Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Wilkes-Barre

From the Times Leader 

Jan. 17: Jamel Martin, 20, South Welles Street and Leroy Smith, 42, North Empire Street, both in Wilkes-Barre, were fatally shot outside Don Kasper’s Watering Hole tavern on Scott Street, Wilkes-Barre. No charges have been filed.

March 16: Renold Julien, 26, Wilkes-Barre, was gunned down outside Locals 88 tavern on Poplar Street, Wilkes-Barre. No charges filed.

April 25: Derrick Cottle, 40, South Hancock Street, Wilkes-Barre, was fatally shot on Reno Lane, Wilkes-Barre, in what authorities said was a dispute that began during a basketball game. Shauntae Thomas, 37, of Reno Lane, was charged with criminal homicide.

June 25: Zachary Williams, 23, Wilkes-Barre, was killed inside a home on North Sherman Street, Wilkes-Barre, while playing with a handgun. Brandon Switzer, 23, Nanticoke, was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

June 7: Vaughn Kemp, 24, Park Avenue, Wilkes-Barre, was killed in a shooting at a house party on South Grant Street, Wilkes-Barre. Joshua Ovalles, 19, Wilkes-Barre, was charged with criminal homicide.

July 18: David George, 25, South Welles Street, Wilkes-Barre, was killed in a shooting in front of his mother’s house on South Welles Street. No charges filed.

Sept. 13: Christopher Narainasami, 18, Hazle Avenue, Wilkes-Barre, was fatally shot while he was walking with friends in Boulevard Townhomes, South Welles Street, Wilkes-Barre. No charges filed but Jordan Stevens, 27, Wilkes-Barre, was captured as a “person of interest.”

Sept. 26: Jane Aiello, 46, Andover Street, Wilkes-Barre, was killed in a shooting allegedly by her estranged husband, Vito Aiello, 47, inside their home. Vito Aiello survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was charged with criminal homicide.

Oct. 13: Michael Onley, 34, Madison Street, Wilkes-Barre, was fatally shot in the patio area of Outsiders Bar & Restaurant, South Main Street Wilkes-Barre. No charges filed.

Oct. 13: Antonio Evans, 8 weeks old, died at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital after being found with bruises on his body inside a home at 351 N. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre. No charges filed.

Nov. 6: Eduardo Madera, 46, Wilkes-Barre, was fatally shot inside an East Northampton Street, Wilkes-Barre, home. Lamar Curry-Davis, 19, was charged with criminal homicide.

Nov. 11: Shantique Goodson, 27, Wilkes-Barre, was gunned down when sitting inside a parked vehicle in the Sherman Hills apartment complex, Wilkes-Barre. Kenneth Evans III, 21, of South Empire Street, Wilkes-Barre, was charged with criminal homicide.

13 murders. That puts us at a murder rate per 100,000 of 31.72. Philly is at 21.69. Think about that.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Thursday, December 26, 2013

GasGate still not resolved

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.
I'm back after my little vacation.
Seems our DA is waiting for the last second to come out with, "We have found no wrong doing in 'GasGate' and it has nothing to do with politics. Really it has NOTHING to do with nepotism or politics."
I hope she realizes that a lot of people are sick of politicians and their entitled attitudes.
And the dodges they make to avoid scrutiny.
 Come now Miss Salavantis, This is NOT going to go away. Sooner or later someone in the national media will look into the flood of emails from fed up citizens and look into this. The simple fact that he was too lazy to do part of his job (fill out the gas log, which means writing down Who, Gas or Diesel, How much and what Dept) should be enough to go forward. A real investigation should NOT take over 18 months for a 'criminal probe'. But hoping people forget may take that long.
Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Sunday, November 17, 2013


We've lost someone who showed the rest of us how to live.
My friend Genna is no longer with us. After several battles with cancer the disease finally won.
She was not only beautiful and strong, She was my friend.
RIP Genna.

Genna Koval Kundratic

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Sunday, November 3, 2013

SAAMI - Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter

"The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI), the standards-setting organization for the industry, has provided this video to fire departments nationwide to help firefighters better address the realities of fires in which sporting ammunition is present."

One thing did happen.... I damn near cried.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USB 1986 - 1992

Why do I think Obama is a bad President?

List time, in no particular order:
1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies: The IRS targeted conservative groups prior to the 2012 election. Why did this occur, who ordered it, was there was any White House involvement and was there any effort to hide who knew about it.

2. Benghazi, three scandals in one:

Why didn't the administration protect the Benghazi embassy?
Blame was shifted to an anti-Muslim video, instead of telling the truth
What was Obama doing while Americans were dying?

3. The Justice Department did a massive ILLEGAL investigation of Associated Press reporters’ phone records.

4. The Justice Department 'suggested' that Fox News reporter James Rosen is a criminal for reporting about classified information and the 'bugged' his phones and emails.

5. Eric Holder perjury (1) Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress he had never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist for perjury when he had signed the affidavit that termed Rosen a 'potential criminal'. BTW, being a 'potential criminal' is bull$hit because in this country we need Probable Cause.

6.  “Fast and Furious”. Allowed weapons from the U.S. across the border into the hands of Mexican drug lords. The ATF lost track of HUNDREDS of firearms, many of which were used in crimes, like the killing of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

7. Eric Holder Perjury (2): Holder told Congress in May 2011 that he had just recently 'heard' about the Fast and Furious gun walking scheme when there is evidence he knew much earlier.

8. The General Services Administration in 2010 held an $825,000 training conference in Las Vegas. Complete with a clown (no politician jokes please) and a mind readers. I believe the GSA administrator resigned.

9. Veterans Affairs wasted more than $6 million on two conferences in Disney World. An ASSISTANT secretary was fired.

10. Solyndra: The Obama poster boy for green energy, despite warning signs that the company was headed for bankruptcy. The administration also pressed Solyndra to delay layoff announcements until after the 2010 midterm elections.

11. The New Black Panthers: The Justice Department (Attorney General Eric Holder) was accused of using a racial double standard in failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who appeared to be menacing voters at a polling place in 2008 in Philadelphia.

12. Vice President Biden’s office has repeatedly interfered with coverage, including forcing a reporter to wait in a closet, making a reporter delete photos, and editing pool reports.

13. Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel used Bill Clinton as an intermediary to probe whether former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) would accept a prominent, unpaid White House advisory position in exchange for dropping out of the 2010 primary against former Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.).

14. Obama has repeatedly been accused of making end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce, including the decision not to deport illegal immigrants who may have been allowed to stay in the United States had Congress passed the “Dream Act.”

15. The sudden decision to arrest Nakoula Basseley Nakoula on unrelated charges after protests in the Arab world over his anti-Muslim video is extremely suspicious.
“We’re going to go out and we’re going to prosecute the person that made that video,” Hillary Clinton allegedly told the father of one of the ex-SEALs killed in Benghazi. Why when we know it wasn't the cause?

16. Corporation for National and Community Service Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired in 2009 as he fought wasteful spending and investigated a friend of Obama’s, Sacramento Mayor and former NBA player Kevin Johnson. The White House says Walpin was incompetent.

17. $6 trillion in new national debt under Obama…after he promised to decrease the deficit.

18. In both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, the Obama campaign purposely disabled the credit card verification system for its Web site donations, allowing anyone from any foreign country to donate with no limit and no proof of identity; in both elections it was demonstrated that people overseas and people with obviously false identities were able to donate to Obama campaign, in direct violation of several laws. To this day it is not known what percentage of Obama’s campaign funds are illegally obtained, since there is no documentation.

