We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Friday, July 1, 2011


Captain U. Cupcake (Leighton) is STILL at it.
Now he has hired his daughter and niece to do summer jobs. And we are to believe that out of over 400 applicants, his TWO relatives are the best qualified for the positions.

And I'm not the only blogger to think this is Luzerne county Nepotism at its normal over the top level.

The Buck Stops - Not With Mayor Leighton

"They're city residents, they're both college students and they're very dependable," the mayor said. "They do a good job, and they should be considered as everybody else is considered."
EVERYBODY is not related to the mayor of a city that is in the middle of a MASSIVE corruption scandal.

Regardless of resumes - even if they include graduating at the top of the class at Harvard Law School - it's "best practice" for public officials to avoid hiring relatives, said Judy Nadler, the former mayor of Santa Clara, Calif., and current senior fellow at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University.
This is only true if the public official is a LEADER or has integrity.

Leighton's decision to hire relatives raises concerns he cannot act objectively and could sting a community still reeling from a public corruption probe, Nadler said. It also spurs questions of whether the mayor's relatives are qualified for the job or just the beneficiaries of their connections, she said.
No kidding Leighton is a bully and thinks he is untouchable. His cost overruns on his pet projects have been so HUGE that he has had to cut Public safety.

Leighton dismissed notions that his daughter and niece received favorable treatment and portrayed Christine Jensen, the city's human resources director, as the principal decision-maker regarding summer employment even though he signed executive orders approving the hires.
He ALWAYS blames someone else.

Jensen said she reviewed about 400 applications for summer employment, met with department heads to discuss their needs and forwarded a list of recommended hires to the mayor for approval.
Captain Cupcake claims Christine Jensen is "the principal decision-maker regarding summer employment", But Jensen claims she "forwarded a list of recommended hires to the mayor".
What do I get out of that. Leighton hired his relatives. No one else had a chance.
By blaming Jensen he shows, once again, He is a master at a lies through misdirection.

Add another one to the list.
1 Screwed up selling the Sterling hotel (costing us $325,000)
2 Bad faith moves
3 Back room deals
4 Tried to sell city property for 8 cents on the dollar to a campaign contributor
5 Lied to county officials to get tax forgiveness to a campaign contributor
6 Cut our safety to fund HIS pet projects
7 The whole Ice Rink, which was supposed to revitalize W-B, HOW?
8 The largely worthless camera system
9 Raised taxes and fees to an all time high.
10 Racked up MASSIVE lawsuit debts
11 Violated a contract (Citywide Towing's contract) so he could give it to a campaign contributor (that cost us $225,000)
12 Trying to sell W-B property (Tax Free) to a campaign contributor (Known for not paying his own taxes)
13 Outright lies to us (The citizens of Wilkes-Barre)
14 Blaming anyone and everyone for his failures (remember the 'I believe' campaign, "I wouldn't say I oversold it. I think maybe the media did," Mayor Leighton said. (WNEP June 10, 2005) AKA It's not my fault, it's the medias)
15 Ignoring the Lloyds Study (which states the minimum FD manning per shift is 17) and cutting manning to 12 per shift
16 VIOLATED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, TWICE !!! (Denise Carey & the Hammonds). That's cost us over $275,000.
17 Nepotism

Add On; you should read this, Top 10 Reasons to Re-Elect Leighton as Mayor
Good points in a Letterman format.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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