Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2

I did this for season one, now it's time to show the screw ups for Season two.

1. Why aren't they scrounging for supplies and ammo?

2. Why haven't they cleared out nearby farms and searched for useable items?

3. Why haven't they EMPTIED the pharmacy of EVERYTHING

4. The 2 rail fence will keep all the dead out..... no need to fortify the main house (they started fortifying the house in the 12th episode, finally)

5. Lets not set up the vehicles for an emergency exit (also fixed in the 12th episode, finally)

6. No patrols to take out walkers BEFORE they become a threat to the farm (also fixed in the 12th episode, finally)

7. Let's not set up a rendezvous if we need to leave and get separated.

8. Since they aren't scavenging for supplies, no need to have supply fallback points (which could double as rendezvous points).

9. Don't get me started on Lori whining that Hershal is ONLY a veterinarian, he is THE ONLY doc that they have. Oh waaa, why doesn't the @#&%%! just let her fingers do the walking through the yellow pages. I'm sure she will find a helpful, fully staffed hospital just 2 minutes away. Rick should just backhand her for being ungratefully stupid.

10. Let's throw open the FEMA trailer without checking to see if the large group of undead has returned.

11. Ninth grade biology (Hershal should know better) Carl is blood type A+, the second most common blood type. The list of possible donor are A+ (35.7% of people), O+ (most common 37.4%), O- (universal donor 6.6%), and A- (6.3%). A total of 86% of the population could give Carl blood. But NO ONE else in the crew was compatable!? It's a simple test!

12. Still not having EVERYONE armed 24/7 (even if it is just a bat), Even though they found a walker that had fallen in the well.

13. After finding the well walker, there is NO excuse for not checking the entire property. For all they knew a 'herd' could've been slowly working out of the swamp toward them or Sophia could've been hiding in an outlaying structure.

14. After shooting Daryl, Andrea would be lucky to EVER touch a gun again.

15. The walker in the well, what did they expect was going to happen when you drag a water logged corpse across the edge of the well?

16. Points to Daryl for figuring out the Otis/pistol thing (I've been saying it since the episode). None of the other morons did.

17. Rick needs to learn to reload that revolver when he has time and not when he HAS to.

18. Let's throw these corpses into the back of the pickup truck, no we don't need gloves.

19. If we fix up the barn, we can live there.... of course it has the insulation of a screen door.

20. Lori driving into town to get Rick, Hershal and Glenn, even though Rick and Glenn went to get Hershal. Of course SHE can do it better.

21. When Lori goes into town, remember to take a .38 revolver.... with no reloads or a holster (because a holster might keep your weapon where it should be)

22. Oh and don't bother to take food & water because it's only a few miles, in territory you do not know so there is zero chance of getting lost.... or having an accident.

23. And for fun, why don't you play wallpaper the windshield with the map while driving... That ALWAYS ends well. I mean stopping may back up traffic.

24. Don't forget not to tell anyone that you, the pregnant lady, are going off the farm in a stupid, futile quest.

25. Let's get closer to the half eaten cow, there's no way a walker would stay nearby. (PS WHERE was it hiding? Behind two ankle high blades of grass? Ninja walker!)

26. Either no one cares about the only surviving crumb snatcher (the kid, Carl) or he could've taught the ninja walker a few tricks on sneaking around

27. No patrols to try and locate Randalls (the raider they captured) group?

28. Hey, your son (Carl) STOLE a firearm TWICE, lets just give it to him (even though it is Daryls and NOT tell Daryl) instead of beating his ass till he has problems walking. Oh and Dales death WAS Carls fault. If just for not telling anyone that a walker was nearby.

29. Save a kids life (Randall on the fence), expend valuable resources to repair his leg, and then torture the $hit out of him so that he wants revenge and can never be trusted.

30. It is a zombie apocalypse, and some of the few survivors may be BAD. Did anyone think ahead and remove all the papers with the farms address and names from the vehicles? NO, that would mean thinking ahead and acting instead of reacting.

31. When they went to drop Randall off, there was a fuel tanker in the fenced off area. Don't bother to check it for fuel. That would be too intelligent.

32. When they went to drop Randall off, Shane is used his zombie blood & brain infected knife to cut himself, WTF!!!? Why risk infection, when you are unsure of the cause?

