We must ask "WHY?"

We must ask "WHY?"



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The O.K. Corral

With recent events, It's interesting that today is the anniversary of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Mainly because of the 'armchair warriors', who have never been shot at, and are criticizing the WBPD.
These morons, who probably consider themselves experts because of the many hours they have spent on their butts playing 'Modern Warfare' and haven't fired a firearm since the Bush Presidency, really need to be smacked. So until they have taken a class or been in the situation, we should just ignore them.
For those who do not know, It is legal in PA to open carry. Meaning that if you want, anyone (who can legally own a firearm) can legally carry it (holstered) in a non-concealed manner. This DOES NOT give ANYONE the right to brandish a weapon or to carry it in your hand.

On to the O.K. Corral.
First off, the gunfight actually happened in a narrow lot a few doors away from the O.K. Corral on October 26, 1881. The gunfighters were only around 6 feet apart. Most credible reports say about thirty shots were fired in thirty seconds. There are MANY conflicting reports about bout the actual events and those leading up to the gunfight.
No one knows who started shooting first. The reports say that the first two shots were so close, in time, that they could have been confused as one. Virgil Earp reported, "Two shots went off right together. Billy Clanton's was one of them."

Thirty shots in thirty seconds from LEGENDARY cowboys at a starting distance of 6 feet. There were three fatalities, Billy Clanton (three wounds), Tom McLaury (One shotgun wound), and Frank McLaury (Two wounds).

Here's my point. If Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan Earp with Doc Holliday needed multiple shots at that distance, What do these idiots expect from the WBPD? Jeez even Doc Holliday (who was noted for his extreme skill) couldn't have done better!

Dan Emplit WBFD

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  1. Our PD has better ordinance and better ammo, than the type used at the OK. And it is as you say, that those guys were legendary.

    As as a vet you probably can attest to the fact that you fire as many rounds ( hopefully w/some degree of accuracy)as necessary to terminate the engagement, survive, and protect non-combatants from being hurt,or killed.

    In this regard I believe our Police did a commendable job. Good score.. good guys 1, bad guy 0........