Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WTF Over?!!

My friend OhioBorderer told me about this:

Cops Confiscate Lakewood Lady’s Arsenal; Motive Pending
by Kyle Swenson

Francesca Rice no longer serves in her country’s armed forces, but she brought a piece of the action back home with her.

It seems the Lakewood vet had stockpiled her Edgewater Towers condo with a home arsenal including handguns, shotguns, a sniper rifle — plus a Thompson sub-machine gun, just in case the pizza guy got fresh.

Her cache somehow caught the attention of Lakewood Police, who paid a visit last September. When they found Rice wasn’t home, they asked an obliging employee of the complex to open up the apartment without her consent. Once inside, they raided the gun rack, making off with 13 firearms worth around $15,000. The only problem: They had no apparent reason to.

When Rice kindly asked to have her toys returned, the cops acknowledged that the weapons were legally owned. But they refused to return them without a court order. And so Rice has filed suit in Lakewood Municipal Court.

So far, nobody’s doing much talking. Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley declined to speak specifically about the seizure, citing the ongoing lawsuit. He also declined to speak generally about situations in which Lakewood cops would be likely to seize property on a whim. Rice’s attorney did not return Scene’s calls for comment, and Rice didn’t respond to repeated buzzes on her apartment intercom.

Amid all the zipped lips, there’s a moral here for everybody: Gun owners, beware of law enforcement looking to trod upon your rights. And non-gun owners, beware of neighbors who are particularly well prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

BTW she isn't just a Veteran, she's a DISABLED VETERAN!

Here's the Lakewood Municipal Court Papers.

Here's what the Lakewood Police stole, that is what it is called when someone takes something without a LEGAL right to it.

- SKS M-21 Sniper Rifle (An SKS 'Sniper' rifle??? Not by any definition I know)

- Ruger Blackhawk .357 (A 'modern' revolver patterned after the revolvers from the old west)

- Sentinel Arms 12 Gauge (Obviously a shotgun)

- Gemtech .22 LR (I believe this is a suppressed .22, Legal if you get a $200 tax stamp, Since the police had NO paperwork, Then they committed a federal crime taking this)

- Ruger Mark II .22 LR (One of the best .22's made)

- Antique double barrel percussion shotgun (another antique)

- Springfield Arms .45 ACP (a 1911 style pistol)

- Thompson M1928 .45 ACP Semi-automatic (If this is a real 1928 and not a semi-auto 1927 then the cops committed multiple federal crimes.)

- Mossberg 500A 12 Gauge Shotgun (One of the most popular shotguns ever)

- Valkyrie Arms M3 .45 ACP Semi-automatic (a legal version of a WW2 weapon)

- Smith & Wesson M-686 .357 (one of the most popular revolvers made)

- Makarov 9mm (The Russian version of our 9mm)

- Colt Model M1851 .44 (a black powder revolver)

None of these are the weapons of a subversive.

Isn't this what's called burglary and grand theft? Not to mention breaking and entering, trespass, illegal search etc....

This happened in Ohio, not some third world country. Last time I checked, Ohio WAS part of the United States. Did they secede and no one tell me?

This could've ended VERY badly for both the police and a Veteran, if she had been home.

Oh, that $15,000 estimate seems WAY LOW to me.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Three surgeons

My friend, Michele, posted this on facebook. I liked it so I stole it for here:
Three surgeons are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon says "Electricians are the best. Their insides are color coded," The second surgeon says, "No. I think librarians are, everything inside them is in alphabetical order." The third surgeon shut them both up when he said, "You're both wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There is no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine. Plus the head and the ass are interchangeable.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Friday, August 26, 2011

A new nasty-gram

I got a new comment today. My initial thought was to delete it.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "He is STILL blowing off a federal jury":

you are an idiot, a disgruntled firefighter because you were relocated from one firehouse. let me tell you this, we all don't agree with what you have to say. you don't have the right to call yourself a union member. why don't you go to union meetings. why arent the union officers writing on this piece of toilet paper. because they are satisfied with the way things are. thats proof that the city is safe. all your accusations are comical. your lists are pathetic and so are you.