19. An intentional refusal to enforce federal immigration laws.

20. Spent 20 years listening to a racist anti-American pastor (Rev. Jeremiah Wright), whom Obama described as a mentor.
On March 18, 2008, Obama gave a speech in which he said “I could no more disown Jeremiah Wright than I could disown my own grandmother”
Now Obama tries to pretend that Jeremiah Wright doesn’t exist, and that his extremist anti-white philosophy didn’t influence Obama’s worldview.

21. Increased the percentage of Americans dependent on food stamps to unprecedented levels.

22. Giving over 1,200 waivers to politically connected donors exempting them from the requirements of Obamacare.

23. Giving $800 billion in stimulus cash for “shovel-ready” jobs that never existed, the money just evaporated with no measurable economic benefit.

24. Pissing off Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.

25. Apologizing to Islamists for OFFENDING them!

26. When states voted to enforce the federal immigration laws which the federal government refused to enforced, the Obama administration sued to stop them.

27. Blocked continued construction of the Keystone Pipeline, intentionally reducing energy resources for the US.

28. Ordering NASA to make one of its top priorities “Muslim outreach.” instead of space exploration or scientific research.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Councilman Morrelli dumb A$$ move

With a murder rate that crushes Philly's, this idiot wants to make it harder for law abiding people to be able to defend themselves!!!?

Morrelli Proposal to Raise Gun Permit Fees in Luzerne County - PAHomepage.com

From $20 to $150!!! And he expects the same sales for 2014, when a good portion of the sales this year were because of the Obama Ammopocalypse. There will be much fewer permits sold in 2014 because everyone who wanted one ALREADY got them!
I think he believes people on a fixed income shouldn't be allowed to defend themselves.
Let's remember Councilman Rick Morrelli when re election time comes around.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just One More

The Federal Government keeps track of crime stats by the 100,000.
Wilkes-Barre has a population of around 43,000, So you multiply the crime numbers by 2.33 to get the 'per 100,000' numbers.
Nine gun murders in W-B means we have a gun murder rate of 20.97 per 100,000.
Philadelphia has a gun murder rate of 21.5 or 21.69 per 100,000.
A tenth murder will put us at 23.3 per 100,000.
This is NOT the category that I want to beat Philly in.
We already beat Chicago (18.7 per 100,000), NYC (5.1 per 100,000, yea I don't believe that number either), Washington DC (14.7 per 100,000), and Los Angeles (7.7 per 100,000, I don't believe that one either).

"My goal is to hire at least 10 new officers in 2014, but we will closely monitor the strength of city finances to hire as many officers as the general fund can afford," Leighton said during his budget presentation at city hall.
This is a GOAL. Not a promise (that no one with an IQ above 20 would believe). It is a 'GOAL'.
It would be a good start, I will give him that. A better start would be increasing the PD to the pre Leighton levels of 91 officers.

Our nightmares aren't keeping up with our reality.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Never Stand in a Veteran's Way

Just a quick comment today.

The government is closed every Saturday and Sunday, and every federal holiday, but they never barricaded the WWII memorial...
Why are they do it now? It seems very much like 'Do what I want or I will shame you with the media coverage.'
Mr. President, GROW UP. No one is going to stop Vets from visiting monuments dedicated TO Vets.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Do you have to practice to be that ignorant, or does it come naturally? part 2

A friend sent me a link. I guess after my 'critique' of "My Month with a Gun", she wanted my opinion.
So go read the post in the link. I'll wait.

1. After the first time I shot a gun, I couldn’t hear anything for two days. This is because it was a .44 magnum and because I was eight and not wearing any ear protection. It’s a huge gun—the kind Dirty Harry used—and my dad had to help me hold it as I pulled the trigger. The next day, he had to explain to my third grade teacher why the only thing I could hear was a loud ringing.

Did 'Dad' explain to the teacher (and children & youth) how he tried to give you permanent hearing damage?
Or how STUPID it is to try to teach a child how to shoot with a .44 Magnum?

2. There are right ways and wrong ways to go about your gun-having. (And your son-having.) My dad did do a good job of teaching me about gun safety once I was able to hear him speak words again. He even went and bought ear protection.

If your dad did a good job, he would've had the hearing protection BEFORE he had you, an 8 year old who trusted his father, risk permanent hearing loss.

3. For a while, the 60 percent of Americans who don’t own personal firearms had a hard time figuring out how to communicate in the jargon of gun people. But over the course of the last few dozen national conversations after mass shootings, we’ve all become armchair experts in arsenals. Was the killer using hollow points or full metal jacket rounds? Big difference. Is there a collapsible stock on that Bushmaster AR-15? Oh, he used Colt pistols instead of Glocks? Weird

Oh, you're an expert. Because of the press coverage. Good for you. Moron. Do you consider yourself an expert driver not for actual skill and knowledge but because you watched a NASCAR race or two? Are you an NFL quarterback because you watch football?
Oh and WHAT THE @#$% does a collapsible stock have to do with lethality? BTW, Bushmaster is a manufacturer, you don't need it to differentiate AR-15s.
And let me guess, you typed 'pistol' into a Google search and Glock and Colt were the first names you recognized.

As for the first cartoon, So much for you being impartial. FWI, the right corner of that. Read this.

4. After every mass shooting—which is essentially all the time these days—gun rights advocates drag out the “more guns = more safer” argument.

And yet 92% of these 'mass shootings' happen in 'gun-free zones'. (SARCASM here) I wonder why? No I don't. These cowards go for the easy body count where no one can oppose them.

5. Now. You’re allowed to oppose gun control on grounds that restricting the ability to purchase a gun violates your second amendment rights and will leave you up shit creek without a Smith & Wesson when it comes time to overthrow a tyrannical government.

Why thank you for 'allowing' me my Constitutional rights. Here I thought that my rights were written down somewhere.

6. Some dudes wrote the Second Amendment on piece of paper a while ago and we all have to live with the result of that.

Those "Dudes" were our FOUNDING FATHERS. And you don't have to "live with the result of that". You can MOVE. I hear England is looking for a new Piers Morgan.

7. Firearm technology is one of those things that really could have stayed frozen in time two hundred years ago and we’d all be doing fine right now, really. There would still have been plenty of opportunity to get our war on and defend our homes with single shot muskets you had to arduously reload by hand. The playing field would be even for criminals, do-gooders, and armies alike.

Never in my life would I ever have experienced this statement were it not for the internet.
I hate you internet.
Single shot muskets. That is even more moronic that 'slow Joe' Biden's double barrel shotgun remark (And he's proof that every court needs a jester). Tell that to this lady.
Oh and I'm sure that every other army in the WORLD will follow your 'expert' opinion.

Also, If someone is breaking into my home, I don't want to defend myself with a musket. I want an AR. And I want a reliable 30 round magazine. Hell, I would want a tank if I could get one on the second floor. Why? Because I want to SO OVERGUN the bad guy that he surrenders immediately WITHOUT A SHOT BEING FIRED.

8. You probably don’t need to have so many weapons for self-defense. You can only really use one at a time. And guns are sturdy products. They aren’t falling apart all over the place. Get rid of some of yours and go buy yourself a nice pair of boots. You’ll look great!

Guns aren't boots. They have specific purposes. I can't concealed carry an AR-15. But I can a Glock if I wear a loose shirt. Or a .380 if it is summer and I'm wearing a T-shirt.

