We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Friday, October 7, 2011

A break from the Sterling

I've gotten an new comment from the idiot crowd.
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "South Station":

so you stopped harping on mayor leighton, because you finally realized he is right. just like your union officers did but you ar to stupid to stop. let me tell you this if one of your officers posts here you will never hear from me again. i know they wont because they support leighton.

WOW, your grammar and punctuation just gets worse. I can only believe you are doing that on purpose.

I haven't "stopped harping on mayor leighton". Four days ago I pointed out he and cityvest tried to scam the Feds into paying for the Sterlings demolition.

If you want to know why my Union Officers will not help and post here, ASK THEM. I did. I got the biggest wad of bullsh!t that I've seen in years.

You will comment again, you can't help yourself. You are a troll.

One other thing I have seen are a few people commenting that Leighton shouldn't be investigated because McGroarty was also involved with nepotism. Or that it is a parents prerogative.
One thing that these people want us to forget is that it is AGAINST THE LAW. You know, ILLEGAL. It doesn't become OK because someone else got away with it.

I'll get back to the Sterling series shortly.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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  1. There was a quote from a movie awhile back that is sort of befitting of those who are in denial, and supportive of the present incumbent. The quote was, "You can't handle the truth". So many questions going unanswered?

    Would you agree to an "open ended contract" on a golf cart lease? Pull 3 Mil away from the Sterling project to fund your intermodal which was ill conceived, and had numerous cost overruns? Have the taxpayers fund an ice rink to which they are graciously granted 2 hrs. use a day when the hockey team is not using it? Supposedly sign a contract with a party who is a heavy donor, then not maintain records as required by the "contract"? Sell that same party a bakery for less than the city bought it for, and have the School Board forgive the taxes on it? Allow work to be done on said property even before it's owned? Allow said person to modify a structure without proper permits/zoning until a citizen complained?
    And what about accountability for the fines that were imposed? Demolition of the Peanut Bldg with a promise of a Wood St. extension to Penn Ave, w/ proper street signals on S.Main and Wood St.? Was there interest collected on the money that was owed to the Firemen and held back for a year? People who want to keep him for another 4 years are either living in a fantasy world, or have a vested interest? How about when Kanjo and Musto have their day in court will they sing a song that implicates our present Mayor? Were I he, I would resign while I'm at the top of my game. Possible impeachment is a nasty way to go..................