Well there are a few things I would like to say.
1. Learn to capitalize. To inform you, it is the button marked 'shift'. When you use it, it makes the letters capitols, like this "BITE ME"
2. If you think my blog is "toilet paper". DON'T READ IT. (See, I know how to use the 'shift' key)
3. I like lists.
4. Why the union officers aren't helping me on this and why I rarely go to union meetings are a subject for a post at a later time.
5. If you want to put an opposing view out here, START YOUR OWN BLOG!!! (See the skilled way I use that 'shift' key again?)
6. Punctuation would help as well.

Yeah, I noticed the phrasing and that they knew I rarely go to union meetings.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He is STILL blowing off a federal jury

In November 2008, a FEDERAL jury found dictator Leighton guilty of violating constitutional rights. He retaliated against Denise Carey for an attempt to put the status of the Heights fire station (Number 4) on a ballot.

In May, A federal judge ordered the city to pay up. For some reason, even when violating constitutional rights, the person giving the orders isn't responsible for the damages, the city itself is.

So almost four months have past. She hasn't received a penny. So Cynthia Pollick, Denise's attorney, intends to file a writ of execution (a legal document that would allow her to seek to seize Leighton’s personal assets to satisfy the judgment).

This should be done automatically, in my opinion, Because I don't think the city should be responsible for this. It was a PERSONNEL VENDETTA.

Activist hasn’t received cash

Wilkes-Barre activist still waiting for $67,000 payment

One of two things happened.
1. Leighton was given BAD advise (He should have read the Constitution, Most people had to in grade school).
2. Leighton thought he would get away with it and doesn't give a damn about anyones rights.

I'm going with number 2, because if number 1 was the right answer, the lawyer would've been disbarred.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Obama's firsts

My friend 'Nukediver' sent me a link to this page, It's interesting.
President Barack Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts

Doug Ross on Director Blue make some astute observations on President Obama and his growing milestones as President of the United States. As he speaks about being a father this Father's Day, he talks about himself alot, as he always does. So, this father's day, let us take account of our President's record of historic milestones in American history.

Director Blue:

Yes, he's historic, alright.

• First President to Violate the War Powers Act

• First President to Orchestrate the Sale of Murder Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels

• First President to be Held in Contempt of Court for Illegally Obstructing Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

• First President to Defy a Federal Judge's Court Order to Cease Implementing the 'Health Care Reform' Law

• First President to Require All Americans to Purchase a Product From a Third Party

• First President to Spend a Trillion Dollars on 'Shovel-Ready' Jobs -- and Later Admit There Was No Such Thing as Shovel-Ready Jobs

• First President to Abrogate Bankruptcy Law to Turn Over Control of Companies to His Union Supporters

• First President to Demand a Company Hand Over $20 Billion to One of His Political Appointees

• First President to Encourage Racial Discrimination and Intimidation at Polling Places

• First President to Arbitrarily Declare an Existing Law Unconstitutional and Refuse to Enforce It

• First President to Threaten Insurance Companies if they Publicly Speak out on the Reasons for their Rate Increases

• First President to Tell a Major Manufacturing Company In Which State They Are Allowed to Locate a Factory

• First President to Withdraw an Existing Coal Permit That Had Been Properly Issued Years Ago

• First President to Fire an Inspector General of Americorps for Catching One of His Friends in a Corruption Case

• First President to Propose an Executive Order Demanding Companies Disclose Their Political Contributions to Bid on Government Contracts

• First President to Golf 73 Separate Times in His First Two-and-a-Half Years in Office

But remember: he will not rest until all Americans have jobs, affordable homes, green-energy vehicles, and the environment is repaired, etc., etc., etc.
Some of these I remember. Some I don't.

One that was forgotten was "Attempting to courtmartial Navy SEALS for brutality (They bloodied a terrorist suspects nose)".

Dan Emplit WBFD

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I don't understand Sheeple

This was sent to me. It's in reference to my previous post.

Anonymous said...
Breaking out the rifle may have been the "scare" that the mob may have needed to disperse, but.. what if anyone in the "mob" had a weapon and fired at the man? Was his rifle even loaded???
Going back into the safety of his home, and getting his weapon in today's courts could be construed as "premeditation" if he had shot and mortally wounded someone??....Your thoughts??
There's a lot of question here, so by the numbers

1. Breaking out the rifle WAS the "scare" that the mob DID NEED to disperse.

2. If someone in the 'mob' was armed, they would have been brandishing it. Such is the cowardly way of mob mentality.

3. If someone had fired at Mr. McBride, well he had drawn a line and was ready to defend himself. Please read this What does it mean to have Situational awareness?

4. You have all the information I do, I have no way of knowing if it was loaded. I will add that most unloaded weapons are paperweights (except for that bayonet, that would hurt).

5. "Safety of his home"????!! The mob had broken into the house next door, What makes you think he was safe in his home??? The only "premeditation" was to defend his life, home and perhaps his neighbors. The mob had broken into one house, threatened Mr. McBride's life (when he yelled at them to stop), Thrown things at him and his house, Trespassed on his property, and advanced (with the stated intent to cause him fatal or life changing injury) onto his porch.

6. As for if he had "mortally wounded someone", in a defensive scenario, you DO NOT shoot to kill. You shoot to stop someone. Fatalities may be the result. People need to know that the gun owner is NOT the only person who needs to be responsible for the actions they take.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Man Thwarts Attack from Black Teen Mob

What was I saying about London's problems not happening here?

A World War 2 era, bolt action rifle may have saved that mans life. Without firing a shot. Maybe the English subjects should see this. As well as Gun control advocates, Like our mayor.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Saturday, August 13, 2011

London, It's not about race

O’Reilly Warns: England’s Class Warfare Violence Could Come to America
A direct link to the same Video

The two women saying, They’re showing the "'rich' we can do want we want," really means we are thieves and we can get away with it.

London riots: 'Bleeding, I called 999. A tired man told me to go home'

Bleeding a little, I thought I might as well call 999. It was a recorded message. After four and a half minutes, a tired man answered. “There’s nothing we can do,” he said. “You know what’s going on. We have to give priority to saving people’s lives. I suggest you just go home.”
First off, 999 is Englands version of 911. Imagine YOU calling 911, and being told this. Can't happen here? think again. Remember the LA riots?

Even on Monday, the victims of Tottenham, black and white, were already tired of outsiders blaming racism, police brutality, or cuts. (What were they rioting about in prosperous, suburban Enfield – rising season-ticket prices?) The real reason for the rioters’ behaviour is much simpler: because they can.
This is not about Race, it's about being a bully and being able to get away with it.

Forget BlackBerry Messenger. After seeing — on television — how much leeway the looters of Tottenham were allowed, every criminal and every excitement-seeking child in London took note.
In my previous post about this I put a video link. Watch it. Now think, what would've happened if just ONE of those cops had been armed? Even if it was just a shotgun loaded with bean bag rounds.

Yeah, you're gonna effect societal change by looting a Foot Locker.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Re-election move oops I mean movie

In what I see as a move to counter Obama's crashing popularity, Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal (the producers of 'The Hurt Locker') are planning an Oct 2012 pro-Obama propaganda movie about the killing of douchebag extraordinaire Osama bin Laden. The White house is giving UNPRECEDENTED access to the operations intel. Hmmm, I wonder if it's coincidence that the Presidential election is only a month later.

Remember, THEY can have UNPRECEDENTED access to the intel, but the pictures of OBL's body are to disturbing for us.

Downgrade Blues by Maureen Dowd

The Sony film by the Oscar-winning pair who made “The Hurt Locker” will no doubt reflect the president’s cool, gutsy decision against shaky odds. Just as Obamaland was hoping, the movie is scheduled to open on Oct. 12, 2012 — perfectly timed to give a home-stretch boost to a campaign that has grown tougher.
Cool and Gutsy? Right. I used Gutsy in my description as well.