9. If you take the positions of the NRA and add them up, you can see how the world would look if the gun lobby got everything it wants: Every American would have easy access to assault weapons, gun dealers would not be required to check the criminal record and mental health history of someone before selling them a gun, the capacity of gun magazines could be near-infinite, and it would be illegal for a city to stop people from carrying guns in public. This would be a country where you could literally buy an AR-15 at Walmart, immediately put on full tactical gear worn by SWAT teams, and stroll into a school for your parent-teacher conference with another fully armed adult. 

The NRA doesn't support that 'everyone' have easy access to any firearm.
The NRA supported the NICS background check that was instituted in the mid 90's.
You can buy a semi auto with a detachable magazine at Walmart and bullet proof vest aren't (to the best of my knowledge) restricted.

10. You think I’m anti-gun. I’m not.

Yes you are. Saying you aren't doesn't make it true.

11. But the scenarios you are preparing for aren’t going to happen. You aren’t going to save the day by shooting a terrorist in the grocery store. We need fewer guns so fewer people shoot their feet off, kill their girlfriends, kill themselves, and go on shooting sprees.

Or stop an armed robber at an internet cafe.
And fewer guns mean that the physically weaker in our society (women and elderly) would have NO defense against the stronger or multiple people with evil intent. And don't say that statement is fear mongering. If it were then you would have zero points for calling for gun control.

12. You can have guns for hunting. You can have them to ward off Mexican drug lords or whoever is going to storm into your house. Keep them there, in a locked safe. 

Once again thank you for 'allowing' me to have rights. I'm still under the delusion that they are guaranteed to me in the Bill of Rights.

13. And if we by chance ever need a well-regulated militia for a revolution or zombie apocalypse, by god, we’re going to be really happy you were born with a micro-penis.

You mean you can shoot a 9mm bullet out of your penis! Dude see a doctor, I'm pretty sure something is wrong with you!
Do you want to see what gun control would do? Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws and Iraq is safer than Chicago.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Line Chief's comments on the Kent lane fire

I was sent this on Sept 2. For reasons that I won't go into I was asked to delay posting it.

I usually tell you guys “Good Job” and “Thank You” for your efforts at the fires, car accidents, EMS calls that occur on our shifts. After witnessing your actions and having time to contemplate I decided a quick (long) note would be better.

I want to say not “Good Job” but “Great Job”.

As luck would have it, we had 14 Fire Fighters because only one Fire Fighter was off due to an OJI and had Engine 3 in service. Gone are the days that I would wonder “what if” Engine 4 was still in service at East Station on Northampton Street… “What may have been the difference” if Engine 4 arrived one minute before me and three minutes before Engine 3 is anyone’s guess. I guess Engine 4 is now like Engine 5, 7, 8, 9, and Truck 5 that are memories of being in service in my time, yet alone the ones prior.

But with what we had and the work that was done, I have no complaints or criticism. The call came in at 1848, I arrived at 1852, M-3 at 1853, Eng.3 at 1854. I am sure Eng 1 was at the hydrant at the same time. The turn off Meade onto Metcalf is tight and from Metcalf to Kent even tighter. Ed Smith, Brian Drevitch, and Capt Suchoski quickly had an attack line thru the back door and an additional one down as a back up to the side. Dan Emplit gave them water as they proceeded into the house. Eng 1 Capt McHenry, Francis Meehan, and Rob Sudnick dropped 5 inch hose down Metcalf, onto Kent and stretched it to Engine 3 and had it connected and flowing before Engine 3’s tank emptied and then followed them in. I do not know how Angela Patla ended up connecting the hydrant and turning it on after being in front of the house with us initially. I had concern when I called for the hydrant to start flowing and heard her voice. Knowing how stiff some hydrants are to open had me worried. I will not repeat Ang’s statement on how she could handle it, even made me blush. Jeff Berlew and Tom Burke got our Aerial to the intersection of Metcalf and Kent and quickly had the PPV fan set up and were packed up also. Engine 2 Capt Zenda, Tom Klapat, and John Ulichney arrived shortly thereafter, packed up, tools, ready to go. I was surprised to hear Jude Spellman and Rob Steininger at the scene when I requested them to respond. On their own they came, in service, but were there in case we needed them. Even our ‘Wayward son” Bill Court arrived on scene quickly with Don Hall, Paul Meehan, Capt Smith, and Capt Murtha after hitting a third.

You on duty guys, knocking down the fire, proceeding to do a primary search of the first and then second floor, eventually finding the victim, Betty, bringing her down to give her at least a chance, all while the fire was still not under control is still amazing to me even though you have done it before. I cite Pine Street. You go beyond to give them a chance. I look forward to the days when there will be a good outcome instead of just being told we did our best.

This fire had its difficulties, a hot and humid day to start with, the fire vented out the front and the radiant heat even made me use my coat to shield myself while doing a 360 degree and directing out front. Another thing… the stationing of Eng 3 and 1 by their drivers prevented any damage to the apparatus from the intense heat.

This first floor front room went from the free burning phase to the rollover stage shortly before arrival. The amount of fire venting out the front window and door confirms that. Your efforts to contain it to the front room prevented more fire damage and definitely extension to neighboring houses. The evidence of heat and smoke damage to the second floor indicates that it only needed a few more minutes before that went off. Some of you wanted to go to the second floor even before the fire was knocked down right below you. While commendable the risk was too great. The damage was done and your safety would have been in danger.

In a six story high rise with a raging fire on the second floor, the second floor is the most dangerous, followed by the third, then the sixth, then the fourth and fifth, and finally the first. While searches to the 4th, 5th, and 6th floors can be done without protection of a hose line, searches to the 2nd and 3rd floor needs that protection. In a 2 ½ story wood frame house, you need a hoseline flowing at least on the fire and another coming to the second floor soon.

Like I said before there are no complaints from me. I could not ask any more from you. In fact nothing but praise and admiration.

Like any fire, I get constructive criticism from below and above. Even this fire I got some, while I consider it small and insignificant in the big picture. I will relay.

When doing something to another’s apparatus, please inform the driver. This will prevent damage later on if not known to the driver. And I will do a better job of putting on all my gear, I should have put on the pants before leaving HQ. I got a little busy upon arrival. In that regard even with the high heat and humidity, all of you were in full gear. ATTA BOY. I think there was only one small first degree burn on unprotected skin. That is my main concern anymore, you going home safe.

I appreciate all the overhaul work done by the third alarm guys. You guys were exhausted, I knew it, only asked you to do additional work if no one else could do it.

Thanks also go out to Mike Stadulis for checking on you and providing rehab with Jude and Rob. Captain Williams, Mark Lear, and Shawn Williams for handling calls and helping put Engine 3 back in service and washing the over 500 ft of 1 ¾ hose.. That is why I sent Engine 3 back to SS asap. It was not in service the next day and I knew there was a lot of work to do that night. See….There is a method to my madness.

While I try to show my appreciation for you guys by trying to make sure your pay is correct, being accommodating with the work schedule to give you time off the best I can, being the middle man, and trying to make sure you do go home safe, I feel you guys deserve to see it in writing.

See you at the next one.

