We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Friday, August 20, 2010

Last nights council meeting

Well, last night was one for the books. Bob Kadluboski was 'asked to leave, and escorted out'. While he was leaving, singing “Good night, good night, and pleasant dreams to you,”, Kathy Kane called out “That’s why people don’t complain about you, You intimidate people.” Really. This from a person who cornered a WB fire dept. captain to complain about a certain blog (Yep this one). Isn't that a type of intimidation? Trying to get me to stop by bringing pressure on those I work with? Hypocrisy abounds.
Oh, the city attorney finally got back to me. At the council meeting, makes you wonder how long I would have had to wait if I hadn't gone. To remind you, I was told on July 27 that I would be Emailed a copy of the citys' home rule charter around noon the next day. 21 days later I was handed A PAGE AND A HALF not the whole thing I was promised. He had no intention of giving me this because it was sent to be printed at 05:51 PM on Aug 19. Yeah, this administration is playing the same games the McGroarty admin did. Lots of promises but no substance.

On a different note, Several members of council went on and on about how much work they do. I got Smith St. paved!!! Great, there are around 6 houses on Smith St. It's about 60 ft long. Don't hurt yourself with the back pats for doing PART of your jobs. Of note last night a council member finally spoke up. "Mayor, Get the Fire Dept. contract settled." He neither supported nor condemned either side. By the way Mr. Merritt that stinging sensation on the back of your neck was the daggers the mayor was staring at you. But finally a council member DID his job. He stood up and put his foot down. Thank you Mr. Merritt for publicly doing something we (the public) can respect.

After I spoke, the mayor threatened to "Get rid of the Ambulances, take those drivers (the city ambulances are driven by firefighter EMTs) and take an extra guy. There. There's your Engine 3."
There are many problems with this.
First off, It is NOT my Engine 3, It is OUR (the publics) Engine 3.

Second, This is just rearranging chairs on the Titanic. 12 men is 12 men. They could each drive an engine to the fire scene and they are still just 12 men. Remember the city's own study said 17 per shift. National standards 16.

Third, This means that the Mayor will have to hire 8 more Paramedics to keep the Ambulances in service (Unless this is a ploy to give the contract to disgraced ex-judge Conahan's Medic unit, will it be another No-Bid contract?), Why not just hire 8 More Firefighters and alleviate some of the problem?

Third, This will not save any money, It will cost money because the Paramedics have a contract with the city, unless he plans to violate it like he did Bob Kadluboski's contract (City Wide Towing). That only cost us $225,000 plus.

Fourth, This is NOT about Engine 3. It is about public safety and the MASSIVE lawsuits the mayor is exposing us to by ignoring the Lloyds studys' finding. The study the city commissioned, payed for and is now ignoring. 17 per shift not the mayors 12

Finally, By looking at ways to increase manning (without the mayor admitting he was wrong) the city has admitted that the decision to cut public safety was a bad one?

Dan Emplit WBFD

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