We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I don't understand Sheeple

This was sent to me. It's in reference to my previous post.

Anonymous said...
Breaking out the rifle may have been the "scare" that the mob may have needed to disperse, but.. what if anyone in the "mob" had a weapon and fired at the man? Was his rifle even loaded???
Going back into the safety of his home, and getting his weapon in today's courts could be construed as "premeditation" if he had shot and mortally wounded someone??....Your thoughts??
There's a lot of question here, so by the numbers

1. Breaking out the rifle WAS the "scare" that the mob DID NEED to disperse.

2. If someone in the 'mob' was armed, they would have been brandishing it. Such is the cowardly way of mob mentality.

3. If someone had fired at Mr. McBride, well he had drawn a line and was ready to defend himself. Please read this What does it mean to have Situational awareness?

4. You have all the information I do, I have no way of knowing if it was loaded. I will add that most unloaded weapons are paperweights (except for that bayonet, that would hurt).

5. "Safety of his home"????!! The mob had broken into the house next door, What makes you think he was safe in his home??? The only "premeditation" was to defend his life, home and perhaps his neighbors. The mob had broken into one house, threatened Mr. McBride's life (when he yelled at them to stop), Thrown things at him and his house, Trespassed on his property, and advanced (with the stated intent to cause him fatal or life changing injury) onto his porch.

6. As for if he had "mortally wounded someone", in a defensive scenario, you DO NOT shoot to kill. You shoot to stop someone. Fatalities may be the result. People need to know that the gun owner is NOT the only person who needs to be responsible for the actions they take.

Dan Emplit WBFD

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  1. Not being appraised of ALL of the details, one can only respond to the assumptions. Personally, I do not keep "empty" weapons in my home. All of my family are NRA trained,in gun safety. and are qualified in confrontational situations that might require the use of deadly force, when all other options are futile. As Clint Smith says, "I don't carry because I'm paranoid, I'm not paranoid, because I carry"! Bottom line is that Mr. McBride came out of this situation all in one piece, and the mere presence of his weapon sufficed to quell the threat. Dan, we read the same page.