Remember T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

Thomas Makar
Asst. Chief
Bureau of Fire

Late add on:
I wasn't going to add anything, But...
I was Engine 3 driver for this fire, I was down to 1/8 of a tank of water when we finally got hooked up to the hydrant. That is about 20 seconds of water for ONE hose line. Without Engine 3 that night, We would've been fighting TWO house fires as Engine 1 would've ran out of water and Engine 2 was coming from the other side of our city.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Charlton heston is a better man than Jim Carrey will EVER be

First, I'd like to mention some things about Charlton Heston.
1. He was man known for his civil rights work, I mean he marched with Dr Martin Luther King and picketed segregated diners in the deep south. Reportedly, in 1961 at an Oklahoma movie theater premiering his movie El Cid, after seeing the theater was segregated, he joined a picket line outside! That kind of thing got people killed or at least killed their careers back then.

2. Did you know that for six years Heston held our nation's highest security clearance (known at the time as a Q clearance)? This was because he narrated films about classified weapons (including our nuclear bombs). Technically, he knew as much as a 'non-scientist' knew about our nuclear arsenal.
He was also a World War 2 vet. Reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant, he was a radio operator and gunner aboard a B-25 Mitchell stationed in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

3. He passed away at the age of 84 in 2008.

Now in contrast I'd like to point out what Jim Carrey has done.
UMMMMmmm He had some really funny movies quite some time ago.
That's about it.

Why am I babbling about these two actors?
Back in March Carrey released a video called 'From my Cold Dead Hands' which ridiculed Mr. Heston, all gun owners and in my opinion, Southerners.
Afterwards he Tweeted that his bodyguard, "Does not have 100 round clips" (I'll let the clip comment go but it does show Carrey knows nothing about firearms). I find it funny that he admits to having an ARMED bodyguard but those of us who can't afford an ARMED bodyguard shouldn't have those same tools to defend ourselves.

Why didn't Carrey go after someone like Clint Eastwood? Or Tom Selleck? Or Ted Nugent (you know, pro gunners that are ALIVE)? Was he afraid an 83, a 68, or 64 year old man would beat his a$$? That they would call him out as a stupid little hypocrite? It IS a risk you take when the target of your ridicule is, you know, ALIVE.

Jim Carrey is a coward and a hypocritical ass.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our elected officials

I wish our elected officials would AT LEAST learn about things before acting on them. If I showed the level of incompetence that Carolyn McCarthy does in the next clip I would, RIGHTLY, be fired.

Why doesn't gun control work?

Because with gun control there is nothing to stop the 'strong' from taking what they want and doing whatever they want to get it.

With firearms we have the chance to, "change the odds". That quote is from Dr. Suzanna Hupp, a former US congresswoman.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NRA: To See Where Gun Licensing Leads, Look To Great Britain

Does this sound familiar. Two mass shootings in a short period of time and the government using shame to try and disarm the people.

Let's imagine that Harry Potter used his magic wand and every firearm went away. Would violence
disappear? Or would aspects of or society suddenly have the upper hand. Let me correct that, MORE
of an upper hand. How could a pretty mother of two defend herself and her small children from an
attacker determined to her harm? How would a 70 year old man fare against a 19 year old attacker?
How would YOU do against three attackers with knifes? Even if YOU were armed with a knife? History shows, time and time again, that the more powerful will take what they want and kill to get it.

If we ban any type of legal firearm, then we are taking property away from people who have broken
no laws and who have done no wrong. In reality, we would be punishing the innocent.
Why would that make 'someone feel good'? And why is our government, including the president, trying to use shame to get what they want?

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Emperor's buddy strike back

Former Wilkes-Barre administrator J.J. Murphy said in an email that the following would be his only response to a complaint filed by Linda Urban and comments from her and Frank Sorrick:
Sometimes working for the government forces you to make tough decisions. At least one of the decisions Mayor Leighton and I made in 2004 motivated someone to hire a man to try to break into my home buy (sic) telling my wife they were a city employee there to check the pipes. Fortunately, my wife and small children were not physically harmed when this individual tried to force their way in as she had locked the storm door. The Pennsylvania State Police were involved during the investigation but the individual was never captured.
Over the following three days presumably the same man came back to the house at least twice leaving a threatening note and damaging some property. It was at this time that the Police Chief recommended cameras on my home in lieu of paying overtime for officers to watch the house. The purchased was discussed with City Council and approved by the City Controller.
Mrs. Urban’s complaint is filled with factual inaccuracies. I paid for the removal of the cameras and returned them to the city.
Mr. Sorick is misinformed as I paid for the monthly monitoring of the alarm system for years.
As far as commenting on Mrs. Urban or Mr. Sorick’s comments, a great military leader once told me, “Never argue with an idiot. They will always try to bring you down, and you can never bring them up.”
My wife and I are proud King’s College graduates. I spent over 15 years of my life living in Wilkes-Barre and until 4 weeks ago my family still lived and went to school there. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity Wilkes-Barre afforded me and wish the city well. I am blessed to have hundreds of friends in the area and will miss them as well as the numerous organizations, especially the veteran organizations, I was fortunate to be a part of while I was there.'

Some things I would like to point out.
 At least one of the decisions Mayor Leighton and I made in 2004 motivated someone to hire a man to try to break into my home buy (sic) telling my wife they were a city employee there to check the pipes. Fortunately, my wife and small children were not physically harmed when this individual tried to force their way in as she had locked the storm door. The Pennsylvania State Police were involved during the investigation but the individual was never captured.
First off, NO ONE should have to worry about their families. Attacking the man's family is cowardice at it's greatest. 
But cops have to worry about this every day. They constantly make enemies. Truly dangerous ones. Do they get $4,000+ security systems (BTW WHAT ARE THEY MADE FROM? 24 CARAT GOLD?)? 

 It was at this time that the Police Chief recommended cameras on my home in lieu of paying overtime for officers to watch the house.
No this statement is BULL$HIT. On June 26, 2005, the Supreme Court of the United States has decided that Police have NO OBLIGATION to provide this kind of protection. And despite this being a 2005 decision, a 1958 Supreme Court decision has place personal security squarely on the backs of the individual, NOT ON THE POLICE.

 I paid for the removal of the cameras and returned them to the city.
Show us those receipts and where you payed for the remaining system.

 I paid for the monthly monitoring of the alarm system for years.
Really? Seems some of the bills were paid by the City.
Go here to see the long list of bills for the system which includes monthly fees.

 “Never argue with an idiot. They will always try to bring you down, and you can never bring them up.”
This should say, "Never believe a politician, They lie."

More about this in a past post.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Thursday, June 27, 2013

But... But..... Crime is down in Wilkes-Barre!

