We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Sunday, August 7, 2011

He just won't stop.

Little busy today, so I'll just point out the Bull being slung in the papers over the last few days.

Deal on old bakery OK’d

"The mayor of Wilkes-Barre does not sell real estate," Leighton said.
(Except the failed Old River Road Bakery, Carlisle St, and half the first block of South Main St. Off the top of my head.)

Board member Lynn Evans cited a nearby property that had been sold to LAG and became a parking lot and towing yard.
(Which is what Leo will do with the bakery)

Leighton said there are no guarantees about property development, but that he would try to assure the use was appropriate.
(The next quote says it all)

Leighton had promised Luzerne County Commissioners that a prior, unrelated deal involving tax breaks would lead to construction of townhouses, but ended up being a “towing yard.”
(Leighton had to claim it was going to be town homes, The commissioners would NEVER have given tax forgiveness for L.A.G.)

With board member Dr. Mark Schiowitz absent, the vote was 7 to 1. Lynn Evans voted no, saying afterward that she still felt the developer, not the city, should come to the board to justify a tax break.
(Finally, Someone seems to have been visited by the common sense fairy. Stand your ground Ms Evans.)

Urban criticizes bakery property deal

Urban said he still remembers when the city secured a similar deal from county commissioners in 2006 under the pretenses the property would one day feature townhouses. (I forget, How much did Leighton CHEAT out of our financially strapped county?)

That never happened. Instead, the city entered into - then rescinded - an agreement to sell the former bakery to the city's towing contractor, a political supporter of Mayor Tom Leighton who wanted the property for storage purposes.

Mayor sees W-B fiscally sound

“Let me first say that the days of out-of-budget spending are over,” Leighton said. “We stick to our budget within reason. However, if there are any unexpected events – flooding, snowstorms, and the failing economy – they could affect our costs significantly.”
(Except for 15 million over budget on the intermodel center, The camera surveillance system that DOES NOT work, selling property for 10 cents or less on the dollars to special people, purchasing vehicles from DeNaples that now have suddenly vanished, Buying a Zamboni for the Ice Rink, and MULTIPLE lawsuits the city could not win)

When the city faced a $10 million deficit in 2004 – Leighton’s first year as mayor – Leighton said the city asked the state for help and the Public Financial Management Company was appointed to help address the financial woes.
(Don't forget that part of that help came from the Fire Fighters who's contract concessions were greater than $3.5 MILLION over 7 years. What did the other unions do?)

Leighton said reductions in staffing such as police and fire would be considered when all other alternatives are exhausted.
(Of course he would consider it. He don't give a crap about public safety, as long as his friends and family get richer)

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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