It was clear that the White House had outsourced the job of manning up the president’s image to Hollywood when Boal got welcomed to the upper echelons of the White House and the Pentagon and showed up recently — to the surprise of some military officers — at a C.I.A. ceremony celebrating the hero Seals.
The Main Stream Media (MSM) would love it if we forgot this.

I don't know if the backlash is ONLY political. But Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.), chairman of Homeland Security Committee is going apesh!t about it. He does have some valid concerns about the security of the SEALS.

Film on Bin Laden Raid Sparks GOP Call for Pentagon Probe by Julian E. Barnes

“I write to express concern regarding ongoing leaks of classified information regarding sensitive military operations,” Mr. King wrote.
“It is the violation of the law to provide classified information” to people not cleared to receive it, Col. David Lapan, the Pentagon spokesman, said.

These statements pretty much sum up my feelings.
I've never hidden the fact that I'm no Obama supporter. But I will admit, I'll see the movie when it comes out. It won't change my opinion of Obama. But I will go see it.

Dan Emplit
USN 1986 - 1992

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Support your Fire Fighters and Paramedics.

We risk our lives to save yours.

And this is just a few seconds of a fire.
Not much more needs to be said.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Happy Birthday to Smokey the Bear

Smokey's debut was on August 9, 1944. His name was inspired by "Smokey" Joe Martin, a New York City Fire Department hero who suffered burns and blindness during a bold 1922 rescue. His name was originally just Smokey Bear until a popular song by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins added the word 'the' for the song's rhythm.

I was going to make this post about the cartoon character, but my research found this article about the 'first living' Smokey.

The living symbol of Smokey
The living symbol of Smokey Bear was an American black bear cub who in the spring of 1950 was caught in the Capitan Gap fire, a wildfire that burned 17,000 acres in the Lincoln National Forest, in the Capitan Mountains of New Mexico. Smokey had climbed a tree to escape the blaze, but his paws and hind legs had been burned. According to some stories, he was rescued by a game warden after the fire, but according to the New Mexico State Forestry Division, it was actually a group of soldiers from Fort Bliss, Texas, who had come to help fight the fire, that discovered the bear cub and brought him back to the camp.

At first he was called "Hotfoot Teddy," but he was later renamed Smokey, after the mascot. There are conflicting stories regarding the individual or individuals who first helped nurse the cub after the fire. According to the New York Times obituary for Homer C. Pickens, then Assistant Director of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, he kept the cub at his home for awhile, trying to nurse him back to health. According to other records, including a story in Life Magazine, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish Ranger Ray Bell took him to Santa Fe, where he, his wife Ruth, and their children, Don and Judy, cared for the cub. The story was picked up by the national news services and Smokey became a celebrity. Soon after, Smokey was flown in a Piper Cub airplane to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.. A special room was prepared for him at the St. Louis zoo for an overnight fuel stop during the trip, and when he arrived at the National Zoo, several hundred spectators, including members of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, photographers, and media were there to welcome him to his new home.

Smokey Bear lived at the National Zoo for 26 years. During that time he received millions of visitors as well as so many letters addressed to him (up to 13,000 a week)that the United States Postal Service finally gave him his own unique zip code. He developed a love for peanut butter sandwiches, in addition to his daily diet of bluefish and trout.

Upon his death on November 9, 1976, Smokey's remains were returned by the government to Capitan, New Mexico, and buried at what is now the Smokey Bear Historical Park. The plaque at his grave reads, "This is the resting place of the first living Smokey Bear...the living symbol of wildfire prevention and wildlife conservation."

Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

Dan Emplit WBFD

Monday, August 8, 2011

London is burning.....

First some pictures:

The last picture gave me hope that our fellow 'man' aren't all worthless pricks....
Till I found this:

And a Video link Warning Language is NSFW

And what started this?
The shooting of Mark Duggan which occurred during a police interception. Duggan was a taxi driver and alleged drug dealer. Reports are contraditory. Friends and relatives claim he was unarmed, His girlfriend of 13 years claimed she "was shocked to learn her boyfriend of 13 years was carrying a gun." The police claim he was armed. To back this up a 'non issue' handgun was found on the scene and a bullet was found imbedded in a police radio.
There are also rumors that the latest riots are mainly looters.

