We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Comments from the Times Leader

Didn't feel like doing a full post, so I thought I would 'copy & paste' some of the comments from the newspapers. Turned out to be a huge job. So I just put the ones I found 'interesting' up here. I left out most of the 'wild' ones. The one from CaseyRoman1 really struck a cord.

Leighton to make announcement about W-B mayoral race

Mayor Leighton before you make the announcement to run again, can you please tell the taxpayes and voters of the City of Wilkes Barre who pay your salary and demand accountablility, how you allowed a no bid contract for the ambulance company in which disgraced judge Conahan was a principle/owner in to do business in the city. It seems something just does not pass the small test on this. I am sure if everything is on the up and up, then you should have no problem giving us the details and how this transpired. If this is such a great deal for the taxpayers of this city, I would expect you to be praising this deal. And if lots of money is to be made in the city by a third party ambulance service, then why doesn't the city put another ambulance in service and collect the revenues itself ? This would eliminate the middle man, and thus put more profit/cash in the cities bank account .That would be a win/win for the taxpayers/citizens. Not only would the citizens have another W-B City run ambulance in service 24/7 but more money would be generated to keep the taxpayers taxes down. Unless of course mayor leighton, there is something else going on, that the public is not privy to ???

'Former City employee'
Maybe Leighton can use the yellow school bus that is parked up at the DPW lot for his campaign trail since he bought it from LAG and there is no title for it and it is good for nothing else.

'rollin in my chair'
I HOPE IT TURNS OUT THE SAME AS HIS RUN FOR STATE OFFICE. This time he will not get my vote.Im tired of paying for things the city dont do anymore. Clean the streets with the sweeper, pick up leaves ( We still pay for the leafe sucker and dont even have it anymore, ) We still pay for the sewer cleaning and the city dont clean the sewers, heck they dont even have the truck anymore!!!

Complaints about work on property

'Former City employee'
This is not the first time Leo has purchased a property and done the work without permits. Checkout 86 Carlisle Street. The City bought it and sold it to Leo then caught him doing work without permits and instead of fining him they let him take the homeowner permits out.

Not just permits needed ...he needs zoning approval to turn a garage into a multiple unit dwelling ........also several inspections .....FRAMING, ELECTRICAL , PLUMBING , INSULATION , FIRE PROTECTION SUCH AS PROPER WALLS AND DOORS ........so there is certainly something going on here behind the scenes that Mr McLaughlin is not bothering to mention . Good thing Homer is running for mayor again .......so we can not only have ........but expect more of the same . You get what you vote for.

Leo and Tommy Rap Duo. Hey Leo, yea what ya gotta say, Yo Tommy look the other way. Lets scam the tax paya today. Old Riva Road aint no one gonna know, here's some campaign cash, just put in yo stash. Hey yo Leo dont worry bout no investigation cuz I'm big ole mayor Leighton. Permit date dats a typo, hope ole Patty aint a ratty. Permit color pink, hope we dont wind up in da clink. Yo Leo what about dem pending charges, dont worry Tommy the tax paya numb and da cops are dum. Yo hey Tommy whos to know just run that city like a gangsta show.

It's no different than the property located on Edison Street in South Wilkes Barre that is owned by an employee of WB City Hall. The neighbors have been complaining about it for almost two years and everytime they call City
Hall, they are asked "Do you know who owns that property?" At the neighborhood meeting in October, the neighboors were finally allowed to speak their mind. To date very little has been done. The fence is still illegal, the wood piles are still there, there is a dump truck containing trash and garrbage on the property. There is an old 200 gallon fuel tank on end. To top it off, the property owners are putting a roof on the building which really doesn't meet the building codes. But again, because of who owns this property, nothing is done, The owner was sent a citation and pleaded not guilty. A hearing was scheduled at the magistrate, but was continued by the defendant due to a conflict. This is going to go on and on due to who owns the property. If it was a regular citizen there would be all sorts of citations and violation letters but because the owner works at City Hall it's a big difference. I highly doubt that the owner would like this mess by their home, why should other residents be subjected to this mess by theirs. Perhaps Bill O'Boyle could revisit this area and do a follow-up to his original story about this particular property.

I'm not going to get permits now. If the Luzerne County elite don't have to neither do I. As a matter of fact I am going to start emulating our areas finest.

This is one of the real problems in this area. I can not believe more people aren't outraged about this. There is one set of rules for the people to follow, and antoher set of rules for "special" people to follow. Having had my run ins with these people, I know the many hoops they want you to jump through in order to do something simple, LIKE HANG DRYWALL in your home. It seems to me the courupt LOVE having a million regulations on the books. Onorus, overbearing, and complex regulations keep many people away from investing in the city.

Isn’t this the same thing he tried to pull at the Old River Road Bakery?
Hope his buddies in the city don’t try to cover this one up!
News Flash Mr. Drew McLaughlin, violations have already occurred.
The building permit was issued on 11/10/10.
He didn’t buy the property until 12/9/10!
How could the city issue a permit to someone who doesn’t own the property yet?
And then list him as the self-contractor when they know that this is NOT his primary residence?
When is the corruption going to stop?

W-B test will determine if meters are ‘Street Smart’

Wasn't Leighton investigated for picking up a prostitute back when he was council president? I think it was around Easter? That was hushed up.

'TwelvePack' in reply to CaseyRoman1

That last one from 'CaseyRoman1'. well I vaguely remember it happening, but I can't find anything in the papers.

Dan Emplit WBFD

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