We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Sunday, July 10, 2011

Captain Cupcake should be worried

It seems that the newspapers (even his Times Cheerleader) are taking a close look at the dictator.

Leighton: No golf for me
Isn't officially campaigning while on the clock illegal?
Oh and I would love to see a roster of who showed up (BEFORE he gets a chance to doctor it) to check his numbers. Since he can't tell the difference between $12 million and $27 million for the parking garage, sorry intermodel center.

City workers golf for boss
If this was put in motion MONTHS ago, why a Friday instead of a weekend? Then most of these people wouldn't have had to take time off?

Meet the mayor of Barney Farms
Some VERY good reporting here. Instead of just printing the obvious or regurgitating city hall press releases, They really did their homework.

"In 2009, 14 of those hired for 138 summer jobs through an executive order by the mayor, or about 10 percent, lived alongside Leighton in the riverside enclave of Barney Farms."
"Barney Farms has three streets and 69 homes, or less than one-half of 1 percent of the city's households."
"The vast majority of summer hires that year came from South Wilkes-Barre and the Leighton administration's approach toward filling summer jobs seems specifically designed to achieve that very outcome."

Also Pure Bunkum has somethings to say on the issue.
Mayor Leighton Works At City Hall And At The Golf Club

If you are thinking of supporting Leighton, Ask yourself these questions:

Your going to support him even with the $15 million cost over run on a $12 million dollar project?

Or the $17 million Riverfront that has no parking and no bathrooms?

Or the selling of city property (to his a campaign contributor) for 10% of it's value?

Or the Hiring of his relatives for summer jobs that were not advertised?

Or his campaigning on city time?

Add those to the list:
The Fountain, $75,000 dollars for repairing the fountain. Well after GIVING the ice rink a free (we the citizens paid for it) Zamboni, that cost around $80,000, there is no more money.

I guess after selling the Old River Road Bakery, for 8 cents on the dollar (the equivalent of selling a gallon of gas for under 24 cents a gallon), to a campaign contributor there isn't enough money for public safety.

Maybe it was because the city had to pay Denise Carey $67,000 when Mayor 'I Believe (in higher taxes)' Leighton violated her CONSTITUTIONAL Rights.

Maybe it was the $220,000 in legal fees Denise Careys lawyer is seeking from the city.

Maybe it's the $225,000 the city had to pay Bob Kadluboski (of City-Wide Towing) after violating his contract with the city.

Maybe it was the money that was spent on the city attorneys to fight the wrong fights

Maybe it was the MILLIONS spent on an ice rink that the public 'can use SOMETIMES'

Maybe it was the MILLIONS spent on the Big Brother Camera system that work occasionally (a cop told me only around 24 were working and they were blocked by trees)

Maybe it was the sidewalks downtown that didn't need to be replaced near as much as some of the ones away from downtown

Maybe it was the cost over runs on the Coal street 'get outta the city faster' project

Maybe it's time for a mayor that places the citizens safety before his pet projects

As for public safety,
Remember the Cities own study claimed 17 firefighters/shift was the MINIMUM, not the mayors 12! He's putting our loved ones at risk so he can fund HIS projects!!
Think about it when you vote, or when a meth lab explodes in Wilkes-Barre.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote


  1. I can not get a sewer drain cleaned after calling a month ago! Was told it is on a work list with DPW

  2. The city spends $500.000 on the sewers yearly, i was told. Gee the turck thats gets parked over the manhole cover on Barney when we get a heavey rain must have cost $100.000 alone