My heart goes out to the innocents in London. A London blog is giving updates.

Don't worry. It couldn't happen here..... Oh wait L.A.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Sunday, August 7, 2011

He just won't stop.

Little busy today, so I'll just point out the Bull being slung in the papers over the last few days.

Deal on old bakery OK’d

"The mayor of Wilkes-Barre does not sell real estate," Leighton said.
(Except the failed Old River Road Bakery, Carlisle St, and half the first block of South Main St. Off the top of my head.)

Board member Lynn Evans cited a nearby property that had been sold to LAG and became a parking lot and towing yard.
(Which is what Leo will do with the bakery)

Leighton said there are no guarantees about property development, but that he would try to assure the use was appropriate.
(The next quote says it all)

Leighton had promised Luzerne County Commissioners that a prior, unrelated deal involving tax breaks would lead to construction of townhouses, but ended up being a “towing yard.”
(Leighton had to claim it was going to be town homes, The commissioners would NEVER have given tax forgiveness for L.A.G.)

With board member Dr. Mark Schiowitz absent, the vote was 7 to 1. Lynn Evans voted no, saying afterward that she still felt the developer, not the city, should come to the board to justify a tax break.
(Finally, Someone seems to have been visited by the common sense fairy. Stand your ground Ms Evans.)

Urban criticizes bakery property deal

Urban said he still remembers when the city secured a similar deal from county commissioners in 2006 under the pretenses the property would one day feature townhouses. (I forget, How much did Leighton CHEAT out of our financially strapped county?)

That never happened. Instead, the city entered into - then rescinded - an agreement to sell the former bakery to the city's towing contractor, a political supporter of Mayor Tom Leighton who wanted the property for storage purposes.

Mayor sees W-B fiscally sound

“Let me first say that the days of out-of-budget spending are over,” Leighton said. “We stick to our budget within reason. However, if there are any unexpected events – flooding, snowstorms, and the failing economy – they could affect our costs significantly.”
(Except for 15 million over budget on the intermodel center, The camera surveillance system that DOES NOT work, selling property for 10 cents or less on the dollars to special people, purchasing vehicles from DeNaples that now have suddenly vanished, Buying a Zamboni for the Ice Rink, and MULTIPLE lawsuits the city could not win)

When the city faced a $10 million deficit in 2004 – Leighton’s first year as mayor – Leighton said the city asked the state for help and the Public Financial Management Company was appointed to help address the financial woes.
(Don't forget that part of that help came from the Fire Fighters who's contract concessions were greater than $3.5 MILLION over 7 years. What did the other unions do?)

Leighton said reductions in staffing such as police and fire would be considered when all other alternatives are exhausted.
(Of course he would consider it. He don't give a crap about public safety, as long as his friends and family get richer)

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Confessional

An Irishman goes into the confessional box after years of being away from the Church.

There's a fully equipped bar with Guinness on tap. On the other wall is a dazzling array of the finest cigars and chocolates.

Then the priest comes in. "Father, forgive me, for it's been a very long time since I've been to confession, but I must first admit that the confessional box is much more inviting than it used to be."

The priest replies: "Get out. You're on my side."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bird Feeder

From the Email in box:

I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. What a beauty of a bird feeder it was, as I filled it lovingly with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food.

But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue.

Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, The chairs, the table .. Everywhere!

Then some of the birds turned mean. They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket.

And others birds were boisterous and loud. They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food.

After a while, I couldn't even sit on my own back porch anymore. So I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio.

Soon, the back yard was like it used to be .... Quiet, serene.... And no one demanding their 'Rights to a free meal'.

Now let's see.
Our government gives out free food, subsidized housing, free medical care and free education, and allows anyone born here to be an automatic citizen.

Then the illegal's came by the tens of thousands. Suddenly our taxes went up to pay for free services; small apartments are housing 5 families; you have to wait 6 hours to be seen by an emergency room doctor; Your child's second grade class is behind other schools because over half the class doesn't speak English.