33. Also when they went to drop Randall off, an evacuation site like that probably had a portable generator (the fuel tanker was there for something). Don't bother looking for it. It might come in handy if the farms ancient generater fails.

34. Interesting how Shanes 2 gun shots at the kid didn't bring the walkers, but throwing a big ass wrench through a window did

35. They think that people can know how to shoot after firing just a couple of shots. I know people who fire THOUSANDS of rounds a year and they couldn't do the one handed snapshots these morons make.

36. Dr Jenner (from the CDC) told Rick that everyone is infected and they will turn when they die (barring head trauma). But Rick was planning to hang Randall.... If a zombie head 'survives' traumatic decapitation (the walker by the Atlanta camp) why would he think a broken neck would prevent someone from coming back?

37. Evidently my Zombie skull = coconut experiment was a waist of time. Zombie skulls are soft enough for a knife to go through easily, from any angle, even through the crown (the thickest, toughest part).

38. Hershal, How about at least acting like you have to reload sometime.

39. Oh and Rick, keep waving that pistol around while yelling (I lost count how many times it was pointed at friendlies) and you are going to kill someone.

Dan Emplit WBFD

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scranton found out

Scranton found out that they had cut TOO deep in Fire department cuts, Will our dictator? Doubtful. He blames anyone he can for everything he can. No way will he admit he went to far.

Mayor Chris Doherty announced a dozen firefighters will be re-hired and a fire station reopened. It's all part of an ongoing battle over fire protection in the Electric City.

Since January first Engine 10 on East Mountain has sat empty. It will re-open Saturday morning
South Station has been part time (manned about 1/8 the time) for 2 years.

It took the first due engine about ten minutes to respond, because the closest fire station, Engine 10 on East Mountain was closed.
This is happening HERE NOW. The only way for it to be changed is for the citizens of W-B to force the issue. Leighton doesn't care about us or the people of Wilkes-Barre. Just himself and his campaign contributors.

"I firmly believe our firefighters would have been safer and the outcome of those fires would have been much different if we had adequate resources, especially on the first alarm. And I think this decision is the appropriate response to start the process to restore adequate resources on our first alarm," said Assistant Fire Chief Jim Floryshak.
"restore adequate resources on our first alarm", more true words have rarely been spoken.

We need to force the dictator to restore FD manning to 14 MINIMUM. This will bring South Station back to full time status and make a major difference in our fire fighting abilities, our safety as well as yours. This needs to be done NOW.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fire in Scranton

Scranton, Lackawanna County - A young child playing with a candle is being blamed for starting a massive fire in West Scranton Monday morning.

The blaze started around 9:00 AM in the 1500-block of Swetland Street.

Five hours after the blaze began, the double-block home where the fire started was nothing more than a pile of rubble.

The president of the Scranton firefighters union also spoke out saying he's concerned about recent staffing cuts and the effect it had on the city's response.

"Thanks Mayor. Look at this. I lost everything, everything," fire victim Steve Flatt said.

Union president John Judge IV said his agency did the best it could but they weren't even close to having enough resources.

"Manpower and equipment-wise, we did not have the proper resources there to deal with a fire of that magnitude," Judge said.

Union members say the nearest firehouse on Luzerne Street was out of service because of recent budget cuts. Eyewitness News found that station to be 1.1 miles away.

The city's administration fired back saying the nearest engine company was still about the same distance away at the fire station on North Main Avenue. Eyewitness news found that station to be 1.2 miles away from the fire scene.

When asked if he felt the city had enough initial resources, Scranton mayor Chris Doherty responded, "Absolutely. They were right on target and they did their job and that's what they're supposed to do."

The mayor says the first call came in at 9:03 AM and the first engine was on scene at 9:08 AM.

"The fire was what we call 'in the air' so I don't believe anything else could have been better than what we have today," Scranton fire chief Tom Davis said.

One of the fire victims, who had damage to the siding of his home, wondered if a quicker response could have saved him damage.

"My house shouldn't have been touched or them to protect it, from getting fire damage," fire victim Michael Conforti said.

"Another company would have been able to protect that house to the one side here. That's something that was able to be done years ago," Scranton councilman Jack Loscombe said.