According to Wake up Wilkes-Barre on June 26:
'June 13, the same night the King told us crime was down several cars had their windows shot out
June 13, Matson Ave, Parsons - Bench stolen off front porch
June 13, marijuana buyers robbed at gunpoint.
June 14, Break-in of garage and residence on Tannery St.
June 14, Vehicle damaged soft top of his jeep was slashed
June 14, A man grabbed an expensive bottle of liquor and ran out of the Wines and Spirits in Penn Plaza!
June 15, TWO Turkey Hill’s robbed Carey Ave & South Main Street
June 15, Shots fired Sherman Hills
June 15, South Franklin...fight... guy going to get a gun.
June 15, Mulligan Irish Pub People physically fighting
June 15, 178 Crescent Ave- robbery - 4 black males robbed a man of phone and flip-flops.
June 16, Park Ave forced entry robbery.
June 16 N. empire and Grove st fight and gun was pulled out.
June 16, Shots fired around 80 South Welles.
June 17, Shooting outside a Parsons bar
June 17 Lawrence street- items stolen, 415 Blackman street- stolen ladder
June 18, Man was robbed and beaten in cellphone theft
June 19, Wilkes-Barre police Chief Gerard Dessoye issues warning about "Apple picking"
June 19, juvenile robbed and stabbed on Academy St
June 19 Two people were reportedly robbed
June 19 Spare tire stolen from jeep
June 19, Car broken into
June 19, Shots fired around Coal Street Area
June 20, Gunshot at Sherman hills
June 20, Man Stabbed walked into bar for help
June 20, Car stolen from the General Hospital's Employees Parking lot on Chestnut and Penn Ave
June 20, Auburn street - car vandalized
June 20, Sullivan and South Franklin --- shots fired
June 21, Camera was stolen from car parked in South Main Street parking garage
June 21, Man is being chased by a guy with a gun in a red truck On Solomon Street.
June 21 Turkey Hill - South Main and Blackman St - report of a bullet hole in window.
June 22, Uni-mart.. Parish and Hazel - armed robbery
June 22, Robbery from a Charles Street home
June 22, Two guys stealing tires on south regent street
June 22, Fight Coal St
June 22, Furniture stolen for the porch
June 23, Fight Miners Mills
June 24, Vandalism to vehicle
June 25, Man shot to death in the head
June 25 Drug bust Parsons (State troopers)
June 26, Turkey Hill robbed on Blackman St
June 26, Theft from a garage on Farley Lane'

42 crimes in 2 weeks. I take that back. 42 REPORTED crimes.
And let's not forget the big drug bust on Hazle street today. But the dictator claims, "Crime is down." Well when you compare a 12 month period with an 11 month one, it should damn well be down! More of 'his highness' telling HALF truths.

I've been watching this place for a while and it was definitely shady.

If you see anything that you feel should be reported, GO HERE and write it up. I have.
BTW that is Wilkes-Barre's animal control van. Thanks for blocking a dead end street.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Monday, June 17, 2013

Do you have to practice to be that ignorant, or does it come naturally?

My Month With a Gun: Week One in Ms. Blog.
Go ahead and read the post, I'll wait.
Now to show the stupidity of that author. 
1. "My hands are shaking; my adrenaline is surging." 
Right off the bat you are framing this post to be anti-gun. If you are THAT terrified of firearms then this is a crap piece that comes NOWHERE near be open to the pro-gun stance, let alone objectiveness.

2. "Me, lead gun policy protester at the 2010 Starbuck’s shareholder meeting. Me, a board member of the Brady Campaign. Me, the author of a book about the impact of gun violence, Beyond the Bullet." 
STRIKE one, STRIKE two, STRIKE three, Impartiality you are OUTTA HERE!

3. "It was obvious from the way I handled the gun that I knew nothing about firearms. Tony sold it to me anyway. The whole thing took 7 minutes. As a gratified consumer, I thought, “Well, that was easy.” Then the terrifying reality hit me, “Holy hell, that was EASY.”  Too easy. I still knew nothing about firearms." 
Hey lady it isn't Tony's job to train you. Or to make sure you are competent with a firearm. That is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. His job is to.... wait for it.... SELL THE GUN.

4. "Tony told me a Glock doesn’t have an external safety feature, so when I got home and opened the box and saw the magazine in the gun I freaked. I was too scared to try and eject it as thoughts flooded my mind of me accidentally shooting the gun and a bullet hitting my son in the house or rupturing the gas tank of my car, followed by an earth-shaking explosion. This was the first time my hands shook from the adrenaline surge and the first time I questioned the wisdom of this 30-day experiment."
Drama Queen much?

5. "I needed help. I drove to where a police officer had pulled over another driver. Now, writing this, I realize that rolling up on an on-duty cop with a handgun in tow might not have been fully thought through.
I told him I just bought a gun, had no clue how to use it. I asked him to make sure there were no bullets in the magazine or chamber. He took the magazine out and cleared the chamber. He assured me it was empty and showed me how to look."
Sigh, You just drove around LOOKING for an officer to help your little defenseless self. This has to be the most offensive to women article I have ever read outside of the pages of Hustler Magazine.

6. "The cop thought I was an idiot and suggested I take a class."
The cop was right on both counts. Because, obviously, this reporter has no idea how to properly research anything, let alone read the big scary book with a lot of big words that the Glock came with. So she had to bother an officer during a traffic stop instead of, oh I don't know, READ THE MANUAL! 

7. "On March 12, 2010, I was surrounded by big hairy men with guns on their hips, yelling at me as I led a protest against Starbuck’s gun policy."
Would you have felt better if the men were 'man scaped' metrosexuals? Not trying to influence your readers by painting a very specific picture, are you?

8. "The gun makes me more fearful than I could have imagined."
If you're SO 'fearful' of carrying a firearm then GET SOME TRAINING! It's your responsibility to be comfortable with that weapon. 

9. "Today, they have a woman with absolutely no firearms training and a Glock on her hip sitting within arm’s reach of small children, her hands shaking and adrenaline surging."
Obviously you seem to believe that your Glock is going to jump up and start randomly shooting 'small children'. Lady, it is an inanimate object. If it didn't go off when you chambered a round, it isn't going to go off while on your hip.

JOURNALISM is dead and it has been replaced with MEDIA.
She should use the same methodology and go buy a chain saw. Because sometimes natural selection is the laziest #$%&ing predator on the planet.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Sunday, June 16, 2013

When did schools start removing our Rights?

We live in a country where reality is a very seldom used option.
Let me explain. If your child was arrested at school for the shirt they were wearing, What would you do?
The shirt in question does NOT depict anything wrong. No naughty images, no racial slurs, no cryptic gang symbols, nothing like that.
So what was this 'shocking' t-shirt? Take a look.
Yep. Evidently 8th graders can't wear a shirt endorsing a Constitutional right.
I'm not kidding, because Jared Marcum wore this shirt to school and refused to change it, the police were called.
According to the schools dress code, “A student will not dress or groom in a manner that disrupts the educational process or is detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of others, A student will not dress in a manner that is distractive or indecent, to the extent that it interferes with the teaching and learning process, including wearing any apparel that displays or promotes any drug-, alcohol- or tobacco-related product that is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, in school-leased or owned vehicles, and at all school-affiliated functions.”
To me this shirt is NOT 'detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of anyone.'
It is NOT 'distractive or indecent' and definitely not 'to the extent that it interferes' with anything.
And it does NOT 'display or promotes any drug-, alcohol- or tobacco-related product'.

Now Jared is facing a year in jail and a fine. All over a shirt that says to protect one of the rights that he was in school to learn about.
So much for free speech.
We now live in a country where our children are being strong armed into believing that the 2nd Amendment is evil. I mean children are being suspended for pop tarts that are chewed into 'gun shapes' or making a 'gun motion' with their hand.
This makes as much sense as two plus two equals penguin.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1996

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Harvey's Lake home invasion

First the links (my embedding skills fail with WBRE)
A second WBRE link
The text for those links:
A shooting leaves one man in critical condition and the alleged gunmen on the loose in Luzerne County. Police say it happened just after 1 a.m. at a home at 367 Second Street in Harveys Lake.
Officers say unknown assailants broke into that home, where two men in their 20s live. One of those men was shot. He was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. The other man is being questioned by police.

The alleged assailants are still at large. Police are waiting to obtain a search warrant.




