We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kathy Kane and unions

Our councilwoman Kathy Kane has fired another shot across the Fire & Police Depts Bow. Evidently she thinks we are the problem, not the rampant 'NO-BID' contracts or the multiple lawsuits for 'violating Constitutional rights' in attempting to stifle opposition or for improperly terminating contracts to give them to campaign contributors or the massive lawyer fees for fighting already lost fights.

Specifically mentioned was Act 111. For those who do not know Act 111 gives away the right to strike and replaces it with 'binding arbitration'. This is because we are ESSENTIAL LIFE SAVING SERVICES and lives can not be put in danger over contract or monetary disputes.

"That has to be a real important issue," Kane said. "We do have economic problems, and they (unions) cannot be making excessive demands." So what 'excessive demands are being made? And isn't she a retired school teacher? Isn't the teachers union the most powerful union in Pa?

When the mayor was elected he asked all the city unions to help the city financially in their contracts. The fire union did (concessions = approx 3.5 million dollars over 7 years). Mayor Leighton said "By making (these) substantial concessions, the firefighters' union has agreed to become partners with the city in its revitalization plan" The Fire Fighters Union did more than their part, Saving the city far more money than any of the other city unions. And you end up getting punished for it.

Politicians like to blame Fire departments. They can't cut Police especially now without committing political suicide (or putting in useless cameras) and DPW can only be cut so far (remember the problems with snow removal last year). So that means they demonize the FD. I mean what do we do? Here's a quick list:
1 structure fire
Fight fire
Size up
ventilate fire
Search & Rescue
Rapid intervention Team
Water Supply
Protect Exposures
2 Emergency Medical
3 light scene
4 clean up scene
5 sweep up debris
6 flooding indoors
7 flooding outdoors
8 assist incapacitated
9 secure wires downed
10 road subside
11 cave ins
12 structure collapse
13 wash down bio materials & fluids
14 save animals
15 remove wild animals
16 unexploded ordinance
17 wetting down debris
18 Check the Welfare of
19 assist lock outs
20 searches
21 unknown Investigations
22 suicide/attempted suicides
23 brush fires
24 hazardous materials
25 vehicle accidents/extrication
26 Child locked in vehicle
27 River Rescues
28 Rope rescues
29 Vehicle fires
30 possible terror attacks
31 Tours
32 Public relations
ANY situation you can think of that is life/property threatening or assists the public

The Seattle, WA mayor was thinking about FD cuts until June 12. 5 dead, a 22 year old woman and four children ages 13,7,6, and 5. The Mayor and council are no longer considering cuts. Our mayor and council know this, I told them, but they do't care enough to even comment on it.

Remember the Cities own study claimed 17/shift was the MINIMUM, not the mayors 12! He's putting our loved ones at risk while spending our money on his pet projects and to violate peoples CONSTITUTIONAL rights

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