We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Thursday, October 27, 2011

More on the shooting

I've been reading what has been put in the newspapers comments sections about the shooting in the area of George Avenue and North Washington Street Tuesday morning.

To all those who don't know that the WBPD did a stellar job, Do some research.
1. All those shots?
The accuracy of the average State trooper (no particular State) in this type of situation is about 25% hits. If what I've been told is accurate, The WBPD's accuracy was better than 23%. So lets stop complaining about their skills.

2. The stopping power of ANY handgun SUCKS. This is why soldiers use rifles.
"The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down".(Sorry I forget who said this)

3. They should have Tasered him.
Yes. Lets advance into the very short range envelope of a Taser while a Bad Guy shoots at you. That is the definition of MORONIC.

4. It was a BB Gun.


Now tell me which is real.

And while you're recovering from your Butt-hurt over this, remember there were 60 children FEET away.

As Miss_Brooke said in the Times Leader Comments:
"I work at the Child Care Facility that was affected. I am THANKFUL to the WBPD!!!!!
That man was warned MULTIPLE TIMES to drop his weapon!!!! (Regardless if it was a knife, gun,pellet gun or bat)
He did not follow orders.
I saw his weapon First hand, I'm no expert, but it looked like a real gun to me, I was soooo scared until I saw the police come around the corner with rifles. As for a Taser, The man was shot 3 times in front of me!!!! He did not budge, He walked across the lawn of inter-metro, sat on the stoop, the police again told him to stay down drop the weapon, so what does he do, He gets up and points the gun again, so the cops shot again. He still managed to walk to the other parking lot and then finally collapsed.
And as for being mentally ill, I know a few things about this topic, and people have the RIGHT to be CRAZY!!!
He should have been taking his meds!!! That is NOOOOOOOOO EXCUSE!!!!!
Thank God it was a Pellet Gun, I'm sure more than the Gunman would of been injured if it wasn't."

"If he points a weapon toward the officers, they really have no other choice because there is a viable threat to their safety," King's College criminal justice professor Paul Lindenmuth said.

Using deadly force (it is deadly force regardless of the outcome) cannot be easy for a police officer who is dedicated to preserving life.

Dan Emplit WBFD

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