Corn Flakes now come in a bilingual box; I have to 'press one ' to hear my bank talk to me in English, and people waving flags other than 'Old Glory' are squawking and screaming in the streets, demanding more rights and free liberties.

Just my opinion, but maybe it's time for the government 'To take down the bird feeder.'

Last night was one for the story books. I'll tell the story, but it will have to wait for a day or so.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What does it mean to have Situational awareness?

My friend rfizzle sent this.

Let me start off by saying that I am not an expert; this is simply something taught to me (in my academy) that I see value in. Recently a few things have brought it to mind and I’ve thought about this write up for a while.

What does it mean to have Situational awareness? How about this Jason Bourne quote from the first movie “I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself…”
While we all can’t be super spy assassins, we can be aware of our surroundings. My best example of bad situational awareness was a recent transaction I had with a guy from a local gun forum. We were meeting to buy/sell a gun; as usual I gave a vehicle description and a relative idea of where I’d be in a parking lot. He also gave a description of his car, I arrived early and went to the area of the parking lot I said I would. It was a fairly empty lot; I parked in the furthest corner which was completely empty with the nearest car being 75 yards away. I watched as the gentleman arrived and drove around the parking lot, passing me three times in the process. Now remember I’m the only car in that corner (as described to him) and the only car of that description in the lot. I finally got out on his forth pass and waved him down; during the transaction it came out that he teaches concealed carry and many other personal protection classes.
While having a CCW enables you to protect yourself at all times, are you walking into a situation that will force you to do so? Situational awareness boils down to a mental state, one of the best ways I’ve seen this mental state described is by the Mental Color Codes. They are a five step mental condition gauge and taught through out the military and law enforcement, I think the average gun owner could benefit from them as well.

Mental Color Codes:
White: Complete mental unawareness
Best described to me as the Al Bundy; hand down your pants, beer in hand, not a care in the world.

Yellow: Relaxed Alertness
This is the state you should always be in, especially when armed. Being in Yellow means you are aware of your surroundings, it’s not paranoia but alertness.

Orange: Potential Threat Situation
A potential threat has presented it self, you observe the situation and the potential threat. This may be an opportunity to leave or gain a tactical advantage.

Red: Specific Real Threat
The perceived threat is real, you have taken action to avoid the threat and it has failed. You draw a line in the sand and have a plan to take defensive action.

Black: The fight is on
It’s go time, the threat has now crossed the line in the sand, and you must act.

Looking back to my story of the guy in the parking lot it’s easy to see he operates in condition white. When you operate in condition white it is impossible to jump to black, simply because you are unprepared to deal with a threat.

I love this board for many reasons, one of them being that every time I see someone posts a question about buying something gun related, usually the first response is something like: “Training”. I love that as much as some of us love to buy new toys, we all have a respect for training. I’ve been to a couple of classes that have talked about mental preparation, but it’s not as common as it should be.

A good book I would recommend reading is: Warrior Mindset by Dr. Michael Asken & Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

On a fun note we had training a couple weeks ago with our digital system, essentially it’s a projected video that you can shoot a laser gun at and it somewhat interacts back. The scenario they gave us all was a traffic stop; a young girl in a bikini top gets out of the car and while holder her license in her hand says “I don’t know what I did, but here is my license. Right after she says that the screen went blank and we were asked what we saw, there was a pistol in her car door pocket. About half of us missed it and could only give a description of her…

Please note that NONE of the color codes even mention firearms. They simply point out that 'Fortune favors the prepared mind'.

Most people spend their lives in condition White. With the trend of things in Wilkes-Barre, I think it might be better to up that to condition Yellow.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A new Anonymous? Or a threat?

With blogger you can read the comments before posting them.
Today I got this one.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Where to begin?":

with the fire dept losing its no lay off clause, aren't you afraid of lossing your job?

a resonable person would. Just one slip up and you would be unemployed.
isn't that scarey.

I don't know who sent it. I do get comments that are just idiots trolling, But something about this hints at a bit more.
A threat? Maybe.
Not the first. Keep 'em coming, I could use the laughs.

Dan Emplit WBFD