Friday, June 28, 2019

Sig P365

I'm bringing the blog back, but it's not going to be about politics anymore (ok not usually) but about firearms and outdoors type crap.
Now I'm a member of The Cabin Armory and Training Center and I spend quite a bit of time there, so they are going to get mentioned A LOT.

Today's post is about the Sig P365.
My first impressions,
It fits my hand PERFECTLY with the extended floorplate (1 of the 2 supplied magazines is so equipt)
Thr trigger is great for a factory trigger
2x10 round factory magazines (12 & 15 round after market are available) in a tiny package!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I didn't want to like this pistol, I was halfway in love with it.
All it needed was an acceptable range performance and I would have had its baby Sigs!

Yeah. Not so much in love with it now. The first 50 rounds were Remington white box Range ammo. 115 grain FMJ. I couldn't get a group out of this. 7 to 8 inch 'groups' at 7 to 10 yards is abysmal for a pistol. It's what I would expect from a shotgun with cheap 00 buck.  
Also it was hitting 6 inches below point of aim at 10 yards!
So I tried Keystone munitions 115 grain FMJ (supplied by the Cabin). 41 rounds that didn't do much better.
To check if it was my fault, I fired the last 9 Keystone munitions out of a Ruger LC9S Pro at 10 yards. Those are the unpatched holes in the target.

Sig, you have a possible game changer in the 'Concealed carry market, DO SOMETHING TO FIX THE FIRING PIN SMEAR!

I'll be shooting the pistol some (in the vain hope it is 'break-in teething pains) with different types of ammo (manufacturers, weights and type) and if that doesn't smooth it out in 500 rounds or so, maybe a different barrel?
My ratings?
Ergonomics: It turns the dial up to 11 for a sub compact
Accessories:  9 , I would have liked to have gotten spare base plates for the mags but getting night sights more than made up for that
Accuracy: It doesn't shot groups it shots patterns that a shotgun would be embarrassed of!

All in all, this IS a sample group of one, but I would NOT recommend it at this time.

Dan Emplit WBFD
USN 1986 - 1992

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