Thursday, June 27, 2013

But... But..... Crime is down in Wilkes-Barre!

According to Wake up Wilkes-Barre on June 26:
'June 13, the same night the King told us crime was down several cars had their windows shot out
June 13, Matson Ave, Parsons - Bench stolen off front porch
June 13, marijuana buyers robbed at gunpoint.
June 14, Break-in of garage and residence on Tannery St.
June 14, Vehicle damaged soft top of his jeep was slashed
June 14, A man grabbed an expensive bottle of liquor and ran out of the Wines and Spirits in Penn Plaza!
June 15, TWO Turkey Hill’s robbed Carey Ave & South Main Street
June 15, Shots fired Sherman Hills
June 15, South Franklin...fight... guy going to get a gun.
June 15, Mulligan Irish Pub People physically fighting
June 15, 178 Crescent Ave- robbery - 4 black males robbed a man of phone and flip-flops.
June 16, Park Ave forced entry robbery.
June 16 N. empire and Grove st fight and gun was pulled out.
June 16, Shots fired around 80 South Welles.
June 17, Shooting outside a Parsons bar
June 17 Lawrence street- items stolen, 415 Blackman street- stolen ladder
June 18, Man was robbed and beaten in cellphone theft
June 19, Wilkes-Barre police Chief Gerard Dessoye issues warning about "Apple picking"
June 19, juvenile robbed and stabbed on Academy St
June 19 Two people were reportedly robbed
June 19 Spare tire stolen from jeep
June 19, Car broken into
June 19, Shots fired around Coal Street Area
June 20, Gunshot at Sherman hills
June 20, Man Stabbed walked into bar for help
June 20, Car stolen from the General Hospital's Employees Parking lot on Chestnut and Penn Ave
June 20, Auburn street - car vandalized
June 20, Sullivan and South Franklin --- shots fired
June 21, Camera was stolen from car parked in South Main Street parking garage
June 21, Man is being chased by a guy with a gun in a red truck On Solomon Street.
June 21 Turkey Hill - South Main and Blackman St - report of a bullet hole in window.
June 22, Uni-mart.. Parish and Hazel - armed robbery
June 22, Robbery from a Charles Street home
June 22, Two guys stealing tires on south regent street
June 22, Fight Coal St
June 22, Furniture stolen for the porch
June 23, Fight Miners Mills
June 24, Vandalism to vehicle
June 25, Man shot to death in the head
June 25 Drug bust Parsons (State troopers)
June 26, Turkey Hill robbed on Blackman St
June 26, Theft from a garage on Farley Lane'

42 crimes in 2 weeks. I take that back. 42 REPORTED crimes.
And let's not forget the big drug bust on Hazle street today. But the dictator claims, "Crime is down." Well when you compare a 12 month period with an 11 month one, it should damn well be down! More of 'his highness' telling HALF truths.

I've been watching this place for a while and it was definitely shady.

If you see anything that you feel should be reported, GO HERE and write it up. I have.
BTW that is Wilkes-Barre's animal control van. Thanks for blocking a dead end street.

Dan Emplit WBFD
AKA Don Quixote

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