Troopers in Luzerne County are investigating a home break-in which landed one man in the hospital with a gunshot wound.
State police said they were called to a home invasion around 1 a.m. Wednesday on Second Street in Harveys Lake.
According to authorities, there were two men inside the home at the time. A scuffle ensued with the invaders and one man was shot multiple times. He is in the hospital in critical condition.
Police said the other man was beat up, but not seriously hurt.
Troopers said they are unsure at this time how many thieves were involved. No arrests have been made.
Anyone with information is asked to call state police in Wyoming at 570-670-2000.


Times Leader
A man was shot in his head and torso by four intruders who forced their way inside a house on Second Street just after 1 a.m. Wednesday, according to a search warrant affidavit.
The affidavit identifies the shooting victim as Paul Brace, no age listed.
Brace was shot multiple times as he laid in bed on a second floor of 367 Second St., the affidavit says.
State police said Brace was transported to a hospital where he remains in critical condition.
According to the search warrant affidavit:
Police in Harveys Lake and Dallas Township responded to the house at 1:13 a.m. for a report a person had been shot in the head.
When police arrived, they encountered Mitch Artsma who was screaming. Artsma was removed from the house as he told police to check the second floor where Brace was found lying on a bed with gunshot wounds to his forehead and chest area.
A bong was observed in the house that had an odor of burnt marijuana, the affidavit says.
State police interviewed Adam Weaver who lives at the residence with Brace.
Weaver told state police that four armed black men forced their way inside the house asking him “where the money was,” according to the affidavit.
Weaver claimed he was assaulted by the four men who were led to the second floor in Brace’s bedroom. Weaver related one of the intruders shot Brace multiple times and multiple shots were fired from several guns, the affidavit alleges.
Weaver told state police he gave the intruders $500, noting Brace deals drugs and always has money, according to the affidavit.
Weaver fled the house and ran to Artsma’s residence where he called 911.


Citizens Voice
Authorities have launched a manhunt following a home invasion early this morning that left a man severely injured with a gunshot wound to the head.
The victim, identified in court records as Paul Brace, 19, was taken to an area hospital, where he was listed in critical condition, Harveys Lake police Chief Charles Musial said. A second resident of the home sustained minor injuries but was not transported for treatment, he said.
The second roommate, identified as Adam Weaver, 19, told investigators the intruders were after money and fled after shooting Brace with “multiple shots from multiple guns,” according to a search warrant application filed in court. Weaver told state police that Brace is a drug dealer and always has cash on him and in a safe at the home, the affidavit says.
The invasion at 367 Second St. began about 1 a.m., with a knock on the door. Weaver answered to find four men outside wearing bandanas over their faces and black hoodies on their heads, police said. The intruders entered, striking Weaver in the head with a pistol, and began to ransack the home, police said.
Weaver told police the men asked where the money was and assaulted him before rummaging through the house. Their search took them to the bedroom, where they shot Brace with “multiple shots from multiple guns,” the affidavit says.
Weaver reported he then gave the men $500 of his money and they fled the scene, police said. Weaver then ran to neighbor Mitch Artsma's home and called 911, the affidavit says.
Police entered the home on the first floor when Artsma came in from a side door screaming that they needed to go upstairs to find Brace, according to the search warrant application. Police went to a second floor bedroom, where they found Brace lying on a bed on his side. Brace was curled up and breathing, but had gunshot wounds to his chest, stomach and forehead, police said.
During a subsequent investigation, police observed a bong in the bedroom, which smelled of marijuana smoke, according to the affidavit.
Musial said police have not identified any suspects, but the shooting does not appear random.
“We believe that it’s an isolated incident and that there is no danger to the residents in the area,” Musial said.
State police and county detectives are investigating.


Now MY thoughts.
I mentioned this to Casey, It REALLY reminds me of the Jeffrey MacDonald case in Fort Bragg (February 1970). I really think that we are going to find out 'the roomy did it'.
Maybe I'm wrong. Lets assume I am and lets look at this from a pro gun standpoint.

Four armed men break into your home with evil intent.
Our Government wants to limit the law abiding public (the only ones that are affected by laws) to 10 (or less) rounds per magazine.
Anti-Gun Moron, "Well there are only four of them, that leaves you 6 more bullets!"
That (you Moron) assumes that the Good Guy doesn't miss and that the bullets we fire are magic and will stop the attack with one hit each.
The NYPD only hit, at best, 25% of the time and they are 'trained'. (I can't find the link, but the FBI and Secret Service only do slightly better).

AND handguns suck at stopping people, which is why our troops carry rifles.
So, assuming the BEST results, 4 attackers, a 25% hit rate, and a mythical 'one hit, one stop' rate. I come up with a 16 round MINIMUM for this instance.
My EDC (Every Day Carry) is a Glock 17. Which holds 17 rounds in its STANDARD capacity magazine (+1 in the chamber). I wouldn't want to depend on it in this instance. I would want an AR-15 with its 30 round STANDARD capacity magazines. Which, by design, allows for a fast reload if needed.
I don't think this story will change an Anti-gunners mind, but I hope they will think about this and MAYBE allow the reality that the stupid limitations they want to place on us (because if a middle aged white dude with a bad spray on tan can walk into a studio in Washington DC with an illegal, for DC, 30 round magazine, do you honestly think a Magazine ban will stop 'bad guys' from getting them?) can effect our lives in the most negative of ways.
BTW that middle aged white dude with a bad spray on tan was David Gregory

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Someone looks constipated

From Citizens Voice Article #1

“The city has fully cooperated with investigators and provided hundreds of documents related to towing operations,I am disgusted and disappointed by the alleged conduct of a city contractor.” Leighton said.
Translation, "I am disgusted and disappointed he was stupid & greedy enough to get caught."

“We're very confident in the facts of this case, A wire was conducted where Mr. Glodzik was soliciting the FBI, basically, for money that was supposed to be in evidence. He, in fact, did take money and ended up splitting that money with someone who was on a task force with the FBI.”, Sanguedolce said.
Translation, "We've got him dead to rights."

Leighton, who has the sole power to terminate the contract, responded by pledging to investigate the company. The city has received more than 30 complaints since then.
How long ago did City Council vote to begin this? Oh right, 129 Days have gone by since the vote to begin the needed actions to fire LAG.

Citizens Voice Article #2

Leighton attributed his decision to the criminal charges and the city's own findings that Glodzik's company, LAG Towing, had violated its contract. However, he refused to elaborate on details of those violations.
Translation, "Damn, I better distance myself from Leo." BTW, mayor, if charges were filed, you're TOO LATE.

Sangueldolce said his investigation didn't use evidence obtained in the Feb. 6 subpoena and said he couldn't comment on whether another investigation was ongoing. FBI spokeswoman Carrie Adamowski said the bureau does not comment on the status of investigations.
Translation, "HELL YES there's more. And we are going to dangle those charges in front off Leo until we get everything we want and more."

Citizens Voice Article #3

April 2005: Leo Glodzik III wins a contract to provide exclusive towing services in Wilkes-Barre until 2015 for a fee of $50,050 per year.

July 2009: The city in 2009 agreed to sell the abandoned Old River Road Bakery to Glodzik for $38,000, far below the county-assessed value of $478,000. A Wilkes-Barre couple sues, breaking up the sale.

Sept. 4, 2010: Glodzik tries to head-butt a police officer in a hospital emergency room after an arrest on charges he rammed an ex-girlfriend's car with his own vehicle.
OK, why was Leo not fired for this? I mean assaulting an officer! Even just attempting to assault one!!?

July 22, 2011: The Citizens' Voice files a Right-to-Know request for LAG Towing records amid allegations the company is overcharging customers.