"We warned them in the union that this day would come and here it is and now we have to move forward and see how we're going to deal with this," Judge said.


Scranton is in the same situation that we are. The politico's are saying, "There is no difference in response time" and then show the first engines arrival time. This is, well not a lie, it IS an untruth. It is about getting the minimum number of firefighters there in the critical time, so the second engine is JUST AS IMPORTANT. Politicians know this, they just don't care.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

How do we ask questions?

I was rereading my last post and something hit me. If council is voting on something and we as citizens want clarification on it, How do WE ask? The "no speaking from beyond the rail" means we can't ask from the gallery, and council 'can't' answer if we are on the importent (or do I mean impotent) side of the rail.
This is the way the system seems to have been perverted:
Citizen: I don't understand why we are building a moon rocket. How is this good for Wilkes-Barre? Do we even have anyone qualified to pilot it?
Council: We can't say anything until you are done speaking.
Citizen: OK I'm done.
Council: This is a good thing, endorsed by the grand puba Leighton and will save the city (only adding $50 million of debt for the next elected officials and our children to handle)
Citizen: But you didn't answer either of my questions.
Council: No speaking from beyond the rail.
Citizen: How do I get answers?
Council: OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!!! (What we can't do that?) OK, Officer escort them out.

I've got to say this 'better than you' attitude has to go.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Council Chairman

What is it about the 'Chairman' seat?

I know that some people can be hard to take sometimes, but when you cut through the theatrics, they have good points. And they are tired of being ignored. Maybe when the mayor and council earn our respect, through their actions, then the theatrics will stop or at least be minimized.

About the latest meeting (I was working so I missed it), I've been able to piece together a decent version of what happened from the news reports and several Emails.
Former city human resources director Christine Jensen was up for a job with the city’s planning commission. Tony George and Councilwoman Maureen Lavelle wanted that vote to be separate from the general 'pass everything' vote. But somehow that was lost to Merritt and a vote was passed. George complained that he didn't want his vote to include that.
Enter Linda Urban, "I don't think this is right at all,"
"I'm sorry, no speaking from beyond the rail," Merritt said.
Urban, "I know, but somebody needs to stop you, because I think you just pulled something out of thin air."
Merritt smacked the gavel and ordered the officer to "have her removed."
And since she refused to get out of her chair, The officer dragged her chair ,with her in it out of the council chamber.
This seems to come from some fascist rule that states," Any input from the gallery is not allowed, even in an attempt to clarify a vote or help council members understand what they are voting on." AKA We know better than the public, so 'DON'T ASK QUESTIONS'. I don't see how a question, asked with decorum, can unrail a council meeting. But because of this draconian rule, We are looking at action from the ACLU. Great.

"I don't believe I acted like a dictator," Merritt said before being ushered away from reporters by city solicitor Tim Henry. "I have a meeting to run here. It is what it is." And yet, Mr. Merritt, It seems to me, that you are acting like a dictator. You can't say you weren't 'acting like a dictator' while violating a citizens rights.

Council have some sweat part time jobs and benefits, but they don't seem to do anything of substance.

Let's see. Pay, Health benifits (or a buy out) and paid vacations even with only only 1 month left in office. So how's all that help from Tony Thomas coming?

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey what's $74.7 million to the serfs

I haven't posted in a little while 'cause last week was my birthday.

So Leighton admitted we are $74.7 MILLION in debt.
How did this happen? Well with $20 million cost OVERRUNS on the intermodel ALONE. How could it not.
But don't worry. Mayor Tom Leighton said residents shouldn’t be concerned and he learned this week the city has maintained its “A” credit rating.
But wait, that rating is 'below average'.
Le Quach, an associate director at S&P, said an average or mid-level S&P rating would be A+. Higher ratings are “AA” and “AAA,” she said. Quach helped prepare a recent S&P report on the city’s finances.

God Leighton could give Pinoccio lessens in telling lies.

Balagyozyan said between 2004 and now, the Leighton administration has increased the property tax rate one year by 37 percent and again by 27.2 percent, increasing the tax rate from 53.63 mills in 2004 to 93.6 mills.

I still can't believe the dollar amount of the cost overruns on the intermodel alone. So we are paying more and more taxes for Leightons 'glory projects' while he treats our safety like a baby treats a diaper.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote