns canted to an angle that would assure a total miss. Despite what you see in movies, handguns for head shots? Not easy.

17. There are gun shops in Georgia, ones that are not in big cities and don't have endless numbers of zombies nearby.

18. Get a better hide out, one way in, means one way out.

19. Get better vehicles, Its only been a month or so, Steal a new RV.

20. 3 crossbow bolts in one deer? Really? I never heard of a deer that wasn't hit with a kill shot that just stood still for the hunter to hit it 2 more times, on the same flank and same side of the animal with a weapon as slow to reload as a crossbow.

21. You are surrounded and within proximity of a large mass of zombies. Everyone needs to be armed with something 24/7. Even if it is just a bat.

22. Instead of defense training - they did laundry.

23. And when the encounter happened - they had NO PLAN. Except - lets scream like an 8 year old girl and then go to the RV.

24. You are in DESPERATE need of fuel, ammo and food? Why don't they make any attempt to scavenge along the way? I don't understand. They have guns now. Can't the two deputies figure a way to work as a team and sweep/clear a simple structure so they can scavenge for supplies? Plus, there are plenty of abandoned cars on the way. Not all can be out of fuel.

25. They can't figure out how to get a 'decent' vehicle jump started?

26. The BIGGEST GLARING IMPOSSIBILITY.......... The FRENCH LASTED LONGEST!!!!!! Those cheese-eating surrender monkeys lasted longer than the U.S.!!!! Right. What did they do drop their rifles on the zombies heads?

27. At the CDC, once again they didn't forage for better weapons.

28. BTW, Grenades don't work that way.

29. What's with the muzzle of his revolver sticking out of his holster? That's a prescription for a failed draw when the front sight snags on the holster... not to mention the damage to the sight and crown.

30. Revolvers hold 6 shots (Most of them) and take a comparatively long time to reload. A Glock 17 holds 17 rounds in a magazine plus 1 in the chamber and take a second to reload. Which would you want to be carrying in a zombie apocalypse?

31. Shotguns hold 6 to 9 rounds and take FOREVER to reload. An AR-15 (civilian version of the M-16) holds 30 rounds in a magazine (most) and take a second to reload. Which would you want to be carrying in a zombie apocalypse?

I'm going with this kid. He has a better chance of survival.

There are a large number of things that should be ignored simply because of timing for a TV show (IE why wasn't the deputy covered with bed sores?). But come on, some of these things just don't make sense.

A lot of these points were made by friends of mine (like ZIPBAGS, MikeE, Bluto, Beamish & Dux to name a few) who have been helping me get back in the shooting groove. Thanks Dudes.

Add on Season 2 Here.

Dan Emplit WBFD

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