Oct. 25, 2011: Glodzik pleads guilty to resisting arrest and harassment in connection with the hospital incident. Prosecutors drop a felony aggravated assault charge.
Obviously resisting arrest and harassment does NOT outweigh campaign contributor.

December 2011: In response to the Right-to-Know request, LAG Towing's lawyer says the company normally does not keep records after customers pay for impounded vehicles and does not have any documentation of what it charged or why it towed vehicles.
You know the IRS is just waiting for the FBI to give them the 'go ahead' on this.

March 8, 2012: Wilkes-Barre City Council approves a $50,000 bid to sell the Old River Road Bakery to the owner of nearby Harrold's Pharmacy.

July 12, 2012: Councilman Tony George unsuccessfully tries to get council to recommend Leighton fire LAG Towing. A motion by Councilman Bill Barrett for Leighton to form a committee to investigate LAG Towing passes.
Don't worry, the mayor will form a committee to look into why the other committee hasn't come up with a finding about the campaign contributor.

July 19, 2012: Leighton accepts council's recommendation to form a committee.

Sept. 13, 2012: Nearly two months later, the committee has not yet formed.
Surprise, surprise.

December 2012: A state police officer detailed to the FBI's Safe Streets Task Force goes undercover, claiming to be the head of a regional drug task force.

Jan. 24, 2013: City council unanimously approves recommending the city terminate its contract with LAG Towing. Leighton vowed to investigate the towing operator but did not act on the resolution.
It's ONLY 129 days later.

Jan. 25, 2013: Glodzik asks the undercover officer what happens to seized money and suggests they could split whatever is left in towed vehicles, according to charges.

Jan. 29, 2013: Glodzik takes $2,100 in bait money from a vehicle he believes has been seized in a drug operation and pockets $1,000, giving $1,100 to the officer, according to charges.

Feb. 6, 2013: An FBI agent delivers a subpoena to the mayor's office seeking police records related to LAG Towing.
This was just 'gravy', they already had him.

Feb. 14, 2013: Glodzik threatens to sue the city and city council for making "false and malicious statements." No suit was ever filed.

March 25, 2013: A bank in Florida seeks to foreclose on Glodzik's home at 1009 Morgan Drive in Wilkes-Barre, claiming he hasn't paid his mortgage in more than 15 months.

April 1, 2013: Glodzik reveals that he loans luxury cars, including a Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet Camaro, to city police officers, despite a policy that forbids them from accepting favors and gifts.

May 31, 2013: Glodzik is charged with theft by unlawful taking and theft from a motor vehicle.

Here's a link to the CRIMINAL complaint

The next 5 or 6 months are going to be BRUTAL for Leo, the administration, and the citizens of Wilkes-Barre. This will not be pleasant for any of us.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Squirrel Grenade (EXTREMELY funny article)

A friend of mine sent me this with the warning, "be very careful reading this story,,do not drink anything while reading it or you will ruin your keyboard,"
The Squirrel Grenade

I never dreamed slowly cruising through a residential neighborhood could be so incredibly dangerous! Studies have shown that motorcycling requires more decisions per second, and more sheer data processing than nearly any other common activity or sport. The reactions and accurate decision making abilities needed have been likened to the reactions of fighter pilots! The consequences of bad decisions or poor situational awareness are pretty much the same for both groups too.

Occasionally, as a rider I have caught myself starting to make bad or late decisions while riding. In flight training, my instructors called this being "behind the power curve". It is a mark of experience that when this begins to happen, the rider recognizes the situation, and more importantly, does something about it. A short break, a meal, or even a gas stop can set things right again as it gives the brain a chance to catch up.

Good, accurate, and timely decisions are essential when riding a motorcycle.at least if you want to remain among the living. In short, the brain needs to keep up with the machine.

I had been banging around the roads of east Texas and as I headed back into Dallas, found myself in very heavy, high-speed traffic on the freeways. Normally, this is not a problem, I commute in these conditions daily, but suddenly I was nearly run down by a cage that decided it needed my lane more than I did. This is not normally a big deal either, as it happens around here often, but usually I can accurately predict which drivers are not paying attention and avoid them before we are even close. This one I missed seeing until it was nearly too late, and as I took evasive action I nearly broadsided another car that I was not even aware was there!

Two bad decisions and insufficient situational awareness.all within seconds. I was behind the power curve. Time to get off the freeway. I hit the next exit, and as I was in an area I knew pretty well, headed through a few big residential neighborhoods as a new route home. As I turned onto the nearly empty streets I opened the visor on my full-face helmet to help get some air. I figured some slow riding through the quiet surface streets would give me time to relax, think, and regain that "edge" so frequently required when riding. Little did I suspect.

As I passed an oncoming car, a brown furry missile shot out from under it and tumbled to a stop immediately in front of me. It was a squirrel, and must have been trying to run across the road when it encountered the car. I really was not going very fast, but there was no time to brake or avoid it-it was that close.

I hate to run over animals.and I really hate it on a motorcycle, but a squirrel should pose no danger to me. I barely had time to brace for the impact.

Animal lovers, never fear. Squirrels can take care of themselves!

Inches before impact, the squirrel flipped to his feet. He was standing on his hind legs and facing the oncoming Valkyrie with steadfast resolve in his little beady eyes. His mouth opened, and at the last possible second, he screamed and leapt! I am pretty sure the scream was squirrel for, "Banzai!" or maybe, "Die you gravy-sucking, heathen scum!" as the leap was spectacular and he flew over the windshield and impacted me squarely in the chest.

Instantly he set upon me. If I did not know better I would have sworn he brought twenty of his little buddies along for the attack. Snarling, hissing, and tearing at my clothes, he was a frenzy of activity. As I was dressed only in a light t-shirt, summer riding gloves, and jeans this was a bit of a cause for concern. This furry little tornado was doing some damage!

Picture a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and leather gloves puttering maybe 25mph down a quiet residential street.and in the fight of his life with a squirrel. And losing.

I grabbed for him with my left hand and managed to snag his tail. With all my strength I flung the evil rodent off the left of the bike, almost running into the right curb as I recoiled from the throw.

That should have done it. The matter should have ended right there. It really should have. The squirrel could have sailed into one of the pristinely kept yards and gone on about his business, and I could have headed home. No one would have been the wiser. But this was no ordinary squirrel. This was not even an ordinary pissed-off squirrel. This was an evil attack squirrel of death!

Somehow he caught my gloved finger with one of his little hands, and with the force of the throw swung around and with a resounding thump and an amazing impact he landed square on my back and resumed his rather anti-social and extremely distracting activities. He also managed to take my left glove with him!

The situation was not improved. Not improved at all. His attacks were continuing, and now I could not reach him. I was startled to say the least. The combination of the force of the throw, only having one hand (the throttle hand) on the handlebars, and my jerking back unfortunately put a healthy twist through my right hand and into the throttle. A healthy twist on the throttle of a Valkyrie can only have one result. Torque. This is what the Valkyrie is made for, and she is very, very good at it. The engine roared as the front wheel left the pavement. The squirrel screamed in anger. The Valkyrie screamed in ecstasy. I screamed in.well.I just plain screamed.

Now picture a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a slightly squirrel torn t-shirt, and only one leather glove roaring at maybe 70mph and rapidly accelerating down a quiet residential street.on one wheel and with a demonic squirrel on his back. The man and the squirrel are both screaming bloody murder.

