We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Monday, October 10, 2011

Some comments from the Leader caught my eye


Leighton appears slow and dull-witted, he's barely able to form a coherent thought and yet he will easily win re-election. A ringing endorsement of two party politics.

Jolly Roger

Being a hands on mayor of a city the size of Wilkes Barre is no easy task and Leighton has done a comendable job since taking office. Are we better off now than we he took office? Absolutely!


Mayor Leighton = Hero to the STUPID !


You have done a good job. But we need to rid ourselves of cronyism, so I will not cast my vote for you.

Jolly Roger in reply to Nicolas321

We finally get a mayor who does the job and you want to be rid of him ..... good thinking = NOT!

mjj 1 day ago

The mayor has a love affair with the square but all that is there are bars and bums.The square is never going to be what it once was. Public square should have a steel fence around it and operated during daylight and locked after dark. The street lights are no brighter than a hand held torch.
Where is the business in WB?No wonder the mayor can't lower the wage tax as most business's have left town. Ask anyone if they would walk the streets after dark in WB.
I believe the mayor earns twice what the mayor in Scranton earns. Anyone want to compare the two.

Nicolas321 1 day ago

Time to go, Leighton. We need new ideas, fresh blood, and fewer cronies.

the_woodrow 1 day ago

'He said the first two proposals fell through.' As are all the roofs about to do on all of the buildings he wants to get rid of in a hurry... fall through. But they don't. Who were the first two deals with? It should be public information.

Jolly Roger in reply to the_woodrow

It was ....... from the looks of some of these comments, the fire depart. is hard at work. Maybe they should just concentrate on doing their jobs.

larrydallas in reply to the_woodrow

narcissist don't admit guilt.


Was that an admission of guilt? 'Leighton said, adding he wouldn’t hire a relative again for a city job – big or small.'


He MR. tom Leighton must not drive the streets in wilkes-barre . . THE streets are full of pot holes

larrydallas in reply to disabledtaxpayry

A drive up South Main streeet from Hanover St. to the Square and count the empty Stores and vacant lots will tell you more about the City than all his bragging. they have developed one block of center city and they left the rest of the city to deteriate.


Seems like the Mayor talked about some affordable improvements. Unlike Summers and Cope who talk about lowering taxes without cutting costs. Oh wait, we are going to reduce the Mayor's job to part-time and save $10,000.

TwelvePack in reply to TeaPartyDem

It is so nice to see two people so in love- TeaPartyDem and Leighton.

Jolly Roger in reply to TwelvePack

Tweleve Pack, the name says it all. Bottoms up!

mjj in reply to TeaPartyDem

I believe the mayors salary is around $80,000 dollars per year plus benefits.Compare that with Scranton and Allentown. Affordable improvements? Where is the money coming from? The college kids? More and more properties are going on the no tax rolls. Is there any manufacturing left in Wilkes Barre? It seems to me that the only business's in Wilkes Barre besides retail and restaurants are scrap yards.
You brought up a good point though on the part time issue. Maybe if there was a part time mayor he/she wouldn't have enough time to think about how to mess up downtown traffic patterns. Since when does a city make it impossible to manuever traffic during rush hour to host a party of college kids on the square or some other nonsensical entertainment? Use Kirby Park , that is what it is there for.

CaseyRoman1 in reply to mjj

Leighton makes more than the Mayor of our state Capital.
Does that make sense? Harrisburg is larger in size and population, besides being the State Capital?

TeaPartyDem in reply to CaseyRoman1

Casey, please do not let facts hit you in the head. Please google the City of Harrisburg. It is the laughing stock of the Commonwealth. They are bankrupt and fighting over whether or not to let the State take over control. Running city government mean controlling a $40,000,000 budget. Any CEO of a compant that size would make a salary well over $250,000. Remember, you get what you pay for, and the residents of Harrisburg know that first-hand. Wilkes-Barre will be in the same boat in 6 months if they do not re-elect Mayor Leighton.

Scott Koppenhofer in reply to TeaPartyDem

First of all I know store managers of stores doing 60 million a year making only $60,000.00 per year. CEO's make much much more than $250,000.00 but also control companies doing 10 times more than 40 million. Maybe get back in the workforce and learn more about salaries. Next the city is not a business that has a product to sell to bring in the money a business does. The resident's taxes and fees fund the city so it should not be compared to a business. We do not have a choice but to pay taxes but we have a choice of what product to purchase and where to purchase them. If we are going to compare the city to a business then we should have the choice to shop around for what we will pay in taxes and fees based on other cities just like I shop around to different stores to purchase the same product at the lowest price. Also a Mayor should not make as much as a CEO or other up management employees. I have worked in stores doing $60 million in sales and have had a constant inventory of over 4 million dollars at all times and I was a senior manager making $48,000.00 a year. This Mayor should make much less period.

Things I noticed (or suspect).
TeaPartyDem is related to a council person. They are one of the Anonymous' that are insulting. That is what he does when you disagree with him.

CaseyRoman1 started as a Leighton supporter and became a vocal dissenter.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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  1. Is there more to this than what I see? I only see two posts from CaseyRoman and he is clearly not a Leighton supporter in either.