With the sudden acceleration I was forced to put my other hand back on the handlebars and try to get control of the bike. This was leaving the mutant squirrel to his own devices, but I really did not want to crash into somebody's tree, house, or parked car. Also, I had not yet figured out how to release the throttle.my brain was just simply overloaded. I did manage to mash the back brake, but it had little affect against the massive power of the big cruiser.

About this time the squirrel decided that I was not paying sufficient attention to this very serious battle (maybe he is a Scottish attack squirrel of death), and he came around my neck and got IN my full-face helmet with me. As the faceplate closed partway and he began hissing in my face I am quite sure my screaming changed tone and intensity. It seemed to have little affect on the squirrel however. The rpm's on The Dragon maxed out (I was not concerned about shifting at the moment) and her front end started to drop. Now picture the large man on the huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a very ragged torn t-shirt, and wearing one leather glove, roaring at probably 80mph, still on one wheel, with a large puffy squirrel's tail sticking out his mostly closed full-face helmet. By now the screams are probably getting a little hoarse.

Finally I got the upper hand.I managed to grab his tail again, pulled him out of my helmet, and slung him to the left as hard as I could. This time it worked.sort-of. Spectacularly sort-of, so to speak.

Picture the scene. You are a cop. You and your partner have pulled off on a quiet residential street and parked with your windows down to do some paperwork.

Suddenly a large man on a huge black and chrome cruiser, dressed in jeans, a torn t-shirt flapping in the breeze, and wearing one leather glove, moving at probably 80mph on one wheel, and screaming bloody murder roars by and with all his strength throws a live squirrel grenade directly into your police car.

I heard screams. They weren't mine...

I managed to get the big motorcycle under directional control and dropped the front wheel to the ground. I then used maximum braking and skidded to a stop in a cloud of tire smoke at the stop sign at a busy cross street.

I would have returned to fess up (and to get my glove back). I really would have. Really. But for two things. First, the cops did not seem interested or the slightest bit concerned about me at the moment. One of them was on his back in the front yard of the house they had been parked in front of and was rapidly crabbing backwards away from the patrol car. The other was standing in the street and was training a riot shotgun on the police cruiser.

So the cops were not interested in me. They often insist to "let the professionals handle it" anyway. That was one thing. The other? Well, I swear I could see the squirrel, standing in the back window of the patrol car among shredded and flying pieces of foam and upholstery, and shaking his little fist at me. I think he was shooting me the finger. That is one dangerous squirrel.

And now he has a patrol car.

I took a deep breath, turned on my turn-signal, made an easy right turn, and sedately left the neighborhood. As for my easy and slow drive home? Screw it. Faced with a choice of 80mph cars and inattentive drivers, or the evil, demonic, attack squirrel of death...I'll take my chances with the freeway. Every time. And I'll buy myself a new pair of gloves.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warning To American Gun Owners From Canadian News Anchor

Yeah, It's just a national gun registry. It can't be used to confiscate guns.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Jon Stewart Destroys Obama Over IRS Scandal & Lack Of 'Managerial Compet...

While I almost never agree with Stewart, I've got to say, this time he hits the nail on the head.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brush fire to Structure fire

Well the papers are finally noticing something I've been saying for 3 years.

Would YOU want to go into something like this without the number of people that are needed?

Or this?

I KNOW people have died because of the cuts, but can I prove it?
This is how the 'conversation' would go:
Me: I know this person died because of the cuts.
TL: Can you prove that this person would've survived without the cuts?
Me: You know that's not possible.
TL: Too bad now go away while I think of a way to pay my buddy $300 an hour again.

Another sticking point to this call is that for a 'brush fire', we respond 'priority two'. No lights or siren. Take note of that (I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, just take note of it).
With Engine 2 coming from Hollenback station that means an even LONGER response time. Now if we had correct manning, we would've had an Engine on scene sooner and the call would've been changed to a structure fire MUCH sooner, reducing the amount of damage to the house.

Most people in this city DON'T live in Barney Farms, where the homes are MUCH further apart than the rest of the city. And most people don't realize that the 500 gallons of water that our Engines carry is only about 4 minutes of water! We NEED that hydrant most of the time! And that means we NEED manpower!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gunny & Glock - Someone picked the Wrong Girl

I think I'm in love.

BTW her name is Courtney Hope.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The last TRUE anniversary of the Doolittle Raid

On April 18th, 1942 the United States launched the first attack that hit mainland Japan. It was a much needed morale boost for the United States. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was only 5 months before, and the U.S. was not doing well in the war. Something had to be done.
Enter Navy Captain Francis Low, Assistant Chief of Staff for anti-submarine warfare. Most believe that Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle of the U.S. Army Air Forces came up with the plan. He did not, he hammered out the detail and MADE the idea work.

The plan? To fly Army Air force (The U.S. Air Force was not a separate branch of the military until September 18, 1947) medium bombers off of carriers and strike mainland Japan at the extreme limit of the bombers range, landing at bases in China (The bombers were MUCH too heavy to land on a carrier). Doesn't sound like that big a deal, does it? Well the heavy U.S. Navy planes that routinely took off from carriers weighed in at less than 9,500 pounds fully loaded. The medium bombers that were used (The B-25 Mitchell) weighed in at 19,500 pounds EMPTY!

Add to this, the task force being sighted by a Japanese patrol craft, which radioed an attack warning to Japan. This meant that the raid was either going to launch 10 hours early and 170 nautical miles farther from Japan than planned or be aborted. 170 nautical miles farther than their planes range. They could hit the targets, but probably would not reach China. They went anyway.
Somehow, they made it work.
And after the war the surviving heroes from this raid made a pact. They have held a reunion each April, in a different city, to commemorate the mission. In 1959, the city of Tucson, Arizona, as a gesture of respect and gratitude, presented the Doolittle Raiders with a set of 80 silver goblets. Each goblet was engraved with the name of a Raider. Every year, a wooden display case bearing all 80 goblets is transported to the reunion city. Each time a Raider passes away, his goblet is turned upside down in the case at the next reunion, as his old friends bear solemn witness.
Also in the wooden case is a bottle of 1896 Hennessy Very Special cognac. The year is not happenstance: 1896 was when Jimmy Doolittle was born.

When only two were left, they would open it and drink to their friends.
As of right now, only four remain. Dick Cole (Doolittle's co-pilot on the Tokyo raid), Robert Hite, Edward Saylor and David Thatcher. All are in their 90s. They have decided that there are too few of them for the public reunions to continue.

The town of Fort Walton Beach (They train for the mission at nearby Eglin Field) is planning to do all it can to honor the men, a six-day celebration of their valor. At the end of which, they will fill the four remaining upturned goblets.
And toast the comrades that have gone to their rest.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special Bus

Well, I see Leighton's 'Special Bus' is in the paper. They're a little slow on reacting to tips. I know because I posted about the Bus (and sent them a link) back in January 2012.

^ This pic is from The Times Leader.
By the way my pictures are better than the papers.

I wonder how long those windows have been open? The photo was taken in January 2012. Yes 2012.
Choose one. I'm going with D. why?

Because this picture was taken in August 2012.

Oh and, just for your information, the "2006 Chevrolet Cargo Van for $18,000 from United Sanitation, a company owned by LAG Towing contractor Leo Glodzik III" WASN'T returned because the city "could not obtain the title", It was returned because a friend of mine applied for a 'right-to-know' for the van's information. I've also been told the van "which was to be used by the health department and animal control" WAS being used for Animal control. That would be against the law, but with current events, I doubt that would stop the city.

Two more Pictures.


And Yes, I'm back after my little vacation.

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